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KMW Blog May 30, 2022: BetweenPlays May 30, 2022: Albert Laurin interviews John Kaiser

Posted: May 30, 2022JK: BetweenPlays May 30, 2022: Albert Laurin interviews John Kaiser
Published: May 30, 2022BP: BetweenPlays May 30, 2022: Focus on EVs and Critical Minerals
On May 28, 2022 Albert Laurin of BetweenPlays and John Kaiser recorded an interview based on a set of questions related to electric vehicles and critical minerals for which John Kaiser provided a set of slides to help illustrate the concepts he was describing. The recording was published by BetweenPlays on May 30, 2022 on various platforms including YouTube. The individual question times for this 1.5 hour discussion have been isolated below along with the associated graphics provided by John Kaiser.

BetweenPlays May 30, 2022: Special presentation JOHN KAISER focus on EV and Critical Minerals!
(0:00:00): Introduction by Albert Laurin of BetweenPlays.com
(0:04:11): Given the state of macroeconomic conditions, should Canada and the USA continue importing minerals or should we mine our own?

Chart showing the convergence of China and US GDP

Chart showing how combined Russia-China GDP almost matches US GDP

The coming fragmentation of the global economy

Combined Russia-China share of global raw material supply

America's pitiful share of global raw material supply
(0:13:48): Given climate change and the Paris accord agreement, where do you see Internal combustion engines (ICE Vehicles) VS Electric Vehicles (EV's) and has the time of EV finally arrived?

China's energy input vulnerability

A looming showdown between End Timer Boomers and Younger Generations
(0:23:45): Do we have enough lithium mines and when looking at RISK which type of lithium should we be focused on, salt brine lithium from the lithium triangle, Spodumene (pegmatites) given lithium price risks and profit margin ratio (Nemaska example of bankruptcy risk on volatile lithium prices) or Clay brine and is the technology even there?

The lithium supply problem facing large scale EV adoption

Future Lithium Market Value at different Prices

Lithium Mania 1.0 was only the beginning

Where will future lithium supply growth come from?
(0:40:50): Is recycling a part of the lithium solution and can it be the answer in itself?

Lithium Recycling won't be a factor until a decade from now
(0:45:45): Do you believe that Nickel will play a strong role in the EV future, is there a concern in its pricing and will there be a short supply in the next decade?

Nickel Supply has been overtaken by Indonesia and Philippines
(0:51:21): Is Nickel smelting an issue that needs to be resolved quickly?

60% of Global Nickel Supply is Dirty
(0:55:36): The new saying on the block is Cobalt out Manganese in, should we be looking at Cobalt or Manganese and how will this affect the Canada and USA market?

Cobalt Supply dominated by Congo
(1:01:00): Concerning Solid State Batteries, what is the future of solid state lithium ion batteries VS other Solid State technologies and what will the role of Critical Minerals play in the EV sector?

Lots of Manganese for Steel but Battery Grade is another matter
(1:14:17): Looking at the Macro state of things and Critical Minerals with focus on Scandium in the Defense Sector, we need to be actively engaged in this type of material given its importance to Defense as well as EV market?

Lightweighting Aluminum and Steel with Critical Mineral Alloys
(1:16:55): What are your 3 EV mineral companies of choice that interest you right now?
Scandium International Mining Corp (SCY-T)

Bottom-Fish Good Spec Value
FPX Nickel Corp (FPX-V)

Good Spec Value
Brunswick Exploration Inc (BRW-V)


Bottom-Fish Spec Value
Disclosure: JK owns Brunswick Expl, FPX Nickel and Scandium Intl; FPX Nickel is a Good Spec Value rated Favorite; Brunswick and Scandium Intl are Bottom-Fish Spec Value rated

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