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KRO Profile
Price:$0.285  Open Rec:See Strategy
Market Cap:$57,177,698  WC % of Mkt Cap:17%
Working Cap:$9,596,727  As of:6/30/2022
Issued:200,623,501  Insider %:12.2%
Diluted:218,317,093  Story Type:Resource: Feasibility Demonstration
Key People:Robert Hinchcliffe (CEO), Robert D. B. Suttie (CFO), Rafael Solis (VP FI), Lawrence J. Strauss (VP CD),
SV Rating: Bottom-Fish Spec Value - Favorite - as of November 28, 2022: Galway Metals Inc is a Fair Spec Value rated Favorite as of December 31, 2021 based on its efforts since 2016 to demonstrate the multi-million ounce district scale gold potential of the 100% owned Clarence Stream project in New Brunswick, and to show that the Estrades polymetallic VMS system in Quebec has significant resource expansion potential at depth and that the 31 km long property can yield an entirely new VMS discovery at the Newiska target about 10 km to the east. Tracker Feb 18, 2020 describes Galway's origin as a spinout from CEO Robert Hinchcliffe's Galway Resources Ltd which was bought out in 2012 for its property near Ventana's La Bodega gold discovery in Colombia and provides background for the Clarence Stream project. Tracker Aug 23, 2021 provides an overview of Galway's recent objectives for the Clarence Stream and Estrades projects. The 60,000 ha Clarence Stream project straddles 65 km of the Appalachian Gold Trend which stretches from the Carolinas through Newfoundland and Ireland into Scandinavia. The key structural feature at Clarence Stream is the east-west oriented Sawyer Brook Fault which cuts through Ordovician and Silurian metasediments that have been intruded by various stocks that served as the heat engines for creating quartz vein hosted stockwork and disseminated gold mineralization of the intrusion related gold system style. Since 2016 Galway has drilled about 130,000 m on top of the 60,000 m drilled by previous owners, most of it focused on the cluster of new zones discovered in late 2017 about 7 km southwest of the existing North and South zones for which 9,586,000 tonnes of 2.17 g/t gold OP and UG mineable (667,000 oz) was estimated in 2017 (M+I+I). Galway established a data cutoff at the end of 2021 for the purpose of delivering an init...(see Profile for full Overview)
Last Corporate Change - Sep 16, 2013: 3:1 Rollback with no Name Change
Last KRO Comment - Jan 19, 2022: Tracker: What's Next for Galway Metals Inc?
Recent News - Sep 12, 2022: To Demonstrate Expansion Potential in Multiple Areas Directly North of the New Clarence Stream Resource
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Clarence Stream 100% WI Canada New Brunswick 4-Infill & Metallurgy $62 Gold Antimony Intrusion Related Gold System
Estrades 100% WI Canada Quebec 4-Infill & Metallurgy $62 Zinc Copper Gold Silver VMS

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