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KRO Company Profile

Perpetua Gold Corp (PPTA-T)
RSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFree
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
February 29, 202433,400$4.130$3.910$3.950$0.140Trading
Basic Info
Listed On:TSX: PPTA7/14/2011Sector:ResourceKey People
Issued:63,202,4089/30/2023Story Type:Feasibility DemonstrationLaurel Sayer (CEO), Marcelo Kim (Chair), Jessica Largent (CFO), Darren Morgans (CFO), Heather Ennis (Sec),
JK Owns:No
Insider Stake:41%4/16/2021Tel:(208) 901-3060
Working Capital:$2,048,2409/30/2023Email:
Market Cap:$249,649,512
Web Site:perpetuaresources.com13181 Highway 55, Donnelly, ID, 83615, United States
Cash Breakup:($0.02)per shTwitter:@Perpetua_Idaho
Spec Value Rating History
Dec 11, 2018 $0.770 Fair Spec Value New
Dec 31, 2019 $0.630 Good Spec Value New
Dec 31, 2020 $1.220 Good Spec Value New
Dec 6, 2021 $6.140 Bottom-Fish Spec Value New
Dec 31, 2021 $5.230 Good Spec Value New
Dec 30, 2022 $3.950 Bottom-Fish Spec Value New
Spec Value Rating Overview Updated April 6, 2021
SV Rating: Bottom-Fish Spec Value - as of December 30, 2022: Perpetua Gold Corp, the new name for Midas Gold Corp effective Feb 18, 2021 following a 10:1 rollback on Jan 29, 2021 to allow a NASDAQ listing where it now trades with the symbol PPTA, has been a KRO Fair or Good Spec Value rated recommendation since September 6, 2013 based on its 100% owned gold-antimony Stibnite project in Idaho. On December 31, 2020 Perpetua was continued as a 2021 Favorite at $1.22 ($12.22 after adjusting for the 10:1 rollback) following the filing of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement by the USFS on Aug 14, 2020 and the company's delivery of a positive feasibility study on December 22, 2020. We are now waiting for the USFS to release a Final EIS in Q2 of 2021 followed by a draft Record of Decision in Q3 and a Final Record of Decision in Q4 which becomes the basis for ROD dependent permits and a construction decision in 2022 with production beginning in 2026 if CapEx of $1.3 billion can be raised. On April 5, 2021 Perpetua Gold Corp was confirmed as a Good Spec Value rated Favorite at $7.97 in Tracker Apr 5, 2021 which includes NPV and NPV/share based graphics for the Stibnite project using a close approximation of the parameters in the feasibility study's technical report and showing sensitivity to a gold price as high as $2,500. The feasibility study envisions a 15 year 20,000 tpd open-pit operation that mines three deposits whose refractory ore will be processed through a milling and pressure-oxidation complex that would yield 4,284,000 oz gold and 118 million lbs of antimony with a minor silver by-product. CapEx and Sustaining Capital were USD $1.292 billion and $295 million with OpEx at $26.45 per tonne. At base case prices of $1,600/oz gold, $20/oz silver and $3.50/lb antimony the after tax NPV was $1.347 billion at a 5% discount rate and IRR was 22.3%. At 54.9 million fully diluted that translates into a price target of USD $24.54 or CAD $30.91 at an exchange rate of 1.26 CAD:USD (earning: on April 1 Perpetua filed a short form base shelf prospectus to raise up to USD $100 million through a variety of instrument so fully diluted will rise if any financings are done - as of Dec 31, 2020 Perpetua had USD $22 million working capital). On these assumptions we should expect the stock to be in the CAD $20-$30 range by the end of 2021 if a Record of Decision is achieved. The current market pricing is signaling a thumbs down on that outcome, so in effect Perpetua is a bet on a permitting outcome. But it is a potentially lucrative bet that science rather than politics will dictate the outcome. I have constructed a cash flow model based on the ore schedule in the FS technical report which at the base case prices yields an after-tax NPV of USD $1.13 billion which is 16% lower than Perpetua's nameplate outcome mainly because I cannot emulate the complex depreciation-depletion treatment utilized in the FS. However, the DCF model is close enough that I can justify running it at spot prices as well as at much higher gold prices than allowed by 43-101 sensitivity range rules. The result at $1,728/oz gold, $25/oz silver and $5/lb antimony spot prices as of April 5, 2021 is USD $1.491 billion NPV at 5% with 31.1% IRR and $988 million at 10%. This translates into a mine approval contingent target of USD $27 at 5% and $18 at 10% which is CAD $34 and $23 at prevailing exchange rates. At $2,500 gold the after tax NPV jumps to USD $3.2 billion at 5% and $2.3 billion at 10%, or roughly USD $54 and $42 compared to the NASDAQ price of $6.46, or CAD $68 and $53 compared to the TSX price of $7.97. So if gold stays where it is and Stibnite secures mine approval, we can expect an approximate gain range of 200% to 300% reflecting the difference between 10% and 5% discount rates. On the other hand, if gold makes a 45% move to $2,500 which is a real price move reflecting global uncertainty that does not change the cost structure outlined in the FS, the equivalent gain range is 550% to 736%, more than double the price move in gold. Perpetua thus offers a double to triple if mine approval is achieved, and a five to seven fold gain if at the same time gold goes to $2,500. Perpetua is the best single advanced project leveraged gold bet among the juniors, but this has been made possible by the management discount created by the company's largest shareholder. John Paulson launched Midas Gold (Perpetua) into its permitting trajectory when he agreed in 2016 to fund most of a $55 million financing in the form of a zero coupon $55 million note convertible at about $0.35 ($3.50 post rollback). Getting mine approval will have cost USD $70 million on top of $125 million on feasibility demonstration. Shortly after the DEIS was filed in August 2020 John Paulson converted his note into a 20,935,732 share equity stake representing 44% of Perpetua's 47.6 million issued (54.9 million fully diluted). After the extended DEIS comment period ended in late October 2020 Paulson initiated a purge of the Midas management team, which he achieved on Dec 4, 2020 when Stephen Quin was replaced as CEO by Laurel Sayer whose job had been goodwill marketing while Quin's team did the engineering and technical work to support the DEIS and feasibility study. The independent board was replaced by Paulson's people who are either local politically connected people or connected to Paulson's other gold investments. Their skin in the game amounts to 10,500 shares plus lots of zero-risk stock options. John Paulson's political support for Donald Trump has become a liability, which Perpetua is trying to overcome by pitching the reclamation strategy underpinning the FS and the fact that antimony by-product supply from Stibnite would not only make the United States self-sufficient in terms of antimony rather than reliant on China and other unfriendly nations, but would even be able to help out other democracies which have aligned against autocracy. Furthermore, not included in the mining plan is a high grade antimony zone outside the pit shell which can be quickly accessed by adit via the pit by-pass tunnel that restores waterway access to the upstream watershed and which hosts at least as much by-product antimony as Stibnite would produce during its 15 year life. Antimony isn't overly important to emerging technologies, but if a molten salt technology being investigated as a storage system for renewable energy became viable, the Stibnite Mine would be the place to call. In a sense Perpetua Gold Corp is a short term bet that the politics of its major shareholder will not get in the way of mine approval, and, if that bet fails, a longer term bet that Trump or a clone regains the presidency in 2024. The alternative is a buyout by a major gold producer among whom Barrick Gold which already owns 11.3% is a primary contender because it may have at its disposal an alternative scenario where concentrate gets trucked to Nevada for roasting at one of its facilities with spare capacity. However, since the formation of the Nevada Gold JV with Newmont in 2019 whose purpose was to rationalize the infrastructure of their respective operations this opportunity may no longer be available. So Perpetua should be looked at as a future standalone mine open to all bidders which currently offers Good Speculative Value because of market skepticism about mine approval and the competence of the management team installed by John Paulson, a vocal Trump supporter, after forcing out in late 2020 Stephen Quin's team which had led Stibnite through the permitting cycle and delivered a feasibility study.
What's Next?
Updated April 6, 2021: Perpetua Gold Corp, formerly Midas Gold Corp following a 10:1 rollback, is a Good Spec Value rated 2021 Favorite as of December 31, 2020 and confirmed in SVR Overview Apr 6, 2021 on the basis its 100% owned Stibnite gold-antimony project in Idaho which is in the final stages of a permitting cycle initiated in 2016. The Draft EIS was filed by the USFS in August 2020, the comment period ended late October 2020, a positive feasibility study was delivered on Dec 22, 2020, and we are now waiting for the USFS to file the Final EIS which will also establish the mining plan on which a Record of Decision will be based. The timeline indicated by the USFS is for the Final EIS and Draft Record of Decision to be filed in Q2 of 2021 which will kick off an objection period limited to followup of comments lodged during the DEIS comment period. During H2 of 2021 we can expect a Final Record of Decision which defines the approved mine plan that will become the basis for the final permits required to start construction. At this point Q1 of 2022 is when we expect everything to be in place to determine whether Perpetua gets bought out by a major or is forced to develop Stibnite on its own. In terms fundamental news flow there is nothing left in the pipeline; everything is permitting related. On Jan 15, 2021 Perpetua received approval from the EPA, USFS and Department of Justice to proceed with restoration activity at Stibnite. That was an important milestone because it declared that Perpetua was not legally liable for the legacy mess created through past mining operations. On Feb 17, 2021 the Nez Perce Tribe, which had filed a Clean Water Act lawsuit claiming that Perpetua was responsible for all downstream contamination arising from the legacy Stibnite operations, agreed to a 3 month stay of their lawsuit to allow pursuit of a court ordered dispute resolution process. Given that Perpetua has been deemed not responsible for the Stibnite site it owns, it is hard to imagine how any court would assign liability for downstream damage. However, the rights of the Nez Perce Tribe were treated pretty shabbily during the second half of the 19th century, especially after gold was found in Idaho, and their grievances do get exploited by anti-mining NGOs, so a positive resolution of their lawsuit would be an important milestone. The permitting is run by the US Forest Service which is part of the Department of Agriculture rather than the Department of Interior now headed by Deb Haaland, a Native American, which has jurisdiction over the BLM and has ordered that all permitting decisions must be run through a political appointee. This order is apparently aimed at fossil fuel related permits which were a much greater passion for Trump than the mining sector whose Pebble copper-gold project in Alaska went nowhere during his term. The pricing of Perpetua will be a function of mine approval expectations and the price of gold. The outcome of the FS was excellent, clearing key development hurdles at the $1,600 base case gold price, which was at a discount to the market price for gold compared to the PFS whose base case price was at a premium to the market. The stock at the time of the FS was off about 40% from its July 2020 peak when gold breached $2,000, and has done poorly since then, making this 2021 Favorite one of my worst performing picks. One reason is the antipathy that has developed toward gold as a result of the celebration of Bitcoin as the "new gold". This will be a lingering problem until gold develops an uptrend or stabilizes. In my DCF model which mimics the FS Stibnite has an NPV/per share target range of CAD $23-$34 (10% to 5% discount rate) at $1,728 gold, jumping to $53-$68 per share at $2,500 gold. Another reason is that institutional investors are not impressed by John Paulson's remake of the board and management; this could have waited until the Final EIS was issued. I suspect the changes were triggered by a childish response to the failed "stop the steal" campaign. It is important to understand that Paulson & Co is no longer a hedge fund; redemption runs have turned it into a family office, so Perpetua's destiny is now in the hands of single individual with a board consisting of his appointees. This represents a corporate governance risk and my biggest fear is that Perpetua gets absorbed by one of Paulson's weaker gold companies. The third reason is that John Paulson has been a vocal Trump supporter, and although Idaho is a Republican stronghold, the USFS is a government bureaucracy. There is thus a risk that the approval process for a mine that will overwhelmingly benefit an unrepentant Trumper slows to a crawl. That is what in my view the market is suggesting; Perpetua is a bet that science and rule of law, not politics, will continue to drive the Stibnite permitting cycle toward a timely Final Record of Decision that kicks off a buyout auction for Perpetua Gold Corp in 2022. The final reason for market weaknesses is a short form base shelf prospectus Perpetua has filed which allows it raise up to USD $100 million via various types of securities. Perpetua had USD $22 million working capital left at the end of 2020, so institutional audiences will likely wait for a financing to get positioned. With the rollback and NASDAQ listing Perpetua can now be bought by the younger generations who use Robinhood as their trading platform. But attracting their attention may require that Bitcoin stop trending higher.
Corporate Change History

#Old for NewLast PricePrior NameSubsequent NameDetails
Jan 29, 2021Reverse Split10:1$0.96Midas Gold Corp (MAX-T)Midas Gold Corp (MAX-T)
Feb 18, 2021Name Change1:1$9.08Midas Gold Corp (MAX-T)Perpetua Gold Corp (PPTA-T)
Recommendation History
Edition Date Price
Recommendation Gain
SV2012 9/6/2013 $0.95 Good Absolute Spec Value Buy @ $0.95 0%
SV2012 12/31/2013 $0.73
SV Edition Rollover Closeout -23%
SV2014 1/3/2014 $0.73 Good Absolute Spec Value Buy @ $0.73 0%
SV2014 3/31/2014 $0.87 Confirm Good Absolute Spec Value Buy @ $0.87 19%
SV2014 1/2/2015 $0.46 SV Edition Rollover Closeout @ $0.46 -37%
SV2015 1/2/2015 $0.46 Good Relative Spec Value Buy @ $0.46 0%
SV2015 2/11/2015 $0.51 Confirm Good Relative Spec Value Buy @ $0.51 11%
SV2015 5/26/2015 $0.42 Confirm Good Relative Spec Value Buy @ $0.42 -9%
SV2015 12/31/2015 $0.31
SV Edition Rollover Closeout -33%
SV2016 12/31/2015 $0.31 Good Relative Spec Value Buy 0%
SV2016 3/22/2016 $0.38 Confirm Good Relative Spec Value Buy @ $0.38 23%
SV2016 12/30/2016 $0.87
SV Edition Rollover Closeout 181%
SV2017 12/30/2016 $0.87 Good Relative Spec Value Buy @ $0.87 0%
SV2017 1/10/2018 $0.58 Confirm Good Relative Spec Value Buy @ $0.58 -33%
SV2017 5/9/2018 $1.11 Confirm Good Relative Spec Value Buy 28%
SV2017 12/11/2018 $0.77 SV Technical Closeout 100% -12%
SVF2019 12/31/2018 $0.96 Fair Spec Value Favorite 0%
SVF2019 12/31/2019 $0.63 Good Spec Value Favorite -34%
SVF2020 12/31/2019 $0.63 Good Spec Value Favorite 0%
SVF2020 12/31/2020 $1.22 Good Spec Value Favorite 94%
SVF2021 12/31/2020 $1.22 Good Spec Value Favorite 0%
SVF2021 1/29/2021 $0.96 Good Spec Value Favorite Confirmed -21%
SVF2021 1/29/2021 $9.70 Good Spec Value Favorite Confirmed -20%
SVF2021 4/5/2021 $7.97 Good Spec Value Favorite Confirmed -35%
SVF2021 12/31/2021 $6.03 SV Technical Closeout 100% -51%
SVF2022 12/31/2021 $6.03 Good Spec Value Favorite 0%
SVF2022 12/30/2022 $3.95 SV Technical Closeout 100% -34%
Charts & Financing Activity
 Most recent 43-101 resource estimate  Prior resource estimate  PEA  PFS  FS/BFS/DFS
Private Placement Key
less than $500,000 $1,000,000 - $2,000,000 $5,000,000 - $10,000,000 $20,000,000 - $50,000,000
$500,000 - $1,000,000 $2,000,000 - $5,000,000 $10,000,000 - $20,000,000 over $50,000,000
Private placement financing dates and value ranges are based on transactions reported by the TSXV Monthly Review.
Date Company Type Quantity Price FT Units Amount Broker
No Financing Data Available
Financials Dated: September 30, 2023 Reporting Period: 9 months Year End: 12/31 Currency: CAD
Assets Liabilities Income
Cash Equivalents: $7,104,937 Current Liabilities: $8,388,532 Operating Revenues: $0
Receivables etc: $3,331,835 Tangible LT Debt: $4,956,744 Operating Cash Costs: $0
Current Assets: $10,436,772 Intangible LT Debt: $0 Operating Cash Flow: $0
Long Term Assets:$76,239,453Total Liabilities:$13,345,276Operating Non-Cash Costs:$0

Miscellaneous Revenue:$0
Total Assets: $86,676,225 Share Capital: $616,330,139 Cash Expenses: $9,591,988

Shareholder Deficit: ($542,999,190) Non-Cash Expenses: $23,846
Working Capital: $2,048,240 Net Shareholder Equity: $73,330,949 Total Expenses: $9,615,834

Overall Cash Flow:($9,591,988)
Monthly Overhead:$1,065,776

Net Income (Loss):($9,615,834)

Capital History
Date PeriodCash EqCurrent
6/30/2011 6 $18,821,191 $19,022,522 $114,210,141 $1,750,054 $2,315,778 $112,478,285
$666,535 0 $17,272,468
9/30/2011 9 $51,249,600 $51,543,098 $154,881,865 $3,245,173 $3,810,896 $155,481,515
$1,564,897 114,960,270 $48,297,925
12/31/2011 12 $36,954,210 $37,341,428 $156,467,170 $3,654,327 $4,217,035 $155,548,706
$2,606,706 115,510,270 $33,687,101
3/31/2012 3 $61,855,357 $62,243,505 $194,892,281 $3,769,308 $4,330,595 $193,508,699
$612,916 125,415,270 $58,474,197
6/30/2012 6 $48,301,596 $48,543,525 $196,071,222 $5,569,581 $5,951,840 $193,431,603
$1,447,686 125,415,270 $42,973,944
9/30/2012 9 $32,402,705 $32,620,508 $195,340,848 $4,765,379 $5,146,254 $193,785,842
$2,325,465 125,342,470 $27,855,129
12/31/2012 12 $19,618,855 $19,864,373 $195,821,058 $5,108,073 $5,487,564 $193,860,089 25% $2,981,004 125,637,470 $14,756,300
3/31/2013 3 $9,898,153 $10,066,929 $192,759,053 $2,409,028 $2,787,166 $193,860,089
$646,055 125,637,470 $7,657,901
6/30/2013 6 $18,681,081 $18,811,133 $192,371,819 $1,661,396 $2,634,124 $193,860,089
$1,193,544 128,077,470 $17,149,737
9/30/2013 9 $22,387,500 $22,539,785 $202,582,489 $2,732,523 $3,897,825 $203,134,630
$1,811,916 141,252,470 $19,807,262
12/31/2013 12 $14,589,264 $14,742,113 $201,415,074 $2,432,462 $3,351,339 $203,134,630 5% $2,534,537 140,963,470 $12,309,651
3/31/2014 3 $21,682,436 $21,821,244 $211,640,086 $2,054,821 $4,634,317 $212,649,668
$552,599 163,565,901 $19,766,423
6/30/2014 6 $17,820,990 $17,966,981 $211,384,680 $2,207,416 $4,236,295 $212,649,668
$1,117,765 163,976,651 $15,759,565
9/30/2014 9 $13,201,427 $13,377,135 $210,187,416 $1,409,083 $2,234,281 $212,649,668
$1,524,529 163,243,901 $11,968,052
12/31/2014 12 $9,622,499 $9,764,357 $209,264,310 $1,128,693 $1,585,043 $212,649,668 5% $2,198,755 162,967,234 $8,635,664
3/31/2015 3 $6,976,395 $7,106,726 $208,651,942 $874,883 $1,167,304 $212,649,668
$546,305 165,585,234 $6,231,843
6/30/2015 6 $9,935,427 $10,084,820 $214,071,321 $706,832 $1,483,865 $217,913,718
$1,039,849 194,976,269 $9,377,988
9/30/2015 9 $6,899,380 $7,029,918 $213,431,459 $515,603 $834,635 $217,913,718
$1,323,009 194,315,519 $6,514,315
12/31/2015 12 $4,502,325 $4,634,672 $213,036,244 $845,716 $845,716 $217,913,718 2% $1,767,887 372,431,686 $3,788,956
3/31/2016 3 $44,629,091 $44,880,904 $116,391,793 $1,631,204 $40,106,464 $221,787,129
$2,034,495 203,361,762 $43,249,700
6/30/2016 6 $42,159,157 $42,627,258 $113,855,019 $3,958,044 $77,396,854 $222,098,023
$4,008,886 198,262,762 $38,669,214
9/30/2016 9 $40,032,740 $40,523,451 $111,927,929 $3,335,971 $74,722,082 $223,701,969
$6,690,177 340,511,713 $37,187,480
12/31/2016 12 $37,180,354 $37,485,785 $109,030,690 $3,127,773 $71,509,367 $225,168,974 3% $10,939,914 343,449,218 $34,358,012
3/31/2017 3 $33,013,364 $33,351,739 $104,662,545 $2,184,243 $66,892,329 $225,367,419
$3,767,848 343,824,218 $31,167,496
6/30/2017 6 $31,482,484 $31,991,686 $103,230,928 $2,223,372 $62,478,954 $228,764,530
$5,132,016 202,839,265 $29,768,314
9/30/2017 9 $25,265,533 $25,612,165 $97,010,277 $1,822,064 $58,897,844 $228,764,530
$14,916,532 343,629,931 $23,790,101
12/31/2017 12 $18,915,423 $19,240,563 $90,641,162 $3,497,449 $56,260,207 $228,787,138 2% $22,954,017 343,242,680 $15,743,114
3/31/2018 3 $11,974,722 $12,331,906 $83,701,538 $2,754,780 $78,762,241 $229,411,531
$6,181,296 205,782,015 $9,577,126
6/30/2018 6 $43,546,096 $44,105,711 $115,434,602 $3,530,429 $80,225,667 $267,493,610
$14,327,220 252,796,564 $40,575,282
9/30/2018 9 $37,171,629 $37,667,807 $109,212,038 $3,358,445 $76,831,408 $267,575,666
$19,489,481 253,572,069 $34,309,362
12/31/2018 12 $29,886,558 $30,420,766 $101,950,530 $3,375,994 $75,289,455 $267,595,776 17% $29,313,322 253,496,765 $27,044,772
3/31/2019 3 $24,563,911 $25,127,921 $96,818,816 $3,599,388 $69,108,336 $268,194,963
$6,740,489 257,106,898 $21,528,533
6/30/2019 6 $32,828,086 $33,447,159 $105,180,331 $3,384,201 $56,783,821 $283,156,808
$14,149,050 291,753,273 $30,062,958
9/30/2019 9 $25,882,651 $26,373,121 $98,296,817 $4,165,063 $54,659,220 $283,156,807
$18,716,083 291,848,273 $22,208,058
12/31/2019 12 $17,504,622 $1,841,614 $90,504,860 $4,681,736 $57,761,884 $283,489,579 6% $31,764,987 292,851,746 ($2,840,122)
3/31/2020 3 $45,415,134 $46,127,247 $118,146,070 $3,437,470 $85,317,012 $283,703,049
$6,972,407 296,545,496 $42,689,777
6/30/2020 6 $38,864,647 $39,508,532 $111,456,823 $4,155,251 $122,137,606 $283,767,418
$15,385,818 296,999,656 $35,353,281
9/30/2020 9 $33,997,059 $34,540,907 $106,708,805 $5,620,799 $44,421,830 $528,629,002
$23,369,949 496,612,162 $28,920,108
12/31/2020 12 $25,037,766 $25,792,489 $98,131,612 $3,938,047 $40,500,786 $528,715,788 87% $28,080,279 54,930,191 $21,854,442
3/31/2021 3 $14,786,055 $15,796,918 $91,069,448 $4,535,536 $36,014,695 $529,392,591
$14,348,118 52,378,341 $11,261,382
6/30/2021 6 $8,521,564 $8,897,347 $84,104,790 $6,308,746 $11,333,795 $560,859,186
$21,113,712 54,899,836 $2,588,601
9/30/2021 9 $56,082,017 $56,995,819 $132,413,951 $7,590,063 $11,496,100 $615,163,442
$27,690,408 65,512,343 $49,405,756
12/31/2021 12 $47,852,846 $49,079,073 $124,497,766 $5,743,201 $12,897,171 $615,359,152 16% $40,388,366 65,669,009 $43,335,872
3/31/2022 3 $41,168,724 $42,188,916 $117,650,800 $6,076,127 $11,618,850 $615,371,530
$6,249,367 65,242,176 $36,112,789
9/30/2022 9 $56,082,017 $56,995,819 $132,413,951 $7,470,425 $11,376,462 $615,163,442
$30,762,679 65,712,343 $49,525,394
12/31/2022 12 $22,667,047 $23,562,127 $99,445,155 $12,402,731 $13,614,633 $615,553,448 0% $29,270,565 65,157,427 $11,159,396
3/31/2023 3 $18,559,712 $20,617,534 $96,457,415 $13,459,310 $14,345,487 $616,068,044
$8,028,357 66,492,001 $7,158,224
6/30/2023 6 $14,105,012 $18,228,699 $94,243,170 $13,883,833 $18,978,193 $616,189,014
$19,929,760 66,311,524 $4,344,866
9/30/2023 9 $7,104,937 $10,436,772 $86,676,225 $8,388,532 $13,345,276 $616,330,139
$9,591,988 66,251,978 $2,048,240
Structure & People
Directors, Officers and Employees: 112,550 0.2% AGM: April 16, 2021
Other Insiders: 26,081,458 41.3% People Tree Available
Past Reported Shareholders: 28,705,510 N/A
Related Party Occupation Related
Insider Director Officer Capacity Ownership %
Bob Dean Businessperson 12/4/2021

0 0.0%
David J. Deisley Lawyer 12/4/2021

500 0.0%
Marcelo Kim Analyst 3/17/2016 Chairman 0 0.0%
Jeff Malmen Politician 12/4/2021

0 0.0%
Christopher Papaganis Investment Banker 5/14/2020

0 0.0%
Christopher J. Robison Mining Executive 12/4/2021

10,000 0.0%
Laurel Sayer Administrator 11/12/2014 CEO & President 9,750 0.0%
Alex Sternhell Salesperson 12/4/2021

0 0.0%
Chris Dail
Exploration Manager 0 0.0%
Heather Ennis

Corporate Secretary 92,300 0.1%
Jessica Largent Investor Relations 2/17/2021
CFO 0 0.0%
Darren Morgans Accountant 4/13/2011
CFO 0 0.0%
Paulson & Co Inc. Institution 5/9/2018

20,935,732 33.1%
Sun Valley Gold LLC Institution 4/22/2021

5,145,726 8.1%
Past Insiders and Reported Shareholders - Current Ownership Status unknown - positions may be pre-rollback
Related Party Occupation Related

Capacity Ownership
Keith Allred Consultant 11/12/2014 12/4/2021 12/4/2021
Director 8,657
Robert B. Barnes Engineer 9/27/2011 4/16/2021

VP Corp Dev 0
Barrick Gold Corp Public Company 4/16/2021 6/7/2022

Insider 5,382,587
L. Michael Bogert Lawyer 9/20/2016 8/9/2018 8/9/2018
Director 0
Jaimie Donovan Engineer 1/31/2019 12/4/2021 12/4/2021
Director 0
Brad Doores Lawyer 8/9/2018 12/4/2021 12/4/2021
Director 0
Frederick H. Earnest Mining Executive 4/1/2011 5/14/2014 5/14/2014
Director 10,000
Victor Flores
3/17/2016 3/22/2018 3/22/2018
Director 0
Jon Goode Accountant 3/30/2020 12/4/2021 12/4/2021
Director 200
Wayne Hubert Mining Executive 4/1/2011 5/11/2016 5/11/2016
Director 153,000
Jerry Korpan Investment Banker 4/1/2011 5/13/2015 5/13/2015
Director 1,150,000
Liz Monger Administrator 1/1/2018 4/16/2021

Corporate Secretary 0
Peter B. Nixon Investment Banker 4/1/2011 12/4/2021 12/4/2021
Chairman 18,500
Stephen P. Quin Geologist 2/22/2011 12/4/2021 12/4/2021
CEO & President 142,230
Michael B. Richings Engineer 2/22/2011 5/13/2015 5/13/2015
Director 20,000
Javier Shiffrin Investment Banker 3/22/2018 5/14/2020 5/14/2020
Director 0
Teck Resources Ltd Public Company 7/4/2013

Insider 14,017,621
Vista Gold Corp Public Company 6/30/2011

Insider 7,802,615
John Wakeford Geologist 4/11/2011 5/11/2016 5/11/2016
Director 0
Donald W. Young Accountant 4/1/2011 3/30/2020 3/30/2020
Director 100
Share positions of current insiders based on last AGM circular, ownership % based on current Issued. Share positions of past insiders and shareholders have not been adjusted for rollbacks or splits.
Risk Analysis

Click here to view IPV Report

Key to Understanding the Spec Value Hunter Tables
Flagship Play Secondary Plays Other Plays
A Spec Value Hunter table allows speculators to identify which projects offer poor, fair or good speculative value according to the rational speculation model. The speculative value depends on the project stage, the project's implied value as calculated by the company's fully diluted, stock price and net project interest, and the dream target deemed appropriate for the project. A dream target is what a project would be worth in discounted cash flow terms once in production.
Poor Speculative Value - Fair Speculative Value - Good Speculative Value -
Note: narrow arrows indicate IPV is outside the fair value channel but within 25% of the fair value limits
Color Key for Target Outcome Achievability
Ranges in millions
ranked from most to least achievable
below $25 Should be Private: Artisanal, Placer, Mom & Pop Shop
$25-$50 Tiny Scale: underground mine or quarry - not worth the bother
$50-$100 Small Scale: junior needs to self-develop
$100-$250 Buyout Target: by Lower Tier Producers
$250-$500 Buyout Target: by Mid-Tier Producers
$500-$1,000 Ideal Target for Junior: Buckhorn, Sleeper
$1,000-$2,000 Almost World Class: Ekati, Red Chris, Brucejack, Juanicipio, Stibnite
$2,000-$5,000 World Class: Eskay Creek, Hemlo, Hermosa-Taylor, Oyu Tolgoi, LaRonde, McArthur
$5,000-$10,000 Giants: Escondida, Sullivan, Carlin Trend, Kidd Creek, Orapa, Kamoa-Kakula
above $10,000 Off the Scale District: Wits 1.0, Araxa, Sudbury Basin, Bayan Obo
The target outcome range required for the current implied project value to represent fair speculative value is based on the upper and lower certainty limits associated with the project stage. The color coding is based on the target outcome using the mid-point of the certainty range.
Active Company Projects
Project Location Net
Stage IPV $
Fair Spec Value
Required Target
Outcome Range


Target Metals Deposit Style
Stibnite United States - Idaho 100% WI 7-Permitting & Feasibility $262 $349 - $523 Gold AntimonyEpithermal Vein / Stockwork
Project StageFlagshipSecondaryActive
Grassroots (1) & Target Testing (2)
Discovery Delineation (3)
Infill Drilling & Metallurgy (4)
PEA (5) or PFS (6)
Feasibility & Permitting (7)
Construction (8) or Production (9)
Clicking on the project icon will display a popup identifying the company project, its stage and target metals, basic facts, a chart, a link to that project within that company's KRO Profile, a link to the most recent news release, and a link to the most recent KRO comment if one exists.
Company Projects

Stibnite Project
Featured in Share Collective
StibniteUnited StatesIDIdaho10,969 ha
Net Interest: 100% WI
Vested: Yes
Uncapped NSR/GOR: 1.70%
Ownership Terms: Underyling royalties on patented claims have been purchased by Midas. 1.7% royalty sold to Franco-Nevada in May 2013 for $$14.65-million (U.S.). The royalty excludes potential antimony, silver and other byproducts that may be produced from the Stibnite (formerly Golden Meadows) property.
Target Metals: Gold AntimonyModel: Epithermal Vein / StockworkStage: 7-Permitting & Feasibility
Notes on Stibnite Project
The Golden Meadows Project includes three gold deposits referred to as Hangar Flats Deposit, West End Deposit and Yellow Pine Deposit.
See Reliable Project Location Google Map in free Corporate Profile
Milestone Timeline
Updated Resource Estimate2012 Q22012 Q2Updated resource estimates expected for the three historic deposits, incorporating all 2011 and early 2012 drilling.
Delineation2012 H12012 H116,000 to 17,000 metres of drilling are planned, to allow resource upgrades at Hangar Flats and Yellow Pine as part of the planned PEA.
Economic Study - PEA2012 Q32012 Q3PEA expected to be completed incorporating upgraded resource estimates at the three currently identified historic deposits.
Delineation2012 H22012 H2Phase II 2012 drill program to include 40,000 additional meters of drilling, 35,000 of which will be infill and step-out drill, with 5,000m planned to test new zones on the property.
Economic Study - PFS2014 Q4 Mid December2014 Q4 Mid DecemberPFS published Dec 14, 2014.
Environmental Study2015 Q1 January2015 Q3 SeptemberPrepare and submit a Plan of Operations.
Environmental Study2015 Q42015 Q4 DecemberRegulators determine scope of EIS and award EIS contract.
Economic Study - FS20162018 Q1Complete feasibility study.
Permitting20162018 H2Completion of EIS and approval of all permit applications
Project Financing2018 Q32018 Q3Raise project financing once mining permit granted.
Base Case Resource Estimates
Project Resource Estimate - Stibnite
Feb 15, 2018NI 43-101Garth Kirkham PGeo, Kirkham Geosystems LtdCutoff: 0.75 g/t Au sulphides, 0.45 g/t oxides Assumes $1,050/oz Au
Note: Open Pit, combines resources for Yellow Pine, Hangar Flats, West End and Historic Tailings
Resource CategoryTonnageTotal
Rock Value
MetalGradeRecoveryContained Metal% of GMV
Measured Resource4,623,000$203/tGold2.53 g/t100.0%376,047 oz82%
Silver3.91 g/t100.0%581,164 oz1%
Antimony0.250%100.0%25,479,666 lb17%
Indicated Resources100,289,000$119/tGold1.62 g/t100.0%5,223,553 oz89%
Silver2.47 g/t100.0%7,964,307 oz1%
Antimony0.080%100.0%176,877,713 lb9%
Inferred Mineral Resources23,174,000$99/tGold1.29 g/t100.0%961,144 oz86%
Silver2.04 g/t100.0%1,519,949 oz1%
Antimony0.090%100.0%45,980,463 lb12%
All Categories Spot128,086,000$119/tGold1.59 g/t
6,560,744 oz88%
Silver2.44 g/t
10,065,419 oz1%
248,337,842 lb10%
Spot Gross Metal ValueMarket Cap as % of Net GMVSpot Prices Used
$15,188,871,5481.7%Gold $2,048.05/oz, Silver $22.34/oz, Antimony $6.15/lb
Stibnite 43-101 Economic Study (USD except where noted otherwise)
PFSDec 15, 2014
M3 Eng.Stibnite
Mining Scenario
Mining Costs
Mining Type:OP
Cost Currency:USD
Processing Type:

Capital Cost:$970,000,000
Operating Rate:20,000 tpd
Sustaining Cost:$154,000,000
Operating Days:365
Operating Cost:$26.65/t
Strip Rate:3.5
BC Cash Cost per Unit: USD$577/oz Au
Mine Life:12 years
BC Cash Cost Net By-Products: USD$577/oz Au
LOM Tonnage:88,996,320 t
BC All-In Cost Net By-Prod: USD$856/oz Au
Est Startup:

Spot All-In Cost Net By-Prod: USD$856/oz Au
Production Potential

Metal 1Metal 2Metal 3Metal 4

Grade:1.63 g/t


Annual Output:337,000 oz

LOM Output:4,040,000 oz

Base Case Price:$1,350/oz

Spot Price:$2,048/oz

Base Case NSR:$62.32/t

Spot NSR:$94.55/t

Base Case Valuation
Reported Valuation Currency:USD
Pre-Tax NPV:$1,093,000,000
Discount Rate:5%
After-Tax NPV:$832,000,000
Total Base Case NSR USD:$62.32/t
Pre-Tax IRR:22%
Total Spot NSR USD:$94.55/t
After-Tax IRR:19%
Annual Pre-Tax Cash Flow Base Case and Net CF/FDSH USD:$260,405,000$3.74Pre-Tax Payback:3.2 y
Annual Pre-Tax Cash Flow Spot and Net CF/FDSH USD:$495,647,850$7.29After-Tax Payback:3.4 y
Enterprise Value CAD :$267,935,652$4.04/shShare Price:$3.95
Comparative Valuations using Life of Mine Averages
Discount Rate:0%5%10%15%
Base Case Pre-Tax NPV USD:$2,000,860,000$1,165,990,457$651,706,401$323,471,026
Base Case Pre-Tax Net NPV/Sh USD:$30.20$17.60$9.84$4.88
Premium BC PT NPV over EV:$27.22$14.62$6.86$1.90
Spot Pre-Tax NPV USD:$4,823,774,200$3,151,720,529$2,108,863,022$1,432,307,428
Spot Pre-Tax Net NPV/Sh:$72.81$47.57$31.83$21.62
Premium Spot PT NPV over EV USD:$69.83$44.59$28.85$18.64
The comparative NPV calculations assume constant annual cash flow based on the life of mine average annual payable production and CapEx spent in year one. The operating cost includes the LOM sustaining capital. Due to details such as ore scheduling these NPV figures may differ from those of the 43-101 economic study.
After-Tax Valuations using Spot By-Product Prices
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Feb 15, 2015Excerpt from Express 2015-01: SVH 2015 January Review - Midas Gold
Feb 11, 2015SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Midas Gold Corp
Mar 31, 2014Spec Value Hunter Comment: Recommendation Strategy for Midas Gold Corp
Sep 6, 2013Spec Value Hunter Comment: Recommendation Strategy for Midas Gold Corp

Company News Releases - Members Only
Feb 12, 2024Receives up to an Additional $34.6 Million Under the Defense Production Act
Jan 2, 2024Progressing Towards Next Phase
Nov 13, 2023Third Quarter 2023 Highlights
Aug 21, 2023Awarded up to $15.5 Million in Department of Defense Funding to Demonstrate a Fully Domestic Antimony Trisulfide Supply Chain
Aug 14, 2023Appoints Vice President of Projects
Aug 14, 2023Second Quarter 2023 Highlights
Aug 9, 2023Perpetua Resources and Nez Perce Tribe Filed Clean Water Act Settlement Agreement
Jul 26, 2023Signs Definitized Agreement for Critical Minerals Award of $24.8 million under the Defense Production Act
Jun 28, 2023Begins Next Phase of Cleanup Activities at Historical Mine Site
Jun 22, 20232022 Sustainability Report
Jun 20, 2023and Nez Perce Tribe Reach Agreement in Principle under the Clean Water Act
May 23, 2023Addition to the Russell 2000 Index
May 19, 2023Results of 2023 Annual Meeting
May 12, 2023First Quarter 2023 Highlights
Apr 13, 2023Selects Iron Woman Construction for 2023 Cleanup Activities at Historical Mine Site
Mar 31, 2023U.S. Forest Service Sets Final Stage of Permitting for Stibnite Gold Project
Mar 17, 2023Full Year 2022 Highlights
Jan 12, 2023U.S. Forest Service Comment Period Closes for Proposed Stibnite Gold Project with Strong Public Support
Dec 19, 2022Receives Critical Minerals Award of up to $24.8 million under the Defense Production Act
Nov 14, 2022Third Quarter 2022 Highlights
Nov 9, 2022Supplemental Draft EIS Highlights Positive Environmental Outcomes
Oct 28, 2022U.S. Forest Service Chooses Perpetua Resources' Proposed Stibnite Gold Project as Preferred Alternative
Oct 24, 2022Completes Initial Stream Diversion Activities Contributing to Water Quality Improvements at Historic Mine Site
Sep 19, 2022Awarded Department of Defense Funding to Study Antimony from Stibnite Gold Project
Sep 6, 2022Stibnite Gold Project Moves Toward Public Review
Aug 15, 2022Second Quarter 2022 Highlights
Jul 12, 2022Begins Investment in Water Quality Improvements At Historic Mine Site
Jun 24, 2022Publishes 2021 Sustainability Report
Jun 22, 2022Receives First Permit for the Stibnite Gold Project
Jun 21, 2022Applauds Congressional Action on Antimony and Defense Stockpile
Jun 9, 2022Awards Contract for Early Cleanup Activities at Historical Mine Site
Jun 7, 2022Barrick Sale of Shares of Perpetua Resources Corp.
Jun 7, 2022Welcomes Value Oriented Kopernik as New Shareholder
May 26, 2022Results of 2022 Annual Meeting
May 16, 2022First Quarter 2022 Highlights
Apr 6, 2022Launches Sustainability Roadmap
Apr 4, 2022Welcomes Use of Defense Production Act for Battery Metals
Mar 31, 2022Strengthens Board with Appointment of Laura Dove
Mar 25, 2022Promotes Jessica Largent to Chief Financial Officer
Mar 11, 2022Supports Congressional Call to Action on US Critical Mineral Production
Feb 22, 2022Achieves Critical Milestones As Permitting Continues to Progress
Nov 15, 2021Appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers as Auditors
Aug 26, 2021Full Exercise of Over Allotment Option
Aug 17, 2021Closing of US$50 Million Public Offering
Aug 16, 2021Bulletin 2021 0817; Additional Listing
Aug 13, 2021Pricing of Public Offering of Common Shares
Aug 12, 2021Public Offering of Common Shares
Aug 9, 2021Antimony Supply Agreement For Ambri Battery Production
Jul 2, 2021U.S. Forest Service Advances Perpetua Resources' Proposed Action, Eliminating Alternatives, with Schedule Update for Targeted NEPA Completion
Jun 22, 2021Sun Valley Gold LLC: Disposition of Common Shares of Perpetua Resources Corp.
Jun 7, 2021Inclusion in the Russell 2000 Index
May 3, 2021Signs Collaboration Agreement with U.S. Antimony to Explore Potential to Process Antimony from the Stibnite Gold Project
Apr 22, 2021Deemed Beneficial Ownership of Securities of Perpetua Resources Corp.
Apr 16, 2021Results of 2021 Annual General Meeting
Apr 12, 2021Works Alongside Community to Support Independent Water Quality Monitoring Program
Feb 25, 2021Can Help Secure U.S. Production of Critical Mineral Antimony
Feb 23, 2021Appoints Endeavour Financial as Financial Advisor
Feb 17, 2021And Nez Perce Tribe Agree to Stay of Clean Water Act Litigation
Feb 16, 2021Bulletin 2021 0155; Name Change
Feb 16, 2021Name Change to Perpetua Resources and Approved Nasdaq Listing
Jan 28, 2021Files Technical Report for Stibnite Gold Project Feasibility Study on SEDAR
Jan 27, 2021Completes Share Consolidation in Connection with Nasdaq Listing Application
Jan 27, 2021Bulletin 2021 0074; Stock Consolidation
Jan 15, 2021Reaches Agreement to Begin Environmental Restoration at Abandoned Mine Site and Announces Relocation to United States
Dec 22, 20202/2: Completes Positive Feasibility Study for the Stibnite - - -
Dec 22, 20201/2: Completes Positive Feasibility Study for the Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho
Dec 4, 2020Provides Corporate Update
Nov 20, 2020Receives Shareholder Meeting Requisition
Nov 20, 2020Paulson & Co Requisitions Special Meeting of Midas Gold Shareholders
Nov 20, 2020Paulson & Co. Sends Letter to Midas Gold Employees
Oct 29, 2020Comment Period on the Draft EIS for the Stibnite Gold Project Successfully Completed
Sep 29, 2020Regulators Extend Comment Period on Draft EIS for Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho
Sep 10, 2020Federal Permitting Dashboard to Improve Coordination for the Stibnite Gold Project
Aug 26, 2020Paulson & Co. Provides Notice of Intention to Exercise Convertible Notes in Midas Gold
Aug 14, 2020Regulators Release Draft Environmental Impact Statement on Stibnite Gold Project
Jul 2, 2020Draft EIS on Midas Gold's Stibnite Gold Project Set for Release
May 14, 2020Results of Annual General Meeting
Apr 14, 2020Trader Note Delisting Review
Apr 1, 2020USFS Updates Schedule For Stibnite Gold Project's Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Mar 17, 2020Completes US$35.0 Million (C$47.6 Million) Financing
Mar 10, 2020Private Placement Re Pricing
Feb 28, 2020Bulletin 2020 0147: Delisting Review
Feb 28, 2020Trader Note Delisting Review
Aug 9, 2019Continues to Advance Solutions to Address Pre existing Contamination in the Stibnite Mining District
Jun 19, 2019Closing Of C$19.9 Million Bought Deal Public Offering
Jun 18, 2019Bulletin 2019 0447: Additional Listing
Jun 11, 2019Further Investment in Midas Gold
Jun 6, 2019Plan to Address Previous Water Contamination in Stibnite Mining District
Apr 16, 2019Grants Shares & Cash To The Stibnite Foundation
Apr 2, 2019State & Federal Agencies Update Permitting Schedule for Midas Gold's Stibnite Gold Project
Mar 25, 2019Midas Amends Investor Rights Agreement with Barrick Gold
Jan 31, 2019Changes To Board Of Directors
Aug 9, 2018Changes to its Board of Directors
Jul 3, 2018State & Federal Agencies Update Permitting Schedule for Midas Gold's Stibnite Gold Project
May 22, 2018Increases Board Size to Eight & Appoints an Additional Director
May 16, 2018Barrick Completes Strategic Investment in Midas Gold to Advance the Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho
May 10, 2018Results of Annual General Meeting
May 9, 2018Barrick Makes Strategic Investment in Midas Gold to Advance the Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho
Apr 2, 2018State & Federal Agencies Update Permitting Schedule for Midas Gold's Stibnite Gold Project
Mar 21, 2018Changes To Board Of Directors
Feb 22, 2018Idaho Lawmakers Encourage US President & Federal Officials to Move Stibnite Gold Project Forward
Feb 21, 2018Update on Pilot scale Metallurgical Testing for the Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho
Feb 15, 2018Updates Mineral Resources for the Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho
Sep 18, 2017State & Federal Agencies Agree To Coordinate Permitting Of Midas Gold's Proposed Stibnite Gold Project
Sep 13, 2017To Present At Precious Metals Summit And Denver Gold Forum
Sep 7, 2017High Grade Results From 2017 Drill Program, Stibnite Gold Project,
Jun 5, 2017Notice Of Intent Published For Stibnite Gold Project
May 12, 2017Results Of Annual General Meeting
Apr 18, 2017U.S. Forest Service Selects Aecom To Evaluate Midas Gold's Proposed Stibnite Gold Project
Apr 3, 2017Commences Feasibility Study For Its Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho
Mar 30, 2017Final Results From 2016 17 Winter Drill Program, Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho
Mar 28, 2017U.S. Forest Service Begins Analysis Of Midas Gold's Stibnite Gold Project
Feb 23, 2017Best Hole Ever Reported At The Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho
Feb 14, 2017Favourable Metallurgical Test Results For Its Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho
Jan 23, 2017Resumes Resource Optimization Drilling At Its Stibnite Gold
Dec 13, 2016Plan Of Restoration & Operations For Its Stibnite Gold Project Deemed Complete
Nov 30, 2016Drilling Confirms Scale Of Mineralizing System At Its Stibnite
Nov 21, 2016High Grades At Its Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho
Sep 22, 2016Files Plan Of Restoration & Operations For Stibnite Gold Project
Sep 20, 2016Complements Leadership Team With New Appointments
Aug 23, 2016To Initiate Drill Program On Its Stibnite Gold Project
Jul 21, 2016Commences Feasibility Level Metallurgical Testwork On Its Stibnite Gold Project
May 12, 2016Results Of Annual General Meeting
May 9, 2016Annual General Meeting Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 At 10:00am
Mar 17, 2016Completes C$55.2 Million Financing
Mar 3, 2016Update On Previously Announced C$55.2 Million Financing
Feb 29, 2016Provides Update On Previously Announced C$55.2 Million Financing
Feb 22, 2016To Enter Strategic Relationship With Paulson & Co. And Raise C$55.2 Million
Jun 15, 2015Presented With 2015 Environmental Excellence Award By Idaho Association Of Commerce & Industry
May 20, 2015Financings Completed & Over allotment Option Exercised
May 15, 2015Results Of Annual General Meeting
May 12, 2015Annual General Meeting Wednesday, May 13th At 10:00am
Apr 29, 2015Financings To Raise Up To C$8 Million
Mar 16, 2015Midas Gold That Vista Gold Has Reduced Its Shareholdings To 5.5%
Feb 25, 2015Enters Into An Agency Agreement For The Sale Of Up To 8,000,000 Shares Of Midas Gold Corp.
Dec 17, 2014Files Technical Report For Stibnite Gold Preliminary Feasibility Study On Sedar
Dec 17, 2014Correction Midas Gold Files Technical Report For Golden Meadows Preliminary Feasibility Study On Sedar
Dec 15, 2014PART 2 OF 2: Completes Positive Preliminary Feasibility Study
Dec 15, 2014PART 1 OF 2: Completes Positive Preliminary Feasibility Study
Dec 12, 2014To Announce Results Of Preliminary Feasibility Study On December 15, 2014
Nov 12, 2014Appoints Idaho Based Directors
Sep 10, 2014Updates Mineral Resources For The Golden Meadows Project, Idaho
Aug 20, 2014Provides Metallurgical Update On Its Golden Meadows Au ag sb Project, Idaho
May 16, 2014Results Of Annual General Meeting
Apr 7, 2014Updates Progress On Its Golden Meadows Au ag sb Project, Idaho
Mar 7, 2014Completes Balance Of C$12.8 Million Private Placement
Mar 4, 2014Increases Private Placement To C$12.8 Million Closes First Tranche Of C$11.9 Million, With Balance Expected To Close Shortly
Feb 26, 2014Arranges C$10 Million Private Placement Financing
Feb 14, 2014Vista Gold Corp. Announces The Completion Of The Sale Of 16,000,000 Shares Of Midas Gold Corp.
Feb 7, 2014Supports Idaho Alpine Skier Erik Fisher For Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
Feb 7, 2014Vista Announces Filing Of Notice And Confirmation Of Full Allocation Of Midas Gold Corp.
Feb 6, 2014That Vista Gold Has Agreed To Reduce Its Shareholdings To 12.4%
Feb 6, 2014Vista Gold Enters Into An Agency Agreement For The Sale Of 16,000,000 Shares Of Midas Gold
Jan 27, 2014Results Of Final 24 Holes From 2013 Drilling At Golden Meadows
Dec 10, 2013Provides Update On Mt. Todd Gold Project Environmental Impact Statement Review/Approval Process
Dec 3, 2013Completes Approx. 7,000m Drill Program At Its Golden Meadows
Oct 30, 2013Results From Yellow Pine Drilling Golden Meadows Project, Idaho
Oct 28, 2013Mineral Resource Estimate For Golden Meadows Tailings
Oct 18, 2013Achieves Quotation On OTCQX International
Oct 18, 2013Midas Gold Corp. Begins Trading on OTCQX(R)
Oct 7, 2013Results From Historic Tailings At Golden Meadows Project, Idaho
Oct 1, 2013Intercepts High Grade At Hangar Flats Deposit, Golden Meadows
Sep 9, 2013Provides Update On Progress At Golden Meadows Project, Idaho


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