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Kaiser Watch February 3, 2022: Will Brazil reduce potash supply shock risk?

Posted: Feb 4, 2022JK: Kaiser Watch February 3, 2022 with Jim Goddard and John Kaiser
Published: Feb 3, 2022KRO: Kaiser Watch February 3, 2022: Will Brazil reduce potash supply shock risk?
Kaiser Watch is a weekly 15-30 minute audio show produced by KaiserResearch.com with Jim Goddard and John Kaiser discussing the junior resource sector. The show has three parts: the first is a general topic, the second discusses developments involving the KRO Favorites which as of January 1, 2022 are no longer exclusive to KRO members, and the third is a peek inside the members only KRO Bottom-Fish Workshop. KRO is transitioning into a Do-It-Yourself research platform that covers all Canadian and Australian resource listings and which also features a Bottom-Fish Workshop where John Kaiser highlights juniors with solvable "missing pieces". Companies that graduate from the Workshop may become part of the Annual Favorites collection whose profiles and related commentary are unrestricted for non-members. KRO is not sponsored or compensated directly or indirectly by public companies. The business model is based solely on membership fees in the form of a USD $450 Annual Individual Membership that at some point will increase substantially to reflect KRO's shift to a research platform. However, when the change happens active members will be grandfathered to renew indefinitely at the current rate provided they maintain a continuous paid membership. Kaiser Watch is available at Kaiser Research YouTube and as a Podcast downloadable from KaiserResearch.com. Each episode will be made available through the publication of a Kaiser Media Watch blog report which will provide links to specific questions and include supplementary graphics. All episodes will be archived at Kaiser Watch.

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Kaiser Watch February 3, 2022: Will Brazil reduce potash supply shock risk?
Jim (0:00:00): What are the implications for the farm sector and fertilizer producers if Russia does invade the Ukraine and is hit with meaningful sanctions?

Natural Gas Supply Evolution Chart

2020 Natural Gas Supply Breakdown

Phosphate Rock Supply Evolution Chart

2021 Phosphate Rock Supply Breakdown

Potash Supply Evolution Chart

2021 Potash Supply Breakdown
Jim (0:20:05): How quickly could Verde Agritech become a major solution for the Brazilian farm sector conventional potash import reliance?
Verde Agritech Plc (NPK-T)

Good Spec Value
Cerrado Verde Brazil - Other 9-Production K

Billions of tonnes of Verdete Slate - Alternative Potash Source

Deposit Model for Formation of Glauconite (aka green sand)

Verde Agritech's K Forte Product Pricing Model

Simplicity of K Forte Cost Structure compared to Potassium Chloride (KCl)

What is Scaleup Timeline beyond 2023?
Jim (0:28:02): FPX Nickel put out a long news release about making nickel sulphate for the battery materials sector. Is this a big deal?
FPX Nickel Corp (FPX-V)

Bottom-Fish Spec Value
Decar Canada - British Columbia 6-Prefeasibility Ni

A Simpler Path from Ore to Nickel Sulphate

Nickel Sulphate as Crystal or Solution Feedestock for Battery Makers
Jim (0:34:56): In your first Kaiser Watch show you talked about Endurance Gold as a future Favorite graduate from your Bottom-Fish collection. During the past week Endurance published final results for its 2021 Reliance drill program and a $2.5 million financing. And yet the stock price sagged. What is still missing?
Endurance Gold Corp (EDG-V)

Bottom-Fish Spec Value
Reliance Canada - British Columbia 3-Discovery Delineation Au

Plan and Section Views of Relationship between Eagle and Eagle South
Disclosure: JK owns shares in Endurance Gold, FPX Nickel and Verde Agritech; FPX Nickel and Verde Agritech are Good Spec Value rated favorites; Endurance Gold is Bottom-Fish Spec Value rated

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