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KRO Profile
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Price:$4.300  Open Rec:See Strategy
Market Cap:$271,770,354  WC % of Mkt Cap:1%
Working Cap:$2,048,240  As of:9/30/2023
Issued:63,202,408  Insider %:41.4%
Diluted:66,251,978  Story Type:Resource: Feasibility Demonstration
Key People:Laurel Sayer (CEO), Marcelo Kim (Chair), Jessica Largent (CFO), Darren Morgans (CFO), Heather Ennis (Sec),
SV Rating: Bottom-Fish Spec Value - as of December 30, 2022: Perpetua Gold Corp, the new name for Midas Gold Corp effective Feb 18, 2021 following a 10:1 rollback on Jan 29, 2021 to allow a NASDAQ listing where it now trades with the symbol PPTA, has been a KRO Fair or Good Spec Value rated recommendation since September 6, 2013 based on its 100% owned gold-antimony Stibnite project in Idaho. On December 31, 2020 Perpetua was continued as a 2021 Favorite at $1.22 ($12.22 after adjusting for the 10:1 rollback) following the filing of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement by the USFS on Aug 14, 2020 and the company's delivery of a positive feasibility study on December 22, 2020. We are now waiting for the USFS to release a Final EIS in Q2 of 2021 followed by a draft Record of Decision in Q3 and a Final Record of Decision in Q4 which becomes the basis for ROD dependent permits and a construction decision in 2022 with production beginning in 2026 if CapEx of $1.3 billion can be raised. On April 5, 2021 Perpetua Gold Corp was confirmed as a Good Spec Value rated Favorite at $7.97 in Tracker Apr 5, 2021 which includes NPV and NPV/share based graphics for the Stibnite project using a close approximation of the parameters in the feasibility study's technical report and showing sensitivity to a gold price as high as $2,500. The feasibility study envisions a 15 year 20,000 tpd open-pit operation that mines three deposits whose refractory ore will be processed through a milling and pressure-oxidation complex that would yield 4,284,000 oz gold and 118 million lbs of antimony with a minor silver by-product. CapEx and Sustaining Capital were USD $1.292 billion and $295 million with OpEx at $26.45 per tonne. At base case prices of $1,600/oz gold, $20/oz silver and $3.50/lb antimony the after tax NPV was $1.347 billion at a 5% discount rate and...(see Profile for full Overview)
Last Corporate Change - Feb 18, 2021: 1:1 Name Change from Midas Gold Corp (MAX-T)
Last KRO Comment - Nov 3, 2022: KW Excerpt: Kaiser Watch November 3, 2022: Perpetua Gold Corp (PPTA-T)
Recent News - Nov 13, 2023: Third Quarter 2023 Highlights
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Stibnite 100% WI United States Idaho 7-Permitting & Feasibility $285 Gold Antimony Epithermal Vein / Stockwork
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