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Privacy Policy

Privacy Pledge: All personal information provided by members is confidential and exclusively for the use of KaiserResearch.com. We do not sell, rent or share any of our member information to third parties, nor do we contract to send anything of a marketing nature on behalf of third parties. From time to time we will independently send notices of events such as upcoming conferences or online services which we believe may be of interest to our members. We will also send emails to inactive members in an effort to get you back as a subscriber. If you are an inactive member and no longer which to get any email notifications from us, respond with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject of the email.

While you may not want to receive emails, you may still want to follow KRO activity. You can do this by signing up for Twitter and following us at @KaiserResearch. We send Tweets about new material posted to KRO which includes both unrestricted and restricted content. We make it clear in the Tweet when a link is for members only.

You should be aware that any online system which identifies you as a unique user generates a log of all your activity while logged on as a member. We charge a fee because we are providing you with a powerful tool to conduct your own research. We regard your research activity as your intellectual property and pledge to our members that we will not handle or review a member's online activity log in any manner except when investigating an activity alert signalling a possible compromised access to your membership. We absolutely respect that your online activity is your exclusive intellectual property.  

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