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How it Works

KRO Research Tools
Search Engine The KRO Search Engine allows one to combine company and project level criteria to search the KRO database. It is intended for Do-It-Yourselfers.
Search How To Brief explanation on how to use the search engine.
Search Catalog A short members only catalog of prefabricated searches.
People Trees Each KRO Company Profile has a people section which lists current insiders based on the most recently processed AGM circular. In that section is a People Tree link that loads a report dedicated to that company which features the insider list at the top, and is followed by insider lists for all the company's with which the main company's insiders are also associated. Each of those companies in turn has a link to its own dedicated People Tree page. This how to report explains how to do the People Tree Hop. ider listsA short members only catalog of prefabricated searches. It is intended for Do-It-Yourselfers who wish to explore the connections between resource sector insiders. The People Trees are updated Friday nights.
Resource Tables This is a gateway to find company resource estimates for gold, silver, PGM, copper, nickel, zinc, lead, molybdenum, uranium and tungsten. This resource is intended for Do-It-Yourselfers.
Economic Studies This report is an index to reports which feature snapshots of economic studies from PEA up published by Canadian companies. This resource is intended for Do-It-Yourselfers. When fully input these economic studies also show up in the project section of a company's KRO Profile.
Outcome Visualizations This report is an index of Outcome Visualizations John Kaiser has done.
KRO Indices KRO has created various indices to track collections such as the annual Favorites Edition, 100,000 oz plus per year gold producers, companies with a regional focus. The idea is to track them as a group and how each member performs relative to the group. This report is an This report is an index of closed and still open indices.

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