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Conference Focus: MIF September 2019

KRO Conference Focus: Metals Investor Forum - Vancouver - September 6-7, 2019
The Metals Investor Forum is a two day conference featuring 20-30 companies invited by independent newsletter writers from their universe of covered companies. The speakers are independent in that their newsletters are funded by individual subscriber fees, not corporate sponsorships. Registration is free but capped at 800 and first opened to the subscribers of the newsletter speakers. The conference provides a free self-serve breakfast and lunch for delegates as well as cocktails at the end of each day. The format consists of sessions kicked off by a 20 minute talk by a newsletter speaker, followed by 10 minute presentations usually by companies invited by the speaker. After the session the speakers move to the "over-flow" room where a question and answer session takes place until the start of the next speaker session. The main speaker later interviews his/her companies in a private 10 minute video session. The 10 minute public speaking slot for the company is intended to give the company an opportunity to outline its story in a manner that hooks the audience's interest. The idea is that audience members will track down the company representative at their "booth" in the exhibitor hall or after the conference if they wish to discuss the company in greater detail. The interview, at least as John Kaiser conducts it, is designed to supplement the main presentation with questions an informed audience member might have wanted to ask. The presentations and interviews are video taped and posted on YouTube. KRO assembles them into a conference focus report so that it is easy to catch those talks missed during the conference and track the companies. Alternatively there is the MIF YouTube Videos site which provides access to all the videos, including those from prior or subsequent conferences. Only publicly listed companies that presented at MIF are featured in this conference center. Joe Mazumdar was also a headline speaker but his presentation is not available because the dog ate his powerpoint and he had to wing it without slides.

Metals Investor Forum - Vancouver - September 6-7, 2019 - Market Activity for March 20, 2023
Company Free Volume Value High Low Close Chg
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd (ASM-T) 49,000 $50,225 $1.050 $1.000 $1.050 $0.040
Brixton Metals Corp (BBB-V) 203,000 $37,048 $0.185 $0.180 $0.180 ($0.005)
Forum Energy Metals Corp (FMC-V) 111,700 $10,891 $0.100 $0.095 $0.095 ($0.005)
Integra Resources Corp (ITR-V) 81,900 $63,473 $0.800 $0.750 $0.750 ($0.010)
Kootenay Silver Inc (KTN-V) 1,720,400 $189,244 $0.120 $0.100 $0.110 $0.015
Kore Mining Ltd (KORE-V) 1,294,600 $42,075 $0.035 $0.030 $0.030 ($0.005)
Libero Copper & Gold Corp (LBC-V) 211,100 $27,971 $0.135 $0.130 $0.135 $0.005
Minera Alamos Inc (MAI-V) 190,500 $73,819 $0.400 $0.375 $0.400 $0.010
Orea Mining Corp (OREA-T) 0 $0 $0.000 $0.000 $0.090 $0.000
Orestone Mining Corp (ORS-V) 0 $0 $0.000 $0.000 $0.030 $0.000
Osino Resources Corp (OSI-V) 287,600 $278,972 $1.000 $0.940 $0.980 $0.000
Phenom Resources Corp (PHNM-V) 26,200 $11,921 $0.460 $0.450 $0.450 ($0.010)
Precipitate Gold Corp (PRG-V) 7,900 $553 $0.070 $0.070 $0.070 ($0.005)
Prime Mining Corp (PRYM-V) 147,000 $332,220 $2.310 $2.210 $2.260 ($0.040)
Rugby Resources Ltd (RUG-V) 160,200 $9,612 $0.060 $0.060 $0.060 ($0.010)
Tinka Resources Ltd (TK-V) 25,000 $3,250 $0.130 $0.130 $0.130 $0.000
Trilogy Metals Inc (TMQ-T) 3,500 $2,520 $0.720 $0.720 $0.720 $0.000
Western Copper and Gold Corp (WRN-T) 56,800 $133,054 $2.405 $2.280 $2.320 ($0.060)
Westhaven Gold Corp (WHN-V) 203,200 $60,960 $0.310 $0.290 $0.300 ($0.005)

Includes all companies presenting at MIF September 2019 which were listed and trading. The index has been backdated to January 2, 2019. Visit KRO MIF September 2019 Index report.

Main Speaker Presentations

John Kaiser

Eric Coffin

Gwen Preston

Jay Taylor

Greg McCoach

Jordan Roy-Byrne

Exhibitor Presentations & Interviews

Avino Silver - David Wolfin

JT interviews David Wolfin

Balmoral - Darin Wagner

JT interviews Darin Wagner

Barrian Mining - Maximilian Sali

GM interviews Maximilian Sali

Brixton Metals - Gary Thompson

JT interviews Gary Thompson

Columbus Gold - Rock Lefrancois

JM interviews Rock Lefrancois

First Vanadium - Paul Cowley

GM interviews Paul Cowley

Forum Energy - Rick Mazur

JK interviews Rick Mazur

Golden Predator - Janet Lee-Sheriff

GM interviews Janet Lee-Sheriff

Great Bear - Chris Taylor

EC interviews Chris Taylor

Integra Resources - Chris Gordon

GP interviews Chris Gordon

Kootenay Silver -

KORE Mining - Scott Trebilcock

GP interviews Scott Trebilcock

Libero Copper - Ian Slater

GP interviews Leo Hathaway

Minera Alamos - Doug Ramshaw

EC interviews Doug Ramshaw

Orestone Mining - David Hottman

JK interviews David Hottman

Osino - Heye Daun

JM interviews Heye Daun

Precipitate Gold - Jeff Wilson

EC interviews Jeff Wilson

Prime Mining - Andrew Bowering

GP interviews Andrew Bowering

Rugby Mining - Yale Simpson

JK interviews Yale Simpson

Tinka - Graham Carman

GP interviews Graham Carman

Trilogy Metals - Patrick Donnelly

JM interviews Patrick Donnelly

Western Copper - Paul West-Sells

GP interviews Paul West-Sells

Westhaven - Gareth Thomas

EC interviews Gareth Thomas

Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd (ASM-T) Web SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Feb 16, 2023News: Adds Significant Mineral Resources to Total 368 Million Silver
Jan 24, 2023News: 2023 Outlook Positioned for Continued Operational Success and Growth
Jan 17, 2023News: Beats Yearly Silver Equivalent Production Estimate with over 2.6 Million ozs in 2022 an Increase of 215% over 2021
Jan 5, 2023News: Vein Extended a Further 315 Metres
Nov 10, 2022News: Q3 2022 Financial Results
Brixton Metals Corp (BBB-V) Web SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Mar 20, 2023News: Drills 9m of 1037 g/t Silver including 4m of 2043 g/t Ag from Hole 283 and Drills 7m of 0.37% Cobalt Including 4m of 0.60% Co from Hole 265 at its Langis Project, Ontario
Jan 24, 2023News: Updates Stakeholders on Taku River Tlingit First Nation Watershed Plan
Jan 20, 2023News: Samples 50% Copper at Val, 32.8% Copper at Metla and 152 g/t Gold at the Trapper Target, Thorn Project
Jan 16, 2023News: Drills 234.0m of 0.57% CuEq within 582.44m of 0.45% CuEq within 779.65m of 0.37% CuEq at its Camp Creek Porphyry Target, Thorn Project
Jan 13, 2023News: Drills 253m of 1.40 g/t Gold Including 93m of 3.22 g/t Gold Including 20m of 10.77 g/t Gold at its Trapper Target on the Thorn Project
Forum Energy Metals Corp (FMC-V) RSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Mar 6, 2023News: Agreement to Acquire Rio Tinto's Interest in Janice Lake Project
Feb 21, 2023News: Forum and Traction Engage Axiom Exploration Group to Conduct Airborne Magnetic, Electromagnetic and Radiometric Survey on the Grease River Project
Feb 7, 2023News: Forum Energy Metals and Traction Uranium Enter into an Option Agreement for the Grease River Property in the Athabasca Basin
Jan 27, 2023News: Investor Opportunity to Meet Forum Energy Metals Management at The VRIC & PDAC Convention
Jan 10, 2023News: Drilling Resumes at Forum's Wollaston Uranium Project
Dec 2, 2021Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:01
Nov 3, 2021Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:01
Sep 9, 2021Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:01
Aug 12, 2021Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:21:52
Apr 23, 2021Tracker: Spec Value Rating for Forum Energy Metals Corp
Apr 23, 2021Tracker: What's Next for Forum Energy Metals Corp?
Apr 22, 2021Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:01
Feb 9, 2021Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:08:07
Dec 17, 2020Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:01
Oct 15, 2020Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:14:23
Aug 12, 2020Tracker: What's Next for Forum Energy Metals Corp?
May 7, 2020Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:01
Feb 27, 2020Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:08:32
Feb 26, 2020Tracker: Rio Tinto settling in for the long haul, Love Lake palladium play starting to make sense
Jan 30, 2020Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:06:58
Nov 13, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:20:27
Nov 12, 2019Tracker: Forum Energy scores a free ride on the broken Katusa-Rule uranium clock
Sep 4, 2019Tracker: Did the Janice Lake bear get lost looking for Love Lake?
May 14, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:18:35
May 10, 2019Tracker: Spec Value Rating for Forum Energy Metals Corp (FMC-V)
Dec 1, 1997Report Sept-Dec 1997: Forum Ventures Ltd - 1997 Annual Review
Dec 23, 1996Report Nov-Dec 1996: Forum Ventures Ltd - 1997 Bottom-Fish 100
Integra Resources Corp (ITR-V) Web SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Mar 16, 2023News: Integra Resources Announces Closing of C$35 Million Financing, Including Strategic Investment From Wheaton Precious Metals
Mar 14, 2023News: Oxide Drill Results: 0.59 g/t Gold Equivalent Over 111 m and 0.67 g/t Gold Equivalent Over 50 m From DeLamar Stockpile Drill Program, 0.54 g/t Gold Equivalent Over 55 m in First Florida
Feb 27, 2023News: Friendly At Market Merger and Concurrent Equity Financings of C$35 Million With Strategic Investment From Wheaton Precious Metals
Jan 10, 2023News: Oxide Drill Results: 0.52 G/T Gold Equivalent Over 102 M and 0.97 G/T Gold Equivalent Over 24 M From Delamar Stockpile Drill Program, 1.38 G/T Gold Equivalent Over 67 M in Metallurgical
Dec 19, 2022News: Publishes Second Annual Sustainability Report
Kootenay Silver Inc (KTN-V) RSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Feb 28, 2023News: Presentation Pre PDAC Mining Showcase
Jan 13, 2023News: Appoints Joseph Giuffre as Director of the Company
Dec 1, 2022News: Appoints New Vice President of Exploration
Nov 10, 2022News: Private Placement Brokered; Private Placement Non Brokered
Nov 8, 2022News: Closing of $5 Million Private Placement
Kore Mining Ltd (KORE-V) RSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Dec 1, 2022News: Rights Offering Shares
Nov 29, 2022News: Closes 124% Oversubscribed Rights Offering
Oct 17, 2022News: Rights Offering Shares
Oct 13, 2022News: Eric Sprott Announces Holdings in KORE Mining Ltd.
Oct 12, 2022News: Rights offering and stand by commitment
Nov 13, 2007Recommendation Status Update: Eureka Resources Inc
May 8, 2007Express 2007-01: Hawthorne Gold puts spotlight on Frasergold play
Nov 29, 2006Tracker 2006-17: Eureka options Frasergold to a new group
Dec 26, 2005Kaiser Ownership Blog: Eureka
Nov 18, 1998Report Sept-Oct 1998: Eureka Resources Inc - 1998 Annual Review
Dec 1, 1997Report Sept-Dec 1997: Eureka Resources Inc - 1997 Annual Review
Dec 1, 1997Report Sept-Dec 1997: Eureka Resources Inc - 1998 Bottom-Fish 100
Oct 25, 1997Tracker 1997-52: Management finally ready to focus on Eureka
Dec 23, 1996Report Nov-Dec 1996: Eureka Resources Inc - 1997 Bottom-Fish 100
Libero Copper & Gold Corp (LBC-V) Web SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Feb 21, 2023News: Private Placement Non Brokered
Feb 15, 2023News: Closes Second Tranche of Financing
Feb 13, 2023News: Increase in Financing of Up to $2 million
Feb 13, 2023News: Closes First Tranche of Financing and Announces Participation of Anglo Asian Mining Plc for Subsequent Tranche
Feb 7, 2023News: $1 Million Private Placement
Minera Alamos Inc (MAI-V) Web SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Feb 23, 2023News: Commencement of Drilling at Santana; Option Grant
Feb 17, 2023News: Results of Annual General Meeting
Jan 31, 2023News: Achieves 2022 Commercial Production Thresholds at Santana
Jan 6, 2023News: Files Technical Report and Preliminary Economic Assessment For the Cerro De Oro Project
Oct 3, 2022News: Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment for The Cerro de Oro
Orea Mining Corp (OREA-T) RSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Mar 1, 2023News: Acquisition of 100% of 5 million Ounce Montagne d'Or Gold Deposit Expected to Close in March
Feb 2, 2023News: Continues to Bolster its Management Team to Focus on 5M oz Montagne d'Or Gold Deposit*
Jan 26, 2023News: Closing of Oversubscribed Non Brokered Private Placement
Jan 9, 2023News: Private Placement
Jan 4, 2023News: Receives Government Approvals and Signs Definitive Agreement to Close Acquisition of 100% of 5 million Ounce Montagne d'Or Gold Deposit
Mar 28, 2016SVH Tracker: Giustra volunteers Columbus Gold as front for cranky Eastmain shareholders
Orestone Mining Corp (ORS-V) Web SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Mar 2, 2023News: Continues to Refine Gold Copper Trend and Porphyry Drill Targets At Captain Property
Oct 18, 2022News: Defines Large Gold Copper Porphyry Target at Captain Property
Sep 12, 2022News: Completes Airborne MT Survey Captain Property
Sep 7, 2022News: Increases Captain Property Size by over 80 Percent
Apr 6, 2022News: Captain Drill Results and Ongoing Exploration
Jan 4, 2021Tracker: Spec Value Rating for Orestone Mining Corp (ORS-V)
Sep 3, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:12:54
Aug 30, 2019Tracker: Spec Value Rating for Orestone Mining Corp (ORS-V)
Jul 15, 2016Zombie Search and Rescue Mission - 0:49:10
Osino Resources Corp (OSI-V) RSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Feb 23, 2023News: Infill and Step Out Assay Results From Drilling at Twin Hills Gold Project, Namibia
Feb 21, 2023News: Provides Update on H1 2023 Exploration Work Program at the Twin Hills Gold Project, Namibia
Feb 3, 2023News: Receives Multiple Project Finance Offers For the Development of the Twin Hills Gold Project, Namibia
Feb 2, 2023News: Progress on Definitive Feasibility Study For Twin Hills Gold Project, Namibia
Jan 27, 2023News: Receives Environmental Clearance Certificate For Its Twin Hills Gold Project, Namibia
Jul 15, 2021Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:27:06
Feb 13, 2020Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:15:40
Feb 10, 2020Tracker: Spec Value Rating for Osino Resources Corp (OSI-V)
Jul 17, 2012Bottom-Fish Comment: Bottom-Fish Strategy for Romulus Resources Ltd
Phenom Resources Corp (PHNM-V) Web SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Feb 22, 2023News: Relevant New Developments in the Vanadium Space
Feb 6, 2023News: Provides Link to Relevant Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Hearing with Department of Energy
Jan 10, 2023News: Proposes a Return to Pure Vanadium Miner with Gold Spin Out
Jan 4, 2023News: Narrows in on the Gold Target on the Carlin Gold Vanadium Project, Nevada
Dec 19, 2022News: Shares for Bonuses
Precipitate Gold Corp (PRG-V) Web SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Feb 14, 2023News: Motherlode Gold Project Drilling; Intersects Targeted Pyrite Gold Zone
Jan 11, 2023News: Barrick Explores for Both High Sulphidation Epithermal Gold and Concealed Copper Gold Porphyry Style Mineralization at Precipitate's Pueblo Grande Project, Dominican Republic
Dec 6, 2022News: Completes 2,700 metre Drill Program at Motherlode Gold Project in Newfoundland, Canada
Oct 17, 2022News: Commences Drilling at Motherlode Gold Project in Newfoundland, Canada
Oct 6, 2022News: Receives Drill Permit for Motherlode Gold Project in Newfoundland, Canada
Prime Mining Corp (PRYM-V) RSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Feb 27, 2023News: Discovery Holes in Several New Gold and Silver Bearing Areas
Feb 16, 2023News: Grant of Incentive Securities
Feb 7, 2023News: 2023 Drill Program and Progress Update
Jan 11, 2023News: Drills Multiple Wide, High Grade Intercepts in Z T Area Including Bonanza Grade Intervals
Jan 6, 2023News: Private Placement Brokered
Sep 6, 2012Special Interest Comment: Argus Metals ejected from the Big Anomaly Club
Jun 15, 2012Special Interest Comment: Argus hopes to turn Kaituma Big Anomaly into another Rossing South uranium deposit
Sep 21, 2010Quick Note: Argus Metals Corp (AML-V)
Sep 3, 2010Bottom-Fish Comment: Argus Hyland drill results imminent as Yukon heats up
Jul 23, 2010Bottom-Fish Comment: Recommendation Strategy for Argus Metals Corp
Rugby Resources Ltd (RUG-V) RSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Mar 20, 2023News: Closes oversubscribed non brokered private placement
Feb 10, 2023News: CAD$1,000,000 Non brokered Private Placement
Feb 9, 2023News: Provides Results for the Initial 300m of the Third Drill Hole at Cobrasco
Feb 2, 2023News: Appointment of Chief Technical Officer and Director Resignation
Jan 17, 2023News: Expands the Cobrasco Copper Molybdenum Discovery in Colombia Reports 172m of 0.78% Copper Equivalent within 754m of 0.50% Copper Equivalent
Dec 4, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:10:03
Dec 4, 2019Tracker: Rugby signals that 2020 could be the year its Colombia initiative gets traction
Sep 24, 2019Tracker: Rugby Motherlode results set stage for deeper drill hole by year end
Sep 4, 2019Tracker: Is next door to next door that Rugby will find another Cerro Vanguardia?
Jun 26, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:27:09
Jun 21, 2019Tracker: Spec Value Rating for Rugby Mining Ltd (RUG-V)
Tinka Resources Ltd (TK-V) Web SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Mar 6, 2023News: Drills 145 Metres at 10.9% Zinc Including 29 Metres at 20% Zinc at Ayawilca
Jan 24, 2023News: Drills 45 metres at 11.5% Zinc and 6.5 metres at 27% Zinc at West Ayawilca
Jan 9, 2023News: Drills Spectacular Hole at Ayawilca: 38.9 M @ 20% Zinc Including 10.4 M @ 42% Zinc
Dec 1, 2022News: Resignation of VP Exploration
Nov 21, 2022News: Drills 45 Metres @ 12% Zinc Including 16 Metres @ 22% Zinc at West Ayawilca
Trilogy Metals Inc (TMQ-T) Web SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Feb 27, 2023News: Multiple Intersections of High Grade Copper, Zinc, Lead, Gold and Silver from 17 Drill Holes Completed in 2022 at the Arctic Project in Alaska
Feb 14, 2023News: Fiscal 2022 Year End Results and Updated Technical Reports the Arctic and Bornite Projects
Feb 14, 2023News: Updated Feasibility Study Results for the Arctic Project
Feb 13, 2023News: To Release Updated Feasibility Study for the Arctic Copper Zinc Lead Silver Gold Project on Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Jan 25, 2023News: Additional Results from the 2022 Drill Program at the Arctic Project in Alaska
Western Copper and Gold Corp (WRN-T) RSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Feb 2, 2023News: Casino Project to Have Significant Impact on Yukon's Economy
Jan 17, 2023News: Provides Metallurgical and Drill Program Results for Casino
Nov 23, 2022News: Extension of Rio Tinto's Rights
Oct 31, 2022News: Provides Update on Casino Assessment Process
Aug 17, 2022News: Former Western Copper and Gold Chairman Dale Corman To be Inducted into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame
Westhaven Gold Corp (WHN-V) RSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Mar 20, 2023News: Provides Final Drill Results From 2022; Drills 15.85 Metres of 0.93 g/t Gold, Including 0.72 Metres of 11.90 g/t Gold at Skoonka Gold Property
Mar 3, 2023News: Halt
Feb 22, 2023News: Outlines Plans for 2023; Drilling to Commence Shortly on the Shovelnose Gold Property
Feb 21, 2023News: Warrant Expiry Delist
Jan 17, 2023News: Drills 6.20 Metres of 73.51 g/t Gold and 92.37 g/t Silver Within 12.00 Metres of 39.42 g/t Gold and 51.81 g/t Silver at the Franz Zone; Shovelnose Gold Property
Dec 11, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:01
Nov 11, 2019Tracker: Westhaven stepping into new target areas at Shovelnose
Oct 16, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:17:39
Sep 13, 2019Tracker: Seeing Westhaven's potential beyond the South Zone at Shovelnose
Sep 10, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:22:40
Sep 3, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:07:28
Aug 30, 2019Tracker: Game on again at Shovelnose beyond the fault that appeared to limit the South Zone
May 31, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:17:53
May 6, 2019Tracker: Westhaven leaves market gasping with end of spring season cliffhanger
Apr 29, 2019Tracker: Is the South Zone 1 vein offset hypothesis at Shovelnose valid?
Apr 25, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Mar 18, 2019Tracker: Westhaven 's Shovelnose play back on track
Jan 24, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:15:34
Jan 21, 2019Tracker: Westhaven releases results for Shovelnose drill program
Jan 9, 2019Tracker: Spec Value Rating for Westhaven Ventures Inc (WHN-V)
Dec 18, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:18:15
Nov 1, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:09:36
Oct 23, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:07:02


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