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 Fri Feb 26, 1999
Excerpt from KBFR Jan-Feb 1999
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 1999 John A Kaiser

 Excerpt from KBFR Jan-Feb 1999

Amarc Resources Inc (AHR-V): Kaiser $50,000 Bottom-Fish Portfolio

When you don't know what sector will turn hot, and you are unwilling to take a stab at your best guess, the prudent strategy is to buy an early life cycle cash-rich shell whose structure is controlled by an insider group with a track record of taking on projects that lend themselves well to huge speculation cycles. Bob Hunter and Bob Dickinson may be pre-occupied with their other deals, but they did not cobble Amarc together to gather dust on the shelf forever. This group does not push the button to launch a speculation cycle unless it has its hands on a well-scripted story. None of this open-ended text nonsense for the Bob & Bob team. I stuffed three of their shells onto the 1999 Bottom-Fish 100 list, but Amarc is in my view the best one of the bunch. It may not be the first one to get pressed into service, for it is being reserved for the perfect deal. I had to reach slightly beyond the bottom-fish buy limit of $0.75 to get my position, but this does not worry me. Unlike mid or late life cycle bottom-fish which become long in tooth over time if no speculation cycle materializes, untouched early life cycle bottom-fish just get better with age like a fine wine. I regard Amarc as insurance against missing a bull market because even if Bob & Bob are slow to push the button, the rocket launch that will occur when they finally do will more than compensate for the delay. Every bottom-fish portfolio should have at least one Hunter-Dickinson shell in it. It is not often in the market cycle that they can be had so cheaply as today. (Key Sectors: Shell and Cash Rich)

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