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Kaiser Watch May 12, 2022: Story Paths to Success for MIF 2022

Posted: May 12, 2022JK: Kaiser Watch May 12, 2022 with Jim Goddard and John Kaiser
Published: May 12, 2022KRO: Kaiser Watch May 12, 2022: Story Paths to Success for MIF May 2022
Kaiser Watch is a weekly 15-30 minute audio show produced by KaiserResearch.com with Jim Goddard and John Kaiser discussing the junior resource sector. The show has three parts: the first is a general topic, the second discusses developments involving the KRO Favorites which as of January 1, 2022 are no longer exclusive to KRO members, and the third is a peek inside the members only KRO Bottom-Fish Workshop. KRO is transitioning into a Do-It-Yourself research platform that covers all Canadian and Australian resource listings and which also features a Bottom-Fish Workshop where John Kaiser highlights juniors with solvable "missing pieces". Companies that graduate from the Workshop may become part of the Annual Favorites collection whose profiles and related commentary are unrestricted for non-members. Visit the KRO Favorites Dashboard for quick access to all the unrestricted Favorites related content. KRO is not sponsored or compensated directly or indirectly by public companies. The business model is based solely on membership fees in the form of a USD $450 Annual Individual Membership that at some point will increase substantially to reflect KRO's shift to a research platform. However, when the change happens active members will be grandfathered to renew indefinitely at the current rate provided they maintain a continuous paid membership. Kaiser Watch is available at Kaiser Research YouTube and as a Podcast downloadable from KaiserResearch.com. Each episode will be made available through the publication of a Kaiser Media Watch blog report which will provide links to specific questions and include supplementary graphics. All episodes will be archived at Kaiser Watch.

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Kaiser Watch May 12, 2022: Story Paths to Success for MIF May 2022
Jim (0:00:00): What will be the topic of your presentation at the upcoming Metals Investor Forum?

Will a Post-Globalization World look like this?

Template for Understanding a Comapany's Story Path to Success

Metals Investor Forum Program for John Kaiser's Session on Sunday May 15, 2022
Jim (0:08:30): What is the story path and success strategy for Adamera Minerals?
Adamera Minerals Corp (ADZ-V)

Bottom-Fish Spec Value
Buckhorn 2.0 United States - Washington 2-Target Drilling Au

Story Path and Success Strategies for Adamera's Buckhorn 2.0

Shifting the Focus from the Republican Graben to the Underexplored Torodo Graben

Adamera's Buckhorn 2.0 Story Path & Rethink Strategy for Success

What would Buckhorn be worth if found today and what could it do for Adamera's stock price?
Jim (0:16:36): is the story path and success strategy for P2 Gold?
P2 Gold Inc (PGLD-V)

Fair Spec Value
Gabbs United States - Nevada 4-Infill & Metallurgy Au Cu

P2 Gold's Gabbs Story Path

Location Maps for Gabbs Project and known copper-gold zones

What Friedland bought as an optionality play and the world class discovery he made at depth.

Can P2 Gold pull off a Friedland at Gabbs?

What might Gabbs as it is be worth before Ore Schedule Optimization?

P2 Gold's BAM Story Path

Location of BAM in Golden Triangle and Timeline

Conceptual Model for BAM Target
Jim (0:26:52): What is the story path and success strategy for Searchlight Resources?
Searchlight Resources Inc (SCLT-V)

Bottom-Fish Spec Value
Kulyk Lake Canada - Saskatchewan 2-Target Drilling U REM

Searchlight's Kulyk Lake Story Path

Has the Wollaston Domain's potential been properly assessed?

Kulyk Lake's Thorium and Uranium Radiometric Anomalies

Searchlight's Bootleg Lake Story Path

Consolidating a minor gold district in the shadow of a world class copper district
Jim (0:36:24): What is the story path and success strategy for Vanstar Mining?
Vanstar Mining Resources Inc (VSR-V)

Bottom-Fish Spec Value
Nelligan Canada - Quebec 4-Infill & Metallurgy Au

Vanstar's Nelligan Story Path

A grassroots discovery whose limits remain to be found ahead of feasibility demonstration

What might Nelligan be worth as an open pit mine and what would it mean for Vanstar's stock price?

Vanstar's Bousquet-Onydo Story Path

A splay off the Cadillac-Larder Lake Fault Zone

Drill deeper to see if the zone blossoms
Jim (0:43:54): What is the story path and success strategy for Zephyr Minerals?
Zephyr Minerals Ltd (ZFR-V)

Bottom-Fish Spec Value
Nyanga North Zimbabwe - Other 2-Target Drilling Au

Zephyr's Zimbabwe Story Path

Zimbabwe's History of Gold Production mainly from small scale mining

Zimbabwe missed the 1990s third world frontier exploration boom, but better late than never!
Disclosure: JK owns Adamera; P2 Gold is a Fair Spec Value rated Favorite; Adamera, Searchlight, Vanstar and Zephyr are Bottom-Fish Spec Value rated.

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