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 Corporate Profile: Galway Metals Inc
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Galway Metals Inc (GWM-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
April 12, 202468,400$0.43$0.42$0.42$0.00Trading
KRO Profile - Members Onlygalwaymetalsinc.comTreeExchQuote
Working Capital
Key People: Robert Hinchcliffe (CEO), Robert D. B. Suttie (CFO),
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
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Clarence StreamCanadaNew BrunswickNot Applicable100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $33Gold AntimonyIntrusion Related Gold System
EstradesCanadaQuebecNot Applicable100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $33Zinc Copper Gold SilverVMS
Company Project Gateway
Clarence Stream Project
Project in Company Web Site Canada - New Brunswick 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy Gold AntimonyIntrusion Related Gold System
Estrades Project
Project in Company Web Site Canada - Quebec 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy Zinc Copper Gold SilverVMS
Company Related KRO Comments
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Feb 25, 2020Tracker: Galway delivers new evidence that grades get better at depth for Clarence Stream
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Feb 17, 2020Tracker: Spec Value Rating for Galway Metals Inc (GWM-V)

Company News Releases - Members Only
Apr 5, 2024Non Brokered Private Placement and Granting of Options to Employees
Mar 26, 2024Commences Additional Metallurgical Testing at Clarence Stream High grade Gold Project
Mar 13, 2024Drilling Expands Southwest Deposit at Depth with 114.1 g/t Gold over 2.0m Including 447.0 g/t Gold over 0.5m
Feb 15, 2024Appoints New Board Director
Jan 22, 2024New Project Manager at Clarence Stream and New Head of Exploration
Dec 14, 2023Company Reports on Continued CEO Share Purchases and Granting of Options to Employees
Oct 3, 2023Extends SW Deposit East by 191 Metres Outside of Resource with 19.1 g/t Gold over 1.05 Metres and with 0.5 g/t Gold over 17.0 Metres
Aug 15, 2023Looks for Next Discovery at Clarence Corporate Update
Aug 1, 2023Intersects 8.0 g/t Au over 9.5m in Triangle Area; Triangle Expands in Multiple Directions at Clarence Stream
Jul 20, 2023Intersects 8.4g/t Au over 5.7m, and 1.7 g/t Au over 13.6m Plus 19.0 Au over 3.0m at the South Deposit at Clarence Stream; Drilling at SW Deposit
Jul 19, 2023Shares for Debt
Jul 17, 2023Option Payment for Royalty Buy Back at Its Clarence Stream Property
May 8, 2023Private Placement Brokered
Apr 27, 2023Closing of $4 Million Brokered Private Placement
Apr 18, 2023Personnel and Company Update
Apr 6, 2023$4 Million Best Efforts Private Placement Financing
Mar 2, 2023Adoption of Equity Incentive Plan
Feb 28, 2023Expands Clarence Stream's North Zone; New Drill Results Include 4.3 g/t Au over 9.0m, 6.1 g/t Au over 5.0m and 2.2 g/t Au over 6.0m
Jan 25, 2023Share Consolidation
Jan 25, 2023Consolidation
Dec 7, 2022Suspends Drilling; Outlines Future High Priority Targets
Sep 12, 2022To Demonstrate Expansion Potential in Multiple Areas Directly North of the New Clarence Stream Resource
Jul 21, 2022Shares for Debt
Jul 20, 2022Option Payment For Royalty Buy Back At Its Clarence Stream Property
Jun 8, 2022Update to Insider Purchases
Jun 6, 2022Private Placement Brokered
May 26, 2022Closing Of $10.5 Million Bought Deal Private Placement
May 6, 2022Upsizing Of Previously Announced Bought Deal Private Placement To $10m
May 5, 2022$8 Million Bought Deal Private Placement Financing
Apr 25, 2022Clarence Stream Resource Update Indicated: 922,000 oz at 2.31 g/t Au, up 136% Inferred: 1,334,000 oz at 2.60 g/t Au, up 382%
Mar 30, 2022Richard Drilling Intersects 3.7 g/t Au Over 35.0m Plus 3.4 g/t Au over 21.0m in One Hole, and 4.4 g/t Au Over 21.0m in Another, and Extends Richard 340m North
Mar 2, 2022Connects GMZ to Adrian and Richard Zones with 4.0 g/t Au over 41.2m Plus 7.3 g/t Au over 13.5m, and 1.4 g/t Au over 34.5m; GMZ Expands with 4.4 g/t Au over 21.35m; Adrian Extends by 50m with 0.6 g/t Au
Feb 9, 2022Extensive 2022 Programs Being Undertaken at the Former Producing High Grade Estrades Project in the Abitibi of Western Quebec
Dec 7, 2021Adrian and GMZ Gaps Return 5.8 g/t Au over 55.5m, and 8.1 g/t Au Over 17.5m
Nov 18, 2021Gap Drilling Intersects 1.3 g/t Au over 41.15m and 18.8 g/t Au over 6.0m, Closing Gap Between GMZ and Richard Zones
Oct 27, 2021Drills Oak Bay for the First Time First Hole Returns 6.0 g/t Au over 3.3m with Follow Up Holes Extending this New Zone 110 Metres at Clarence Stream
Sep 7, 2021Adrian and GMZ Gaps Return 38.6 g/t Au Over 7.5m, and 10.2 g/t Au over 6.0m
Sep 2, 2021Intersects 24.0m Massive Sulphides in Deepest Intersection Ever; 24.0 g/t AuEq Over 2.95m plus 16.1 g/t AuEq Over 3.0m; Cu Stringer Zones to 9.0m and up to 5.2% Cu Over 0.5m at 300m below Resource
Aug 26, 2021Appointment of New Director, Update to Insider Purchases and Listing on The OTCQB Exchange
Jul 26, 2021New Discovery Expands with 4.1 g/t Au Over 10.25m; 5.7 g/t Au Over 25.0m from Adrian Zone; GMZ East Gap Returns 1.7 g/t Au Over 10.0m
Jun 9, 2021Intersects 15.3 g/t Au over 18.5m, 2.0 g/t Au over 54.0m & 22.7 g/t Au over 3.5m at Clarence Stream
Apr 19, 2021Intersects 10.7 g/t Au, 22.8% Zn, 423 g/t Ag, 2.8% Cu, and 2.6% Pb Over 2.7 Metres at Its Estrades Project in Quebec
Apr 5, 2021Private Placement Brokered
Mar 30, 202178.4 g/t Au over 3.0m, 9.0 g/t Au over 7.4m, 3.0 g/t Au over 30.5m and a New Vein Discovery of 70.3 g/t Au over 1.5m at Clarence Stream
Mar 25, 2021Closing of $15 Million Bought Deal Private Placement Financing
Feb 24, 2021Upsizing of Previously Announced Bought Deal Private Placement Financing
Feb 23, 2021$12 Million Bought Deal Private Placement Financing
Feb 16, 2021Intersects 4.8 g/t Au Over 34.0m, 23.0 g/t Au Over 7.4m, & 4.9 g/t Au Over 20.35m, at Clarence Stream
Feb 10, 2021Commences 2021 Drilling of the Estrades Mining District
Jan 25, 2021Discovers 3 New Veins in Gap: 19.5 g/t Au over 4.0m, 75.9 g/t Au over 1.1m and 10.0 g/t Au over 3.0m, plus Intersects Known Veins with 3.5 g/t Au over 40.0m and 9.5 g/t Au over 6.5m
Jan 6, 2021Makes Another New Discovery 4.8 g/t Au Over 3.1m, 900m NW of the New Adrian Zone, Plus Mineralization Returned 400m East of GMZ at Clarence Stream
Jan 4, 2021Share Purchases by Robert Hinchcliffe
Dec 14, 2020Adrian Zone Follow Up: 33.7 g/t Au over 4.7 Metres and 1.5 g/t Au over 34.3 Metres at Clarence Stream
Nov 19, 2020Intersects 5.3 g/t Au over 25.5m and 5.1 g/t Au over 10.2m East & West of Richard
Nov 16, 2020Awards Incentive Stock Options
Oct 26, 2020Clarence Stream Project Assay Results
Sep 30, 2020Intersects 2.1 g/t Au Over 38.75m, Plus a New Vein in Western Extension of the GMZ at Clarence Stream
Sep 9, 2020Expands Richard Zone Another 100m with 4.1 g/t Au over 16.0m and Gets Deepest Intersection with 10.0 g/t Au over 4.5m
Sep 8, 2020Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Aug 25, 2020Options Key Claims with 5.2 g/t Au over 2.5m at Clarence Stream
Aug 18, 2020Intersects 13.4 g/t Au over 12.95 metres in New Discovery Hole at Clarence Stream
Jul 31, 2020Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jul 29, 2020Intersects New Wide Vein with Significant Visible Gold 320 Metres NE of GMZ's New Veining at Clarence Stream
Jul 28, 2020Private Placement Brokered
Jul 28, 2020Second Royalty Buy Back at its Clarence Stream Property
Jul 23, 2020Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jul 21, 2020Royalty Buy Back at its Clarence Stream Property
Jul 15, 2020Intersects 54.7 g/t Au Over 2.5m, 1.4 g/t Au Over 46.0m, and 4.7 g/t Au over 8.2m Deepest Intersect at West End of the Richard Zone at Clarence Stream
Jun 25, 2020Closing of $17.35 Million Best Efforts Offering Financing
Jun 24, 2020Intersects 186.5 g/t Au Over 0.6m in New Discovery, 950m West of the Jubilee Zone; Increasing Drills from 3 to 5
Jun 3, 2020Upsizing Of Previously Announced Best Efforts Private Placement
Jun 3, 2020$12.25 Million Best Efforts Private Placement Financing
Jun 1, 2020Intersects 6.2 g/t Au Over 38.5m, and 1.4 g/t Au Over 85.0m, 45m Apart, at West End of the Richard Zone at Clarence Stream
May 21, 2020Awards Incentive Stock Options
May 11, 2020Intersects 4.6 g/t Au over 13.0m and 5.9 g/t Au over 12.0m in the Richard Zone; Step Out Holes 78 & 93 are Now 8.5 g/t Au over 12.5m and 2.4 g/t Au over 30.0m
Apr 29, 2020Intersects 6.5 g/t Au over 14.05 metres, Extending the GMZ at Clarence Stream
Apr 16, 2020Corporate Update: Estrades Met Holes Return 19.6% Zn and 5.2 g/t Au over 5.65m (1.3m TW) and 2.0% Cu and 10.3% Zn over 4.7m (1.9m TW)
Feb 25, 2020Intersects 10.6 g/t Au Over 47.0m (25.6mTW) South of the Richard Zone; 4.5 g/t Au over 10.8m (5.6mTW) Narrows Gap Between Richard and Jubilee at Clarence Stream
Feb 13, 2020Intersects 6.3 g/t Au Over 30.0 Metres, Hits VG in a 230m Stepout, and Discovers a New Zone with VG, all at the GMZ at Clarence Stream
Feb 6, 2020Three Additions to its Technical Advisory Board
Feb 3, 2020Share Purchases by Robert Hinchcliffe
Jan 28, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered
Jan 9, 2020Intersects 20.9 g/t Au Over 4.75m Plus 2.7 g/t Au Over 14.1m in Gap Between Richard and Jubilee at Clarence Stream
Dec 11, 2019$2,000,000 Non Brokered Private Placement
Sep 5, 2019Adds 3rd Drill Rig: Intersects 1.9 g/t Au Over 43.3m at West End of Jubilee; Richard Zone Returns 3.5 g/t Au Over 5.3m, 2.1 g/t Au Over 12.8m, and 1.5 g/t Au Over 16.0m
May 10, 2019Increase in Size of Non Brokered Private Placement and Closes First Tranche
Apr 18, 2019Intersects 2.8 g/t Au Over 21.0 Metres and Extends JubileeaC(TM)s Strike LengthaC"2nd Drill Rig Mobilized to Clarence Stream
Apr 12, 2019Non Brokered Private Placement
Feb 28, 2019Intersects 13.0 g/t Au Over 8.7 Metres, Including 201.0 g/t Au Over 0.5 Metres in the GMZ at Clarence Stream
Feb 26, 20192nd Hole in New Gold Discovery Runs 5.4 g/t Au Over 11.0 Metres
Feb 13, 2019CORRECTION: Intersects 7.3 g/t Au Over 36.7 Metres, Including 38.1 g/t Au over 6.5 m, at its New Gold Discovery at Clarence Stream
Jan 23, 2019New Gold Discovery at Clarence Stream and Strong GMZ Drill Results
Dec 27, 2018Closing of $3.37 Million Non Brokered Private Placement; Four Insiders Participate
Nov 5, 2018Drills 1.2% Copper Over 7.1m at Newiska, Quebec; New TITAN Targets and Awards Incentive Stock Options
Oct 11, 2018Appoints Debbie G. Laney, P.Eng, as a Metallurgical Advisor
Sep 20, 2018Resource Increases at Its Estrades Polymetallic VMS Project in Quebec
Aug 9, 2018Intersects Wide, Near Surface Mineralization At Its New GMZ Discovery At Clarence Stream In New Brunswick
Jul 26, 2018Intersects Wide, High Grade, VMS Mineralization in Gap Area At its Estrades Project in Quebec
Jun 28, 2018Outlines Significant New Titan Geophysical Targets and Drills 4.2% Copper Over 0.7m at Newiska at its Estrades Project, Quebec
Jun 14, 2018Private Placement Non Brokered
Jun 13, 2018Awards Incentive Stock Options
May 14, 2018Non Brokered Private Placement
May 2, 2018Intersects 807 g/t Au Over 1.25m From New GMZ Discovery
Apr 23, 2018Rob White Has Joined Its Board Of Directors
Apr 19, 2018Strong VG in Middle of New Discovery for Galway Metals; Drilling Returns 13.8 g/t Au over 1.4m, 12.5 Au over 1.0m, and 1.3 Au over 10.3m
Apr 11, 2018Intersects High Grades in Three Areas Outside the Estrades Resource; Geophysics Defines Deep Target
Feb 20, 2018New Discovery Gets Bigger: 0.7 g/t Au over 48.8m, Located Above 2.2 g/t Au over 11.9m and 300m East of 2.1 g/t Au over 7.6m
Feb 5, 2018Purchases Additional Claims At Its Estrades Gold, Zinc, Copper And Silver Vms Property In Quebec, Canada
Dec 21, 2017$501,000 Non Brokered Private Placement For A Total Of $5.1 Million In Proceeds And Director Resignation
Dec 18, 2017New Discovery: 2.2 G/t Au Over 11.9m
Dec 4, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Nov 27, 2017$510,510 Non brokered Private Placement For Total Of $4.6 Million In Proceeds
Nov 21, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Nov 14, 2017Completes $4 Million Over Subscribed Non Brokered Private Placement
Oct 12, 2017Intersects 14.5 g/t Au over 3.1m and 0.9 g/t Au over 35.2m in a Satellite Zone 5 Km West of Clarence Stream; Additional Strong Gold Anomalies Delineated
Oct 10, 2017Intersects 11.8 g/t Au over 12.8m and 6.1 g/t Au over 15.1m at Clarence Stream
Sep 26, 2017A 54% Increase in Gold Resources at Clarence Stream
Aug 2, 2017Intersects 28.5% Zn over 3.3m; 18.6% Zn Over 2.7m; 22.4 g/t Au And 10.4% Zn Over 1.6m; and Deep Hole of 4.2% Zn over 17.7m
Jul 18, 2017Step Out Drilling Intersects 14.6 g/t Au over 10.2m and 7.3 g/t Au over 4.6m Near Surface at Clarence Stream North Zone
Jun 19, 2017Shareholder Action And Intent To Defend
Jun 14, 2017Intersects 4.7% Cu, 4.0% Zn, And 2.8 G/t Au Over 2.7 Metres At Estrades; Deep Drill Hole Commences
May 31, 2017Undertakes Clarence Stream Maiden Pit Constrained Resource To Unlock Potential Of Near Surface, High Grade Gold Mineralization
May 8, 2017Intersects High Grade Au, Ag, Cu And Zn At The Estrades VMS
Apr 25, 2017Appoints Duncan Middlemiss, P.eng, As An Advisor And Awards Incentive Stock Options
Mar 28, 2017Intersects 56.2 G/t Au Over 0.6m Located 240m From The North Zone Resource And 4.9 G/t Au Over 5.4m In The South Zone At Clarence Stream
Feb 28, 2017First Hole Intersects 72.5 G/t Au Over 1.6m At Estrades
Feb 1, 2017Intersects 10.0 G/t Au Over 31.0m And 10.1 G/t Au Over 13.0m At Clarence Stream
Jan 12, 2017Intersects 4.6 G/t Au Over 30.0m And 5.5 G/t Au Over 5.5m At Clarence Stream
Dec 20, 2016Delineates Strong Gold Anomalies On Strike With Clarence Stream; Stakes Additional Claims And Purchases Lower Tower Hill Property
Nov 8, 2016Disposition Of Common Shares Of Galway Metals Inc.
Oct 3, 2016Files Estrades Ni 43 101 Resource Update
Sep 21, 2016Awards Incentive Stock Options
Aug 24, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Aug 18, 2016Consolidates The Estrades Mining District, Provides An Updated Ni 43 101 Estrades Resource Estimate And Consolidates 31 Km Of Strike Along The Adjacent Casa Berardi Break
Aug 10, 2016Jimmy Lee Has Withdrawn His Nomination For Election As A Director At The Annual And Special Meeting Of Shareholders
Aug 3, 2016Consolidates Highly Prospective Clarence Stream Gold District In New Brunswick, Canada
May 3, 2016Terminates Victorio Agreement
Apr 1, 2016Sale of Equity Interest in Galway Metals
Mar 31, 2016Correction: Acquisition Of Common Shares Of Galway Metals Inc.
Mar 30, 2016Jimmy Lee Acquisition Of Common Shares Of Galway Metals Inc.
Jul 27, 2015Results Of Annual And Special Meeting
Jul 21, 2015Adjourns Shareholder Meeting
Jun 26, 2015Annual And Special Shareholders Meeting And Notice To Shareholders
Jun 19, 2015Sets Meeting Date For Annual And Special Shareholders' Meeting
Jun 17, 2015Amendments To Its By laws To Include Enhanced Qualification Criteria For Nominee Directors
Jun 8, 2015Cancellation Of Shareholder Meeting Scheduled For June 10, 2015
May 20, 2015Corporate Update
May 14, 2015Files Amended Circular And Proxy
Nov 6, 2014Larry Strauss And Mike Sutton Have Joined Its Board Of Directors
Nov 4, 2014Jaguar Announces Equity Interest in Galway Metals
Sep 4, 2014Jaguar Announces Equity Interest in Galway Metals
Aug 21, 2014Dismissal Of Application To Bcsc For Review Of Tsxv Approval Of Financing
Jul 17, 2014BCSC Hearing Notice Adjournment for Jaguar Financial Corporation, Tsx Venture Exchange Inc. and Galway Metals Inc.
May 26, 2014Impairment Charge
May 20, 2014Receives Notice of Request for BCSC Hearing
May 14, 2014Engages Technical Advisors
Apr 29, 2014Re negotiates Victorio Agreement
Apr 23, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 16, 2014Completes $660,000 Private Placement
Apr 3, 2014Jaguar Announces Ownership of Shares in Galway Metals
Mar 31, 2014Private Placement
Jan 31, 2014Adopts advance notice by law
Dec 4, 2013Awards incentive stock options
Sep 13, 2013Consolidation
Sep 10, 2013Results of Special Meeting


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