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 Corporate Profile: Aurion Resources Ltd
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Aurion Resources Ltd (AU-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
March 23, 20233,800$0.60$0.59$0.60$0.00Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Matti Talikka (CEO), David Lotan (Chair), Mark Serdan (CFO),
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
RistiFinlandOtherNot Applicable100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $76GoldShear / Vein
KutuvuomaFinlandOtherNot Applicable30% WI3-Discovery Delineation $255GoldOrogenic Vein
LauniFinlandOtherNot Applicable100% WI2-Target Drilling $76GoldOrogenic Vein
SilaskairaFinlandOtherNot Applicable30% TC1-Grassroots $255GoldOrogenic Vein
Company Project Gateway
Risti Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Finland - Other 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation GoldShear / Vein
Kutuvuoma Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Finland - Other 30% WI3-Discovery Delineation GoldOrogenic Vein
Launi Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Finland - Other 100% WI2-Target Drilling GoldOrogenic Vein
Silaskaira Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Finland - Other 30% TC1-Grassroots GoldOrogenic Vein
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Company News Releases - Members Only
Mar 22, 2023Brokered Private Placement for up to C$5.0 Million
Feb 22, 2023Stock Option Grants
Feb 21, 2023Extends Mineralization to 2.41 g/t Au over 56.55 m at Kaaresselk in Emerging Gold System, Critical Minerals Identified
Feb 6, 2023Aurion B2Gold JV Discovers New Gold Copper Mineralization Along Helmi Kutuvuoma Trend
Jan 17, 2023Intersects Significant Gold Mineralization at Wholly Owned Risti Property; Multiple Zones, Including 17.12 g/t Gold Over 5.90 m
Dec 15, 2022Aurion Provides an Update on its Investment in Strategic Resources
Nov 28, 2022Provides an Update on Exploration Activities at Risti
Nov 7, 2022Aurion B2Gold JV Intersects Gold Mineralization Along Helmi Kutuvuoma Trend
Oct 7, 2022Closing of Royalty Repurchase
Sep 23, 2022Lotan Holdings Inc. Acquires 100,000 Common Shares
Sep 12, 2022Aurion B2Gold JV Intersects Wide Gold Mineralized Zone at Helmi, Extends Mineralization at Depth
Aug 23, 2022Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Aug 11, 2022Update on Regional Exploration Activities and Commencement of Drilling at Risti
Aug 8, 2022Repurchase of Royalties on Kaaresselk and Kiekermaa
Jul 28, 2022Aurion B2Gold JV Intersects Further Gold Mineralization at Helmi and Identifies New Zones of Gold Mineralization to the Northwest
Jun 13, 2022Aurion B2Gold JV Extends Gold Mineralization at Helmi and Intersects New Zone of Gold Mineralization to the Northwest
Jun 8, 2022Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
May 19, 2022Expands Land Package in Central Lapland
May 4, 2022JV Intersects 2.05 g/t Au over 77.50 m at Helmi
Feb 23, 2022JV Intersects Additional Gold Mineralization at Helmi
Feb 17, 2022Provides an Update on Aamurusko Drilling Program and Exploration Plans
Jan 25, 2022Stock Option Grants
Jan 19, 2022Aurion B2Gold JV Extend Gold Mineralization at Helmi
Jan 17, 2022Expands Gold Mineralized Envelopes at Aamurusko, Further Results from Helmi Discovery (B2Gold JV) imminent
Dec 9, 2021Private Placement Brokered, Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 9, 2021Joint Venture Extends Strike Length of Kutuvuoma Ikkari (Helmi) Discovery to 1.3 km
Nov 25, 2021Completes Brokered Offering and Non Brokered Participation by Kinross for Aggregate Proceeds of C$16.7 Million
Nov 23, 2021Property Asset or Share Purchase Amending Agreement
Nov 19, 2021Kinross Gold Agrees to Purchase Additional Shares to Maintain 9.98% Ownership Position
Nov 8, 2021Aurion Signs Definitive Option Agreement with Kinross on the Silaskaira Property
Nov 5, 2021Upsize of Brokered Private Placement to up to C$13.5 Million
Nov 4, 2021Brokered Private Placement for up to C$10.0 Million
Oct 28, 2021Aurion Signs Definitive Option Agreement with B2Gold on Kuortis Property
Oct 25, 2021JV Partner, B2Gold, Drills New Discovery in First holes Along Kutuvuoma Ikkari Corridor
Oct 18, 2021JV Partner, B2Gold, Provides Notice to Exercise Option on Projects in Northern Finland
Sep 7, 2021Identifies Multiple Gold in Till Anomalies at Risti and Launi Properties
Sep 2, 2021Provides an Exploration Update on its Joint Venture with B2Gold
Aug 30, 2021Resumes Drilling on its Projects in Finland
Aug 19, 2021Lotan Holdings acquired 32,800 common shares of Aurion Resources
Jul 29, 2021Identifies New Zones and Extends Gold Mineralization at Aamurusko
Jun 15, 2021Receives Shares of Strategic Resources, increasing ownership to 16%
Apr 19, 2021Commences Drilling and Base of Till Sampling Program
Mar 31, 2021Strengthens Board of Directors
Mar 30, 2021Change of Management
Mar 9, 2021Stock Option Grants
Mar 1, 2021Private Placement Brokered, Private Placement ' Non Brokered
Feb 23, 2021Completes Brokered Offering and Non Brokered Participation by Kinross for Aggregate Proceeds of C$11.4 Million
Feb 9, 2021Kinross Gold Corporation Agrees to Purchase Additional Shares to Maintain 9.98% Ownership Position
Feb 1, 2021Upsizes Marketed Private Placement to $9 Million
Jan 29, 2021$5 Million Private Placement
Jan 13, 2021Aurion B2Gold Joint Venture Exploration Update
Jan 8, 2021Chairman Letter to Shareholders
Dec 3, 2020Confirms Hinge Zone Discovery at Launi East Property
Oct 6, 2020Exploration Update: Kaaresselka Drill Program Completed and Early Encouragement from Scout Drilling at Risti
Sep 2, 2020Commences Drilling on Risti
Aug 26, 2020Aurion JV Partner B2Gold Intersects High Grade Gold in Drilling at Kutuvuoma
Jul 29, 2020Appoints Matti Talikka as Chief Executive Officer
Jul 27, 2020Drilling Intersects High Grade Gold at Launi East
Jul 20, 2020Results of Recent Work on Regional Targets Highlighting the Risti Area's District Scale Gold Potential
Jul 14, 2020Concludes scout drilling program at Launi and prepares to resume exploration at Aamurusko
Jul 2, 2020Trading on the OTCQX Market
Jun 17, 2020Revises Terms of Silasselka Earn in
Apr 22, 2020Financial Statement Filing Exemption
Apr 22, 2020Aamurusko Northwest Drilling Extends Gold Mineralization to 300 m Depth; Step Out Drilling Intersects Multiple Potential New Gold Zones
Mar 30, 2020Update and COVID 19 Response
Feb 20, 2020Results from Initial Drilling on Christmas Deformation Zone at Launi
Jan 14, 2020Exhibiting at Core Shack Booth 1024, AME Roundup, Jan 20 21
Dec 9, 2019Drills High Grade, Near Surface Intercepts Extending Mineralization Up Dip at Aamurusko Main, Including 22.63 g/t Au over 3.53 m
Dec 3, 2019Appointment of Kerry E. Sparkes to the Board of Directors
Nov 27, 2019Identifies 3 to 9 m Wide Zone over 450 m at Launi East with Channel Samples Returning 27.01 g/t Au over 1.77 m and 14.76 g/t Au over 2.95 m. Drill Program Commences
Nov 11, 2019Drills Multiple, High Grade, Near Surface Intercepts at Aamurusko Northwest, Including 23.41 g/t Au over 11.10 m
Sep 6, 2019Stock Option Grants
Sep 5, 2019Intersects 10.6 g/t Au over 3.4 m at Aamurusko Northwest Second Drill Rig Added
Aug 22, 2019Discovers Extensive New Gold Mineralization at its Launi East Project in Northern Finland
Aug 21, 2019B2Gold Option Exercise on Kutuvuoma and Ahvenjarvi
Jul 31, 2019Completes Offering Led by C$5 Million from Eric Sprott and Concurrent Non Brokered Participation by Kinross Gold Corporation for aggregate of C$11,105,499
Jul 16, 2019Kinross Gold Agrees to Purchase Additional Shares to Maintain 9.98% Ownership Position
Jul 10, 2019Upsized Overnight Marketed Private Placement Of C$10 Million Of Common Shares Led By A C$5 Million Investment From Eric Sprott
Jun 26, 2019Aurion Intersects 13.3 g/t Au over 19.5 m in new zone at Aamurusko Northwest
Jun 4, 2019Recommences Drilling at Aamurusko
Apr 24, 2019Aurion Options Silasselka Vanadium Project to Strategic Resources Inc.
Apr 10, 2019Completes Brokered Financing and Concurrent Non Brokered Pro Rata Participation by Kinross Gold Corporation for C$6,474,615
Apr 1, 2019Additional Investment by Kinross Gold Corporation to Maintain 9.98% Ownership Position
Mar 18, 2019C$5 Million Bought Deal Private Placement of Common Shares
Mar 13, 2019Extends Strike of Near Surface Mineralized Shoot to 100 m at Aamurusko and Intersects Near Surface Gold Mineralization in Conglomerate at Notches Prospect
Feb 12, 2019Prospecting Program Yields New Discovery At Its Launi East Project In Northern Finland
Feb 5, 2019Intersects 42.3 g/t Au over 4.0 m and 24.5 g/t Au over 4.7 m Near Surface at Aamurusko
Jan 14, 2019Drilling At Aamurusko
Dec 17, 2018Discovers New Style of Gold Mineralization at Risti Project
Dec 11, 2018Identifies Possible High Grade Mineralized Shoot at Aamurusko
Oct 22, 2018Update on 2018 Exploration Campaign
Oct 2, 2018Makes New High Grade Surface Discovery at Risti
Sep 19, 2018Drills 789 G/t Au Over 2.90 M At Aamurusko
Aug 17, 2018Provides Update on 2018 Drill Program and Reports High Grade Gold Results at A2 and Aamurusko Northwest
Jun 21, 2018Two New High Grade Gold Discoveries and Provides Update on 2018 Field Exploration Program
Mar 5, 2018Provides Exploration Update
Feb 15, 2018Aurion Options Outa Project in Finland to Kinross
Jan 23, 2018Mark Serdan Appointed Chief Financial Officer
Jan 18, 2018Resume Trading
Jan 17, 2018Reports Results Of Maiden Drill Program At Aamurusko
Jan 12, 2018Halted Security
Nov 2, 2017Extends Drill Program at Aamurusko
Sep 21, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Sep 14, 2017Starts Drilling At Aamurusko And Identifies New Gold Zones
Sep 13, 2017Closing Of Private Placement With Kinross Gold Corporation
Sep 7, 2017Private Placement Financing with Kinross Gold Corp
Aug 1, 2017Extends High Grade Aamurusko Zone to 1.4 km
Jun 14, 2017Commences 2017 Field Exploration Program
May 1, 2017David Lotan Appointed Non executive Chairman
Apr 20, 2017David Lotan Joins Aurion Board Of Directors
Apr 13, 2017Grants Options
Mar 20, 2017Completes Acquisition Of Gold Projects From Tertiary Minerals
Mar 13, 2017Gungnir Resources Announces: Knaften Project Area Focus Of New Staking By Aurion Resources
Mar 6, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Feb 27, 2017Closes Private Placement Of $8,675,995
Feb 10, 2017Removed from OSC Delinquent Filer List
Feb 9, 2017Increase To Previously Announced Private Placement Financing
Feb 8, 2017$6 Million Private Placement Financing
Feb 1, 2017Resume Trading
Feb 1, 2017Discovers New Bonanza Gold Zone At Risti
Jan 31, 2017Halt
Jan 31, 2017Halted Security
Dec 20, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Dec 13, 2016B2gold Drill 11.4 G/t Au Over 13.3 M At Kutuvuoma
Dec 5, 2016Acquires Two High Grade Gold Projects In Northern Finland
Oct 12, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Sep 28, 2016Closes Private Placement Of $2.525 Million
Sep 23, 2016Closes Brokered Private Placement Of $1.025 Million
Sep 8, 2016Correction From Source: Private Placement Of $2.525 Million
Sep 6, 2016Aurion And B2gold Discover New High Grade Gold Zone At Ahvenjarvi In Finland
Aug 22, 2016Aurion And B2gold To Commence Maiden Drill Program At Kutuvuoma
Aug 11, 2016Samples 14.4 G/t Au At Ruoppa And Expands Ruoppa And Risti Targets In Northern Finland
Jul 15, 2016Aurion And B2gold Commence Exploration Program In Northern Finland
Jun 23, 2016Lotan Disposes of 2,300,000 Common Shares of Aurion
May 30, 2016Lotan Purchased 2,500,000 Common Shares of Aurion
Feb 29, 2016Aurion And B2gold Report Positive Preliminary Metallurgy At Kutuvuoma
Feb 22, 2016Samples 30.7 And 22.3 G/t Au At Two New High grade Gold Prospects In Northern Finland
Feb 18, 2016Property Asset or Share Disposition Agreement
Feb 16, 2016Miles Thompson Joins Aurion As Advisor
Feb 9, 2016Aurion And B2gold Channel Sample 9.8m At 6.5g/t Au At Kutuvuoma And Sample 21.2 G/t Au At A New Gold Target 1.6 Km West Of Kutuvuoma
Jan 20, 2016Signs Definitive Option Agreement With B2gold On Gold Projects
Jan 6, 2016Changes Auditors
Nov 16, 2015Shares for Debt
Nov 10, 2015Issues Shares To Settle Debt
Aug 13, 2015Options Finnish Projects To B2gold And Reports High Grade Results At Kutuvuoma And Ahvenjarvi
Jun 26, 2015Property Asset or Share Purchase Amending Agreement
Mar 23, 2015Property Asset or Share Purchase Amending Agreement
Mar 10, 2015Amends Purchase Agreement With Dragon
Feb 17, 2015Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jan 15, 2015Discovers New Gold Mineralization In Northern Finland
Oct 27, 2014Receives Key Permits At Logan Pass
Sep 17, 2014Finland Update; Field Program Underway
Sep 8, 2014Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jun 25, 2014Files NI 43 101 Technical Report On Finland Projects
May 26, 2014Finalizes Purchase Of Finland Projects
Mar 4, 2014Aurion Acquires Advanced Exploration Projects In Finland
Nov 4, 2013Property Asset or Share Purchase Amending Agreement
Nov 1, 2013Asher Announces Final Payments for Lavington Property
Oct 31, 2013Amends Logan Pass Agreement
Oct 18, 2013Sells Interest In Lavington Property


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