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 Corporate Profile: Great Bear Resources Ltd
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Great Bear Resources Ltd (GBR-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
April 21, 20220$28.15$28.15$28.15$0.00Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Christopher Taylor (CEO), J. Michael Kenyon (Chair), Robert J. Scott (CFO), Calum Morrison (VP CD), R. Bob Singh (VP EX),
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
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DixieCanadaOntarioNot Applicable100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $1,738GoldMesothermal Vein
West MadsenCanadaOntarioRed Lake100% WI2-Target Drilling $1,738GoldMesothermal Vein
Company Project Gateway
Dixie Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Ontario 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation GoldMesothermal Vein
West Madsen Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Ontario 100% WI2-Target Drilling GoldMesothermal Vein
Company Related KRO Comments
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Jun 17, 2021Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:01
May 28, 2020Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:10:31
Nov 27, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:23:26
Oct 16, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:01
Sep 10, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Jul 11, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:09:33
Jan 15, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Dec 12, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:13:16
Oct 15, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:15:55
Oct 2, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:32:13
Sep 5, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:07:31

Company News Releases - Members Only
Feb 24, 2022Kinross completes acquisition of Great Bear
Feb 23, 2022Plan of Arrangement, Delist
Feb 17, 2022Obtains Final Order for Plan of Arrangement from the Supreme Court of British Columbia and Provides Transaction Update
Feb 14, 2022Securityholder Approval of the Plan of Arrangement at Special Meeting and Provides Transaction Update
Jan 31, 2022Independent Proxy Advisory Firms ISS and Glass Lewis Recommend Securityholders Vote FOR the Proposed Acquisition by Kinross
Jan 21, 2022Great Bear AnnouncesThe Filing of its Management Information Circular in Connection with its Special Meeting to Approve Acquisition by Kinross
Dec 9, 2021Kinross to Acquire Great Bear for C$29.00 per Share, Plus a Contingent Value Right
Nov 24, 2021Discovers New Gold Zone West of Hinge and Limb Zones: 20.27 g/t Gold Over 1.75 m, Within 5.69 g/t Gold Over 7.05 m; Reports New LP Fault Results Including 16.07 g/t Gold Over
Oct 25, 202195.2% to 99.2% Gold Recoveries in Preliminary LP Fault Metallurgical Tests Gold is Free Milling and Readily Soluble at All Grades
Oct 4, 2021Drills Deep LP Fault: 157.00 g/t Gold Over 1.20 m Within 11.01 g/t Gold Over 22.85 m from 678.75 m Downhole
Sep 15, 2021Acquires a 100% Interest in Great Bear's West Madsen Gold Property in Red Lake Ontario
Sep 9, 2021Provides Complete Assays from Central LP Fault "Auro2" High Grade Gold Domain and Update on Geological Modelling
Aug 25, 2021Adds to LP Fault Gold Zone at Both Ends of Drill Grid: 28.18 g/t Gold Over 4.80 m, Within 3.83 g/t Gold Over 43.10 m in Northwest, 64.30 g/t Gold Over 0.55 m, Within 5.90 g/t Gold Over
Aug 19, 2021Begins Phase 2 Drilling at Dixie Project
Jul 28, 2021Completes Phase 1 Grid Drilling to 450 m Depth at LP Fault: 440 Holes, 222,500 m Drilled Since May 2019 Discovery
Jun 30, 2021Voting Results of its Annual General Meeting
Jun 21, 2021Assays Across Width of LP Fault Zone, Drills Separate Intervals of 400.00 g/t Gold Over 0.50 m and 2.23 g/t Gold Over 77.40 m in Same Hole
Jun 3, 2021Provides Two New Detailed High Grade Long Sections and Reaches 318 Drill Holes Reported on Two Year Anniversary of LP Fault Discovery
May 31, 2021Strengthens Management Team and Provides Update on Regional Projects
May 19, 2021Provides First Detailed High Grade Long Section, Drills 22.79 g/t Gold Over 4.80 metres from Bedrock Surface, and Reaches 300 Reported LP Fault Drill Holes
May 10, 2021To Host a Webinar on Monday, June 7 at 11:00am PDT/ 2:00pm EDT to Provide a Company Update on the Dixie Project Drill Program
Apr 22, 2021Successful LP Fault Extension and Infill Drilling: 10.50 g/t Gold Over 13.10 m, 16.50 g/t Gold Over 6.25 m, and 11.18 g/t Gold Over 6.75 m
Apr 7, 2021Adds Sixth Drill at Dixie
Apr 7, 2021Files Amended and Restated Technical Report
Mar 31, 2021New Listing Shares
Mar 31, 2021To Commence Trading on the TSX Venture on April 5th
Mar 29, 2021Doubles Vertical Extent of LP Fault, Intersects High Grade Gold at 942.20 m Downhole: 15.57 g/t Gold Over 3.05 m
Mar 25, 2021Private Placement Brokered
Mar 25, 2021Gold Mining Industry Could Be Key to Economic Rebound in Canada
Mar 24, 2021Closes $140,000 Private Placement
Mar 16, 2021Drills New High Grade Gold at Northwest LP Fault: 25.12 g/t Gold Over 4.25 m
Mar 11, 2021Drills 29.17 g/t Gold Over 15.50 m and 18.08 g/t Gold Over 15.80 m From Bedrock Surface at LP Fault
Mar 8, 2021Adds Gilbert Lawson to Board of Directors
Mar 1, 2021Expands 2021 Drill Program: $45 Million Budget and 200 Drill Holes
Feb 25, 2021Closes Oversubscribed Bought Deal Private Placement Raising Gross Proceeds of C$70 million; Now Funded Through 2022 with over C$100 million in Cash
Feb 16, 2021Drills 13.07 g/t Gold Over 16.95 m, and 32.01 g/t Gold Over 8.10 m; Reaches 250 Drill Holes Reported from LP Fault
Feb 8, 2021Provides Detailed New Sections and Drills Near Surface High Grade Gold at LP Fault: 13.38 g/t Gold Over 18.15 m, and 4.25 g/t Gold Over 57.00 m
Jan 27, 202197% Gold Recoveries from Preliminary Dixie Limb Zone Metallurgical Testing
Jan 21, 2021Upsized Bought Deal Private Placement of Flow Through Common Shares and Common Shares to C$70 Million
Jan 21, 2021C$37 Million Bought Deal Private Placement of Flow Through Common Shares
Jan 20, 2021Releases Seven Additional Near Surface Drill Holes Including 10.01 g/t Gold Over 34.85 m, and 15.68 g/t Gold Over 11.75 m at LP Fault
Jan 13, 2021Drills Multiple Shallow High Grade Gold Intercepts at LP Fault Including 16.56 g/t Gold Over 11.00 m; Provides Higher Density Drill Results and Updated Drill Sections
Dec 16, 2020Appoints Michael Kenyon as Chair and Adds Paula Rogers to Board of Directors; Releases 3D Model of Dixie Project Geology and Gold Mineralization Using VRIFY Technology
Dec 9, 2020Drills 510 m Step Down, Doubles Hinge Zone Depth with 15.18 g/t Gold Over 4.90 m from 1,190.00 m Downhole
Dec 1, 2020Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Nov 24, 2020Drills 101.50 m of 4.69 g/t Gold, Including 5.25 m of 41.25 g/t Gold at LP Fault; Provides Update on Successful Model Test
Nov 19, 2020Nominates Paula Rogers to Board of Directors, Announces Webinar on Monday November 30th
Nov 12, 202097% Gold Recoveries from Preliminary Hinge Zone Metallurgical Tests
Nov 4, 2020Increases Financing to $600,000
Oct 7, 2020Drills 18.58 g/t Gold Over 19.25 m, Reaches 100,000 m Drilled in 180 Holes at LP Fault, and Provides Detailed High Grade Drill Section
Sep 28, 2020Drills Wide Shallow Gold Intervals at LP Fault: 3.22 g/t Gold Over 63.60 m and 4.61 g/t Gold Over 39.80 m in Same Drill Hole
Sep 22, 2020Provides Update on Metallurgical Testing
Sep 21, 2020Non Brokered Private Placement for $2 Million with Strategic Investor; Expands Drill Program
Sep 9, 2020Drills 32.30 g/t gold Over 8.20 m Within 8.08 g/t Gold Over 37.70 m, and 68.36 g/t Gold Over 3.25 m Within 5.23 g/t Gold Over 78.75 m at LP Fault at Dixie; Identifies New Gold Targets
Aug 4, 2020Drills 81.22 g/t Gold Over 10.50 m at Bedrock Surface at LP Fault
Jul 13, 2020Returns to Five Drill Rigs at Dixie
Jul 6, 2020Expands LP Fault Gold System at Depth: 10.06 g/t Gold Over 31.25 m, Within 4.07 g/t Gold Over 80.50 m, and 57.32 g/t Gold Over 3.95 m, Within 7.26 g/t Gold Over 53.50 m
Jun 24, 2020Adds Michael Kenyon to Board of Directors
Jun 18, 2020Discovers New High Grade "Arrow" Zone: 19.32 g/t Gold Over 2.10 m, Within 3.00 g/t Gold Over 15.00 m
Jun 17, 2020Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jun 11, 2020Drills 31.33 g/t Gold Over 20.55 m Including 576.00 g/t Gold Over 1.00 m at LP Fault
Jun 11, 2020Piggyback Qualified
Jun 8, 2020Private Placement Brokered
Jun 8, 2020Drills 30.51 g/t Gold Over 12.40 m at LP Fault
Jun 2, 2020Closes Previously Announced Bought Deal Private Placement Raising Gross Proceeds of C$33 million
May 26, 2020Enters Exploration Agreement with Wabauskang and Lac Seul First Nations
May 12, 2020Upsized Bought Deal Private Placement Offering of C$33 Million
May 12, 2020C$20.0 Million Bought Deal Private Placement of Flow Through Common Shares
May 11, 2020Completes First Deep Drill Hole at Dixie: 10.19 g/t Gold Over 19.00 m Including 68.59 g/t Gold Over 2.65 m from 1,008.55 m Downhole in Dixie Limb Zone
May 4, 2020Drills 18.57 g/t Gold Over 13.00 m, Within 2.67 g/t Gold Over 104.15 m at LP Fault
Apr 28, 2020Final Court Approval of Plan of Arrangement
Apr 27, 2020$300,000 Financing
Apr 24, 2020Shareholder Approval at Special Meeting
Apr 9, 2020Expands Shallow High Grade Gold at LP Fault Including 42.70 g/t Gold Over 3.00 m Within 4.24 g/t Gold Over 52.15 m
Mar 31, 2020AGM Results
Mar 30, 2020Mails Management Information Circular in Connection with Special Meeting to Approve Spin Out of Great Bear Royalties
Mar 19, 2020Message from Great Bear Resources Regarding COVID 19
Feb 20, 2020Defines High Grade Gold Controls At LP Fault; Regional Drilling Identifies Six New Gold Targets Over 11 Kilometres; Provides LP Fault Drill Data
Feb 13, 2020Drills 10.58 g/t Gold Over 21.00 m; Initiates 5 Kilometre Grid Drill Program at LP Fault; Mobilizes Fifth Drill Rig
Jan 31, 2020Proposed Spin Out of 2.0% NSR on the Dixie Project to Create Great Bear Royalties Corp.
Dec 16, 2019Drills New "Gap" Zone: 16.80 g/t Gold Over 4.15 m and 1.25 g/t Gold Over 45.50 m; Auro Zone Drilling Intersects 241.88 g/t Gold Over 1.20 m Within 48.67 g/t Gold Over 8.70 m
Dec 5, 2019Adds Drills and Expands Dixie Drill Program to 200,000 m
Nov 28, 2019Closes C$16.7 Million Over Subscribed Bought Deal Private Placement
Nov 19, 2019Augments Management Team
Oct 30, 2019Drills New Near Surface High Grade "Yauro Zone" Discovery at Dixie: 10.32 g/t Gold Over 18.20 m; 5.60 g/t Gold Over 25.25 m; and 16.60 g/t Gold Over 6.00 m
Oct 24, 2019To Spin Out Net Smelter Royalty to Shareholders
Oct 10, 2019Drills 125.00 m of 1.08 g/t Gold Between Bear Rimini and Yuma Zones, and 15.02 g/t Gold Over 2.50 m, Within 26.00 m of 2.55 g/t Gold Between Yuma and Auro Zones
Sep 30, 2019Completes 14 Drill Fences Along 3.2 Kilometres of the LP Fault
Aug 21, 2019Drills New Shallow High Grade Gold Zone at Hinge: 30.81 g/t Gold Over 2.50 m Within 7.40 g/t Over 13.20 m and 20.41 g/t Gold Over 2.20 m Within 2.07 g/t Gold Over 29.80 m
Aug 15, 2019To Host a Webinar on Wednesday September 4th @ 8:00am PDT/11:00am EDT to Provide Update on Dixie Drill Program
Aug 1, 2019Explores the New "LP Fault" Gold Bearing Structure with Three Drill Rigs and 2,100 Sample Geochemical Survey
Jul 24, 2019Drills Structural High Grade Gold Control in Dixie Limb: 4.60 m of 14.32 g/t Gold Within 12.10 m of 5.87 g/t Gold
Jul 16, 2019Discovers New High Grade "Yuma" Zone at 1.4 km Step Out Along LP Fault from the Bear Rimini Zone in Unassayed Historical Drill Core: Follow Up Drill Results Pending
Jul 10, 2019Drills Major Hinge Zone Expansion to 440 m Down Plunge: 3.90 m of 18.09 g/t Gold, Including 1.00 m of 69.97 g/t Gold
Jul 3, 2019Closes C$10.9 Million Over Subscribed Bought Deal Private Placement
Jun 13, 2019Upsized Bought Deal Private Placement of Flow Through Common Shares to C$8.2 Million
Jun 12, 2019C$5.5 Million Bought Deal Private Placement of Flow Through Common Shares and Expansion of Drill Program to 90,000 m
Jun 11, 2019Mobilizes Third Drill Rig to Bear Rimini Discovery at Dixie
May 29, 2019Positive Initial Ground Program Findings Adjacent to Great Bear Resources at Dixie Halo
May 28, 2019GoldON Signs Definitive Agreement with Great Bear on West Madsen Property
May 21, 2019To Host a Webinar on Wednesday May 29th @ 8:00am PDT/11:00pm EDT To Provide Update on Dixie Drill Program
May 7, 2019Drills Deeper in the Hinge Zone 28.37 g/t Gold Over 3.70 m Including 200 g/t Gold Over 0.5 m; New Gold Zones Drilled Across Property
Apr 30, 2019New Gold Control at Dixie Limb Zone Yields High Grades Including 17.55 g/t Gold Over 2.55 m within 9.15 g/t Gold Over 5.30 m West Madsen Property Optioned to GoldON Resources
Apr 9, 2019Great Bear Exploration Team Recognized with "Bernie Schnieders Discovery of the Year Award" Presented by NWOPA
Apr 1, 2019Doubles Fully Funded Drill Program From 30,000 m to 60,000 m Will Add Third Drill Rig
Mar 27, 2019Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Mar 21, 2019Drills Multiple High Grade Gold Veins in Hinge Zone Including 30.15 g/t Gold Over 7.25 m
Mar 12, 2019Reports Drill Results From Reconnaissance Drilling To The West Of The Dixie Hinge Zone At Its 100% Owned Dixie Project In The Red Lake District Of Ontario
Mar 11, 2019Drills New Gold Intercepts Along Fold Axis at Dixie Including 31.40 g/t Gold Over 0.70 m at 64 m Depth Expands District Land Holdings
Feb 21, 2019Drills Hinge Zone Extensions Results Include New 42 m Wide Zone with Multiple Gold Bearing Intercepts Including 31.60 g/t Gold Over 3.40 m at 157 m Depth
Jan 16, 2019Drills 1,600 g/t Gold over 0.70 m at 150 m Depth in Hinge Zone, Dixie Project (51.29 Ounces per Tonne over 2.30 Feet)
Jan 14, 2019Provides 3D Model of Gold System at Dixie
Dec 12, 2018Drills 27.36 g/t Gold over 3.65 m Including 153.73 g/t Gold over 0.5 m as Hinge Zone Extended; Defines New Ultramafic Gold Control, and Mobilizes Second Drill at Dixie Project
Nov 29, 2018Continuity of Gold from Surface to 365 m Depth in Dixie Limb Zone, Dixie Project, Red Lake District
Nov 23, 2018BTU Mobilizes Crews To Dixie Halo Property Contiguous To Great Bears Dixie Project, Red Lake District, Canada
Nov 19, 2018Completes Purchase of 100% Royalty Free Interest in Dixie Gold Project, Red Lake, Ontario
Oct 26, 2018C$3.5 Million Private Placement of Flow Through Common Shares
Oct 15, 2018Discovers Key Ultramafic Geology During Summer Mapping Program at Dixie Project, Red Lake District
Oct 5, 2018Unaware of Any Material Change
Sep 27, 2018Drills Highest Grade Gold To Date at New Near Surface Discovery in "South Limb Zone", Dixie Project, Red Lake District
Sep 20, 20187.00 m of 68.76 g/t Gold from Revised Hinge Zone Interval, Announces New 30,000 m, 150 Drill Hole Program at Dixie Project, Red Lake District
Sep 14, 2018Private Placement Brokered
Sep 11, 2018Closes $10,000,000 Private Placement Including $5,700,000 Investment from Rob McEwen and McEwen Mining, Receives Additional $1,130,000 from Warrant Exercises
Aug 24, 2018$10 Million Private Placement, Investment from Rob McEwan and McEwen Mining
Aug 24, 2018BTU Acquires Dixie Halo Property Contiguous to Great Bears Dixie Project, Red Lake District, Canada
Aug 23, 2018Halted Security
Aug 22, 2018High Grade Discovery; Drills 16.35 m of 26.91 g/t Gold and 7.00 m of 44.47 g/t Gold in Two Holes at Hinge Zone, Dixie Project, Red Lake District
Aug 21, 2018Halted Security
Aug 1, 2018Drills 16.80 M Of 5.60 G/t Gold Including 2.70 M Of 14.92 G/t Gold At Dixie Project, Red Lake District
Jul 11, 2018Update on Progress at Dixie Project, Red Lake District, Ontario
Jun 27, 2018Drills New High Grade Gold Discovery on a 1.6 Kilometre Step Out Hole, and Additional Near Surface Interval of 40.30 metres of 1.73 g/t Gold in Main Drill Area at Dixie Project,
Jun 7, 2018Expands Gold Properties in Red Lake, Ontario
May 25, 2018Drilling Returns High Grade Gold at Dixie Project, Red Lake, Ontario
May 23, 2018Closes $1,720,000 Financing And Receives Additional $425,000 Through Warrant Exercises
Apr 19, 2018Expands Red Lake Drilling To 10,000 Metres And Announces Private Placement
Apr 5, 2018Drilling Update for Dixie Lake Gold Project, Red Lake District, Ontario
Mar 1, 2018Mobilizes Crews for Drill Program at Dixie Lake Gold Project, Red Lake District
Jan 16, 2018Provides Drill Program Update
Dec 29, 2017Completes $1,018,650 Private Placement
Dec 13, 2017Private Placement
Nov 14, 2017Gold Showings and Geophysical Results from West Madsen Project In Red Lake District
Nov 2, 2017Complete Drill Results from Red Lake, Confirms Major Gold Structure with Geophysical Survey
Oct 11, 2017Completes Geophysical Survey of Red Lake Gold District Properties
Sep 26, 2017Initiates Geophysical Program in Red Lake, Receives Payment from Optioned Properties
Sep 19, 2017Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Sep 7, 2017Bear Drills 16.84 g/t Gold over 10.40 m in Red Lake District
Sep 5, 2017Expands Dixie Lake Property
Sep 1, 2017Receives Approval to Option 50 Percent Interest in Golden Triangle Properties
Aug 30, 2017Expands West Madsen Gold Project in Red Lake Gold District and Purchases Project Royalties
Aug 28, 2017Warrant Term Extension
Aug 23, 2017Warrant Extension
Aug 9, 2017Completes Phase 1 Drilling At Dixie Lake
Aug 3, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Jul 31, 2017Completes $420,000 Private Placement
Jul 17, 2017Great Bear Resources Acquires Right To Purchase 100% Interest In Dixie Lake Gold Project, Red Lake, Ontario
Jun 2, 2017Focuses on Red Lake Gold Grants Option to Earn its 50 Percent Interest in Golden Triangle Properties
Jun 1, 2017Halted Security
Apr 18, 2017To Begin Drilling at Dixie Lake Gold Project in Red Lake District, Ontario
Apr 6, 2017Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Feb 2, 20174.31% Zn, 0.11 g/t Au, 44 g/t Ag and 0.33% Cu across 4.58 m at the Surprise Creek Property
Jan 18, 2017Revised: Identifies High Grade VMS Targets and Expands BA Property
Jan 17, 2017Identifies High Grade VMS Targets and Expands BA Property
Dec 8, 2016Reports 7.5 m of 5.31% Zn, 1.97% Pb and 132 g/t Ag from Trenching at BA Project
Nov 29, 201611.6% Zinc and 479 g/t Silver Sampled at Surprise Creek
Nov 23, 2016To Acquire 100 Percent of West Madsen Gold Project in Red Lake Gold District
Nov 2, 201612.0 m of 5.24% Zn, 1.59% Pb and 30 g/t Ag at BA Project
Oct 24, 2016Removed from OSC Delinquent Filer List
Oct 21, 2016Great Bear Amends BA and Surprise Creek Agreements
Oct 18, 2016Large Massive Sulphide Zone Discovered In Surprise Creek
Oct 5, 2016Retains Investor Relations
Sep 19, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Sep 1, 2016Completes $960,000 Private Placement
Aug 29, 2016OSC Delinquent Filer; Fees
Aug 24, 2016Surface Sampling on the Surprise Creek Claims Indicates Large Silver Zinc Lead Zone
Aug 2, 2016Private Placement
Jul 22, 2016New Directors
Jul 19, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Jul 18, 2016Closes Non Brokered Private Placement
May 31, 2016Consolidation
May 30, 2016OSC Delinquent Filer; Fees
May 25, 2016New Strategic Advisors, Share Consolidation and Private Placement
May 2, 2016OSC Delinquent Filer; Fees
Apr 25, 2016OSC Delinquent Filer; Fees
Dec 16, 2015To Acquire 67 Percent Of Dixie Lake High Grade Gold Project In Red Lake Gold District
Oct 15, 2015To Renew Arrangement with Allan Barry Laboucan as Special Advisor
Sep 14, 2015Private Placement Non Brokered
Sep 10, 2015Closes 1st Tranche of Non Brokered Private Placement
Aug 3, 2015Update On Non Brokered Private Placement
Jun 1, 2015Non Brokered Private Placement
Mar 18, 2015Great Bear Partners with Osisko on Lac Pau Gold Project, Quebec
Aug 27, 2014Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Aug 7, 2014Adds Near Surface Oxide Gold Project in Arizona
May 14, 2014New Sediment Hosted Oxide Gold, Copper and Polymetallic Targets Identified at Perdito Project
Mar 18, 2014Appoints New Director
Mar 3, 2014Discovers New High Grade Targets at the Perdito Project, Inyo County, California
Jan 29, 2014Adds Key Technical Expertise and Increases Land Position at Perdito Project
Jan 8, 2014Removed from BCSC Delinquent Filer List - 12/17/2013 OT Filings
Jan 6, 2014Clarification of Technical Disclosure for the Perdito Property
Jan 2, 2014BCSC Delinquent Filer 16 Days; Resourse Disclosure
Dec 26, 2013BCSC Delinquent Filer 9 Days; Resourse Disclosure
Dec 19, 2013BCSC Delinquent Filer 2 Days; Resourse Disclosure
Nov 19, 2013Results from Dragonfly Oxide Gold Target at the Perdito Project, Inyo County, California
Oct 30, 2013Samples 25.6 Metres of 8.4 Grams Gold at the Perdito Project, Inyo County, California
Oct 9, 2013Begins Field Investigations at the Perdito Project, Inyo County, California
Oct 4, 2013Private Placement Non Brokered
Sep 26, 2013Closes Non Brokered Private Placement


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