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 Corporate Profile: Comet Lithium Corp
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2023 John A. Kaiser

Comet Lithium Corp (CLIC-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
December 6, 202343,100$0.51$0.50$0.50($0.01)Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Mansoor Jan Niazi (CEO), Vincent Metcalfe (Chair), Sylvain Champagne (CFO), Vincent Cardin-Tremblay (VP EX),
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
Trolius EastCanadaQuebecJames Bay100% WI2-Target Drilling $11Gold SilverIntrusion Related Gold System
LibertyCanadaQuebecJames Bay100% WI1-Grassroots $11LithiumPegmatite
Triple LithiumCanadaQuebecJames Bay100% WI1-Grassroots $11LithiumPegmatite
DucranCanadaQuebecChibougamau100% WI2-Target Drilling $11Copper GoldVein
Storm LakeCanadaQuebecJames Bay50% WI2-Target Drilling $23GoldShear / Vein
VeronneauCanadaQuebecJames Bay100% WI2-Target Drilling $11Gold SilverShear / Vein
Company Project Gateway
Trolius East Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI2-Target Drilling Gold SilverIntrusion Related Gold System
Liberty Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI1-Grassroots LithiumPegmatite
Triple Lithium Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI1-Grassroots LithiumPegmatite
Ducran Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI2-Target Drilling Copper GoldVein
Storm Lake Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 50% WI2-Target Drilling GoldShear / Vein
Veronneau Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI2-Target Drilling Gold SilverShear / Vein
Company Related KRO Comments
Feb 9, 2023Kaiser Watch - 0:09:52
Feb 9, 2023KW Excerpt: Kaiser Watch February 9, 2023: X-Terra Resources Inc (XTT-V)

Company News Releases - Members Only
Dec 4, 2023Completes Phase 1 Gravity Survey at Liberty and Expands to Phase 2 and 3
Nov 13, 2023Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Nov 10, 2023Closing of Pontax South and Pontax East properties acquisition
Oct 26, 2023Appointment of Vincent Metcalfe as Director and Executive Chairman, Vincent Cardin Tremblay as VP Exploration, and Acquires Additional Mineral Properties in Lithium rich Region of Quebec
Oct 24, 2023Commences Gravity Survey at Liberty
Oct 16, 2023To commence field program at troilus east
Oct 10, 2023Receives Dilling Permit and Lidar Survey Results at Liberty
Sep 20, 2023Submits permit to drill at liberty
Sep 19, 2023Appoints Paul Blatter to the Board of Directors
Sep 18, 2023Appoints Mansoor Jan Niazi as Interim CEO and President
Aug 28, 2023Identifies Pegmatites in Outcrop at Liberty
Aug 17, 2023Warrant Term Extension
Aug 17, 2023Extension of Term of Warrants
Aug 8, 2023Commences Exploration at Liberty
Jul 31, 2023Resignation of michael ferreira
Jul 17, 2023High Resolution Satellite Images from Liberty Property Support Broad Lithium Corridor
Jun 12, 2023Ceo Transition
Jun 8, 2023Now Trading Under Symbol "CLIC" On TSX Venture Exchange
Jun 6, 2023Changes its Name to Comet Lithium Corporation
Jun 6, 2023Name Change
Jun 6, 2023Name Change
Jun 5, 2023Identifies Lithium Potential at Troilus East
May 19, 2023Results Of Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
Apr 24, 2023Grant of Incentive Securities
Apr 20, 2023Proposes name change to Comet Lithium Corp
Apr 18, 2023Magnetic Survey Shows Lithium Discovery Potential of X Terra's James Bay Liberty Property
Mar 22, 2023Non Brokered Private Placement
Mar 20, 2023Retains consultants for investor relation and digital markeketing services
Mar 9, 2023Grants Stock Options
Mar 7, 2023Closing of Private Placement of Units
Feb 6, 2023Consolidation
Feb 3, 2023Private Placement Non Brokered
Feb 3, 2023Share Consolidation
Jan 10, 2023Congratulates Winsome on Major Discovery at Adina Lithium Project and Signs Geophysical Contract
Dec 23, 2022Closing of Private Placement
Nov 22, 2022Completes reconnaissance program at the Liberty Lithium property in James Bay, Quebec
Nov 16, 2022Mobilizes Technical Team to its Lithium Properties in James Bay, Quebec
Nov 7, 2022Comments recent work at Adina LIthium Project
Oct 5, 2022Completes trenching program at the Northwest property
Sep 27, 2022Trenches over 100 metres of continuous sulfides mineralization at Grog
Sep 14, 2022Initiates trenching program at the Grog and Northwest properties and provides report on 2022 annual and special meeting of shareholders
Jul 14, 2022Completes Geochemical Sampling at Grog and Northwest
Jun 16, 2022Receives Exploration Grant for Grog Property
Jun 8, 2022Acquires Claims East of Adina Lithium Project
Jun 2, 2022Diversifies Into Lithium Exploration
Mar 29, 2022Identifies 6 New Gold Targets At The Grog Property
Mar 17, 2022Identifies Four New Gold zinc Anomalies At Northwest
Jan 17, 2022Non Brokered Private Placement
Dec 29, 2021Closing Of Private Placement
Nov 12, 2021Grant Options
Nov 10, 2021Completes Trenching Program at Grog and Northwest
Oct 19, 2021Identifies a New Copper Trend at Troilus East
Oct 13, 2021Launches a Stripping and Trenching Program at Grog and Northwest
Sep 8, 2021Non Brokered Private Placement
Aug 27, 2021Closing of Private Placement
Jul 20, 2021Completes Drill Program at Troilus East and Announces Financing
Jun 22, 2021Provides Observations From the Drill Core
May 28, 2021Begins Drilling at Troilus East
May 18, 2021Receives Troilus East Drill Permit and Mobilizes Drill Crew
May 12, 2021Drills More Gold at Northwest
Apr 27, 2021Identifies a Strong IP Anomaly Coincident With Gold Geochemistry at Troilus East
Mar 15, 2021Mobilizes IP Geophysics Team to Troilus East
Feb 18, 2021Drills Visible Gold on The Northwest Property
Feb 17, 2021Drills Longest Gold Intercept on Grog Project to Date
Feb 16, 2021Private Placement Non Brokered
Feb 12, 2021Private Placement Non Brokered
Jan 25, 2021Begins the Second Phase of Drilling at the Rim Target on the Northwest Property in New Brunswick
Jan 20, 2021Initiation of Detailed Drone Magnetic Survey at the Rim Target in New Brunswick
Dec 31, 2020Final Closing of Private Placement for an Additional $77,500
Dec 30, 2020Geochemical Results at its 100% Owned Troilus East Project In James Bay, Quebec
Dec 22, 2020First Closing of Private Placement
Dec 15, 2020Rim Vein Metallurgical Results Yield Average Grade of 79 g/t Au
Oct 30, 2020To Host Conference Call to Provide Update on Programs
Oct 15, 2020Begins launches MMI, humus and till sampling at Troilus East
Oct 13, 2020Begins Drilling With Two Drills at the Grog and Northwest Properties in New Brunswick
Sep 28, 2020Prepares for the upcoming drill program
Sep 23, 2020Results of its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Sep 21, 2020Completes Geochemical and Ground Geophysics at Grog, Expands Drilling Plans
Aug 13, 2020Identifies New Mineralized System At Troilus East
Aug 10, 2020Completes Geochemical Sampling Program at the Grog Target
Jul 27, 2020Engages MarketSmart Communication Inc. for Investor Relations
Jul 15, 2020Update on Grog and Northwest Properties
Jul 10, 2020Grant Options
Jul 2, 2020Completes first exploration program on Troilus East
Jun 22, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered
Jun 12, 2020Begins 2020 Exploration Program on Troilus East
May 13, 2020Amends incentive Stock Option Plan
May 5, 2020Drills New Gold Discovery at Grog Property in New Brunswick
Mar 26, 2020Update and announces closing of a private placement
Mar 2, 2020Has completed inaugural drill program over the Grog & Northwest properties
Feb 18, 2020Initial Drilling at Northwest Hits Gold
Feb 10, 2020Provides Drill Core Presentation on its Website for Grog and Northwest
Feb 6, 2020Drilling Update for Grog and Northwest
Jan 22, 2020Ongoing Drill Program Over its High Priority Targets on the Grog and Northwest Properties
Jan 13, 2020Commences drilling over its high priority targets on the Grog and Northwest properties
Jan 7, 2020Defines Gold Drilling Targets on the Grog and Northwest Properties
Dec 30, 2019Final closing of private placement for an additional $400,000
Dec 2, 2019Begins a High Resolution Heliborne Geophysical Magnetic Survey Over the Grog Property
Nov 27, 2019New Discovery, Expands the Bellevue Showing and Plans its Inaugural Drill Program
Nov 13, 2019Strategic Collaboration with the University of New Brunswick
Oct 31, 2019Completes its Second Phase of Stripping and Trenching, and Has Increased the Size of the Ongoing Till Program
Oct 23, 2019Engages Inlandsis to Complete Till Sampling Program at Grog and Northwest
Oct 16, 2019Initiates Phase Two of its Stripping and Trenching Program at Grog and Northwest
Oct 11, 2019New Discovery Expanding the Grog Mineralization Footprint to 1.3 Kilometres and Remains Open
Sep 10, 2019Michael Ferreira President and CEO of X Terra Resources, Inc. is Featured in a New Interview at SmallCapVoice.com
Aug 12, 2019Mobilizes field crews to Grog and Northwest properties
Jul 24, 2019Completes IP Survey at Grog; data highlights multiple priority anomalies relating to epithermal/porphyry targets
May 15, 2019Completes a Heliborne Time Domain Electromagnetic Survey on its Troilus East Property
Apr 22, 2019Changes in Management
Apr 22, 2019Provides an Update on its Option to Acquire a 70% Interest in Mining Properties Located in New Brunswick
Mar 21, 2019Increased its Land Position at Ducran
Feb 28, 2019Three Trends of 5 km Long (Open) in Tills at Northwest (NB One) in the Area of Dome, Bonanza and Rim
Feb 4, 2019Amendments To The Terms Of Its Option To Acquire An Interest In Four Mining Properties Located In New Brunswick
Jan 29, 2019Identifies 500 metre long anomaly and new drill targets at Ducran
Jan 23, 2019Completes a High Resolution Helicopter Borne Magnetic Survey on its 100% Owned Troilus East Property
Dec 18, 2018Completes A Successful VTEM Survey On Its 100% Owned Ducran Property And Announces Results Of Its Annual And Special Meeting Of Shareholders
Dec 5, 2018The Results of its Due Diligence Exploration Program on New Brunswick Gold Properties
Nov 19, 2018Options Four Mining Properties Located in New Brunswick
Nov 6, 2018Appointment of Kim Oishi to its Board of Directors
Nov 1, 2018Extension of warrant term
Sep 25, 2018Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire 100% Interest in Properties in New Brunswick on Which a Grab Sample Has Returned High Grade Gold
Sep 24, 2018IIROC Trading Halt XTT
Jun 13, 2018Recovers over 70 Pristine Gold Grains from Troilus Till Sample Program
Jun 5, 2018Signs an exclusive right of first refusal agreement with Eagle Geosciences
May 28, 2018Signs an Option Agreement to Acquire a 50% Interest in the Storm Lake Gold Property
Apr 11, 2018Amends Transaction for the Veronneau Property To Purchase 100% Interest
Feb 14, 2018Private Placement Non Brokered
Jan 24, 2018Closing Of $1 Million Private Placement
Jan 19, 2018Initiates Its First Drill Program at Veronneau
Jan 18, 2018Initiates its First Drill Program at Veronneau
Jan 10, 2018Receives Preliminary Geophysical Results on the Eastern Extension
Dec 5, 2017Begins Airborne Geophysical Survey on the Eastern Extension of the Veronneau
Nov 23, 2017Completes Till Sampling Program at Troilus East
Oct 31, 2017Drilling And Channel Sample Results From A New Polymetallic Discovery
Oct 30, 2017Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Oct 16, 2017Signs Definitive Agreement for the Acquisition of 100% Interest In the Ducran Polymetalic Property
Sep 20, 2017Signs a Letter of Intent to Acquire a 100% Interest in the Ducran Gold/Copper Property
Sep 6, 2017Discovers Two New Gold Showings on the Veronneau Property
Jul 6, 2017Strategic Appointment of Vice President, Exploration and Development
Jun 30, 2017Grants Stock Options
Jun 30, 2017Initiates Summer Exploration Program on its Veronneau Project
May 25, 2017Closing Of $1.1 Million Private Placement
May 24, 2017Shares for Debt
May 8, 2017A Non Brokered Private Placement
May 1, 2017Receives Final Geophysical Results on Veronneau Property
Mar 6, 2017Completes Initial Payment Pursuant to the Exploration and Option Agreement
Feb 15, 2017Completes Airborne Geophysical Survey at Veronneau
Feb 9, 2017Copper/Cobalt Property acquisition in James Bay, Quebec
Feb 7, 2017Completes 50% of Airborne Geophsyical Survey on the Veronneau Property
Feb 2, 2017Begins Airborne Geophysical Survey on its Veronneau Property
Jan 19, 2017The Appointment of Michel Chapdelaine to its Board of Directors
Jan 17, 2017Options Veronneau property
Jan 11, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 7, 2016To acquire ownership of 100% interest in four mining claims comprising part of


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