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 KRO 2016 Spec Value Hunter Index
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2016 John A. Kaiser


KRO Theme Index: KRO 2016 Spec Value Hunter Index
Index Criteria:

Index Method: Each member of a KRO Index is assigned a value of $1,000 when added to the index, which is divided by the closing stock price on the inclusion date to arrive at a quantity of shares which remains constant during the life of the index. In the event of a split or consolidation, the quantity is adjusted by that ratio. If a company is divided into separate entities, the surviving entity that meets the index criteria has its quantity recalculated by dividing the prior day value by the subsequent closing price of the surviving entity. If a company is delisted pursuant to a takeover bid or merger, the value on the delisting day remains part of the index and the total members will include that company. The same applies to companies which have lost their eligibility. The value of the index is the total value divided by the number of members, which will be 1000 at the official start date. The value of the TSXV Index on the offcial start date is normalized to 1000, and the resulting factor is used to adjust the TSXV Index for comparison purposes.
Index Start DateDecember 31, 2015Current DateFebruary 6, 2018
Index End Date
Current Value1967.2
Index backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Total Members16

KRO 2016 Spec Value Hunter Index - Members as of February 6, 2018
Ceased to be index members due to delisting or ineligibility - their value is frozen as of the end date and included in the daily index calculation.
Underwent a rollback or split which resulted in an adjustment to the share quantity used in the member's index value calculation.
Arizona Mining Inc (AZ-T)Yes3/4/2016
Eastmain Resources Inc (ER-T)Yes12/31/2015
FPX Nickel Corp (FPX-V)Yes12/31/2015
InZinc Mining Ltd (IZN-V)Yes12/31/2015
Midas Gold Corp (MAX-T)Yes12/31/2015
Namibia Rare Earths Inc (NRE-V)Yes12/31/2015
Northcliff Resources Ltd (NCF-T)Yes12/31/2015
Peregrine Diamonds Ltd (PGD-T)Yes12/31/2015
San Marco Resources Inc (SMN-V)Yes9/20/2016
Scandium Intl Mining Corp (SCY-T)Yes12/31/2015
Serengeti Resources Inc (SIR-V)Yes8/10/2016
Sirios Resources Inc (SOI-V)Yes4/29/2016
Tsodilo Resources Ltd (TSD-V)Yes12/31/2015
Uravan Minerals Inc (UVN-V)Yes12/31/2015
Verde Agritech Plc (NPK-T)Yes12/31/2015
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd (WDO-T)Yes9/30/2016

KRO 2016 Spec Value Hunter Index - Market Activity for February 6, 2018
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Company Volume High Low Close Chg MI% RS% W%
Arizona Mining Inc (AZ-T) 503,400 $4.320 $4.100 $4.270 $0.040 0.9% 2.7% 29%
Eastmain Resources Inc (ER-T) 288,400 $0.285 $0.275 $0.275 ($0.010) -3.5% -1.8% 3%
FPX Nickel Corp (FPX-V) 0 $0.000 $0.000 $0.120 $0.000 0.0% 0.0% 8%
InZinc Mining Ltd (IZN-V) 30,500 $0.185 $0.180 $0.185 $0.000 0.0% 1.7% 9%
Midas Gold Corp (MAX-T) 468,000 $1.040 $0.960 $0.970 ($0.050) -4.9% -3.2% 10%
Namibia Rare Earths Inc (NRE-V) 0 $0.000 $0.000 $0.040 $0.000 0.0% 0.0% 3%
Northcliff Resources Ltd (NCF-T) 2,000 $0.145 $0.145 $0.145 ($0.005) -3.3% -1.6% 5%
Peregrine Diamonds Ltd (PGD-T) 193,000 $0.145 $0.130 $0.140 $0.005 3.7% 5.4% 3%
San Marco Resources Inc (SMN-V) 0 $0.000 $0.000 $0.165 $0.000 0.0% 0.0% 3%
Scandium Intl Mining Corp (SCY-T) 277,700 $0.175 $0.160 $0.165 ($0.010) -5.7% -4.0% 4%
Serengeti Resources Inc (SIR-V) 0 $0.000 $0.000 $0.140 $0.000 0.0% 0.0% 3%
Sirios Resources Inc (SOI-V) 39,100 $0.300 $0.290 $0.300 $0.000 0.0% 1.7% 2%
Tsodilo Resources Ltd (TSD-V) 0 $0.000 $0.000 $0.580 $0.000 0.0% 0.0% 3%
Uravan Minerals Inc (UVN-V) 13,000 $0.050 $0.050 $0.050 $0.000 0.0% 1.7% 2%
Verde Agritech Plc (NPK-T) 19,000 $0.690 $0.660 $0.660 ($0.070) -9.6% -7.9% 11%
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd (WDO-T) 304,400 $2.010 $1.870 $1.950 $0.060 3.2% 4.9% 2%
MI% = change in member's index value, RS% = difference in change between overall index and member index values, W% = value weight of member

KRO 2016 Spec Value Hunter Index - February 6, 2018 - Relative Index Performance
Out or Under
Out or Under
by 5%
Out or Under
by 10%
Uravan Minerals Inc (UVN-V)618.5%00.0%00.0%
Sirios Resources Inc (SOI-V)27.4%00.0%00.0%
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd (WDO-T)26.9%00.0%00.0%
Peregrine Diamonds Ltd (PGD-T)15.4%15.4%00.0%
Arizona Mining Inc (AZ-T)12.7%00.0%00.0%
InZinc Mining Ltd (IZN-V)11.7%00.0%00.0%
FPX Nickel Corp (FPX-V)00.0%00.0%00.0%
Namibia Rare Earths Inc (NRE-V)00.0%00.0%00.0%
Tsodilo Resources Ltd (TSD-V)00.0%00.0%00.0%
Serengeti Resources Inc (SIR-V)00.0%00.0%00.0%
San Marco Resources Inc (SMN-V)00.0%00.0%00.0%
Northcliff Resources Ltd (NCF-T)(1)(1.6%)00.0%00.0%
Midas Gold Corp (MAX-T)(1)(3.2%)00.0%00.0%
Verde Agritech Plc (NPK-T)(1)(7.9%)(1)(7.9%)00.0%
Scandium Intl Mining Corp (SCY-T)(2)(6.4%)00.0%00.0%
Eastmain Resources Inc (ER-T)(3)(8.3%)00.0%00.0%
Counts the consecutive days an index member has out or underperformed its index - ie to outperform a stock's index member value increased by a greater percentage than the index gain, or its percentage loss was less than that of the index. Negative numbers are consecutive underperform days. Change is the sum of the percentage by which the index member out or underperformed the index on each consecutive day. There is no summing of positive and negative numbers.

KRO 2016 Spec Value Hunter Index News Releases for February 4, 2018 to February 10, 2018
No Company News Releases

Arizona Mining Inc (AZ-T: $4.27)
Arizona Mining Inc is the successor to AZ Mining Inc as of Oct 28, 2015, which changed its name from Wildcat Silver Corp on June 5, 2015. Wildcat moved onto the TSXV from the CSE on Sept 3, 2008 after spinning out Ventana Gold Corp on a 1:1 basis on Dec 14, 2006 so that it could focus on its Hermosa project (formerly Hardshell) in Arizona near the Mexican border. A TSX listing was obtained July 19, 2011. In Dec 2013 Arizona Mining released a PFS for a 12,500 tpd open-pit mine targetting the oxidized Central zone (formerly Manto Oxide) of 54.2 million tonnes of 75.6 g/t silver and 1.79% zinc with minor manganese and copper credits that relied on base case prices of $23.50 silver and $0.92/lb zinc. After $40 million expenditure Hermosa-Central turned out sub-economic. In 2014 the junior drilled the skarn sulphide mineralization at the base of the pit and found a major northwest dipping carbonate replacement deposit which became the basis for a 10,000 tpd PEA in April 2017 which indicated an after-tax NPV of USD $1.26 billion at 8% discount rate with a 42% IRR at base case prices of $1.10/lb zinc, $1.00/lb lead and $20/oz silver. CapEx was USD $457 million and OpEx $48/. The PEA resource was M+I 60.8 million tons of 4.4% zinc, 4.35 lead and 1.7 opt silver. The current goal is to deliver a feasibility in H1 of 2018 and have devlopment permits in place by the end of 2018. The exploration focus in 2017 is to see if higher grade ore from the Trench vein system and the Taylor Deeps zone can be brought into the mining plan. Arizona Mining Inc is headed by chairman Richard Warke and CEO/President Jim Gowans appointed in 2015. COO Don Taylor is the driving force behind the new discovery.
Issued:305,219,845Working Capital:$70,237,000
Diluted:340,195,697As Of:September 30, 2017
Membership Start DateMarch 4, 2016Price at Start$0.46
Membership backdated toMarch 4, 2016Membership Quantity2,174

KRO Comments
Jun 9, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
May 19, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:17:35
May 3, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Apr 21, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Apr 7, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Apr 3, 2017SVH Tracker: New OV:1000007-JK (Apr 3, 2017 - PEA) for Hermosa-Taylor
Apr 3, 2017SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Arizona Mining Inc
Mar 31, 2017SVH Tracker: Retirement of OV:1000007-JK (Oct 31, 2016) for Hermosa-Taylor
Dec 12, 2016SVH Tracker: Short sellers bungle their attack on Hermosa-Taylor by recruiting an incompetent scribe
Oct 31, 2016SVH Tracker: Hermosa-Taylor's new resource estimate meets mid-range expectations

Company News Releases
Jan 24, 2018Additional High Grade Areas at Taylor Deposit
Jan 16, 2018Updated PEA Indicates US$2.0 Billion NPV, First 5 Years Average Annual Silver Production in Concentrate of 9.5 Million Ounces
Jan 16, 2018Halted Security
Jan 10, 2018Receives Key State Permits for the Taylor Project
Dec 7, 2017South32 Exercises Top Up Right Under Investor Rights Agreement

Eastmain Resources Inc (ER-T: $0.28)
Eastmain Resources Inc has been focused on Quebec exploration under the leadership of CEO Don Robinson since listing on the TSX on November 1, 1996. The flagship from the start has been the Eau Claire (Clearwater) project in the James Bay area of central Quebec which started out as a JV with SOQUEM until Eastmain secured 100% in 2002. Over $30 million has been spent outlining a multi-million ounce medium grade quartz-tourmaline vein system whose amenability to mine development has been problematic until 2014 when Eastmain came up with a domain model that recognizes three structural controls for the gold mineralization. In April 2015 Eastmain updated its resource estimate, presenting 6,797,000 tonnes of 4.05 g/t gold as an M+I pit constrained resource representing 885,000 ounces, and an inferred underground resource of 4,402,000 tonnes of 4.16 g/t representing 588,000 ounces. A $2 million program is planned for 2015 to produce a PEA for an open-pit operation and expand the open-pittable resource within the 7.5 km belt. Eastmain also owns 100% of the Eastmain Mine project south of the Renard diamond project on which others have spent $40 million to outline a small copper-silver-gold resource. A $1 million drill program of 7,500 m is planned for 2015. Eastmain also has a 36.5% interest in the Eleonore South project with partners Goldcorp and Azimut.
Issued:193,011,814Working Capital:$8,209,408
Diluted:209,546,813As Of:July 31, 2017
Membership Start DateDecember 31, 2015Price at Start$0.34
Membership backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Membership Quantity2,941

KRO Comments
Jan 12, 2017SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Eastmain Resources Inc
Mar 29, 2016Bottom-Fish Comment: Sirios pulls best hole yet at Cheechoo
Mar 28, 2016SVH Tracker: Giustra volunteers Columbus Gold as front for cranky Eastmain shareholders
Feb 5, 2016SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Eastmain Resources Inc
Apr 27, 2015SVH Tracker: Eastmain publishes updated Clearwater resource

Company News Releases
Jan 29, 2018Appointment of Tamara Brown to Board of Directors
Jan 9, 2018Mineral Resource Estimate At Eastmain Mine Project Reports Increase In Contained Ounces Over Historic Estimate
Dec 14, 2017Closing Of Flow Through Offering
Dec 12, 2017Eastmain And Partners Continue To Identify Gold Mineralization At The Eleonore South JV
Dec 11, 2017Flow Through Private Placement Financing

FPX Nickel Corp (FPX-V: $0.12)
First Point Minerals Corp, led by founder Peter Bradshaw and run by CEO Martin Turenne, is focused on the discovery and development of a very low grade type of nickel deposit characterized by a nickel-iron alloy mineral called "awaruite", a form of natural stainless steel created when ultramafic rocks of an ophiolite nature undergo a metamorphism that squeezes the nickel out of the olivine lattice. Metallurgical studies indicate that this nickel-iron alloy is recoverable through gravity and magnetic separation methods if the grain size is large enough. Cliffs Natural Resources Inc spent $22 million from 2010-2013 to deliver a PEA for a 114,000 tpd open pit mine with a gravity-magnetic separation flow-sheet that would produce 37,000 tonnes of nickel annually in the form of a nickel-magnetite concentrate that steelmakers could use directly as a feedstock for stainless. The 24 year mine life was based on an I+I resource of 925 million tonnes of 0.118% nickel (Davis Tube) with a recovery of 82%. The deposit is located in central British Columbia within reasonable proximity of rail and power infrastructure. After vesting for 60% Cliffs undertook to produce a PFS by the end of 2015 to earn 65%, but was blindsided in 2014 by a proxy battle launched by a hedge fund that did not see the iron ore collapse coming. The hedge fund ousted Cliffs management in 2014 and in Sept 2015 sold the 60% stake to First Point for US $4.75 million, funded by a US $5 million 5 year loan fromma third party which also got a 1% NSR, and sold its 14.4 million share block to insiders of which Peter Bradshaw took the largest chunk. As First Point settled down to wait for nickel prices to rise and a partner to come along, it trimmed management, handing big severance packages to Ron Britten and Jim Gilbert, depleting the treasury which was replenished somewhat by a $570,000 private placement at $0.05 in April 2016.
Issued:133,770,339Working Capital:$798,157
Diluted:141,970,339As Of:September 30, 2017
Membership Start DateDecember 31, 2015Price at Start$0.05
Membership backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Membership Quantity20,000

KRO Comments
May 19, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:26:52
May 15, 2017Bottom-Fish Comment: First Point to drill higher grade Baptiste southeast extension at Decar
Feb 3, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Jan 12, 2017SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for First Point Minerals Corp
Nov 9, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:08:51
Jul 7, 2016Zombie Search and Rescue Mission - 0:50:18
Jun 27, 2016Zombie Search and Rescue Mission - 1:04:23
Mar 23, 2016SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for First Point Minerals Corp
Sep 10, 2015SVH Tracker: First Point finally back in control of its destiny with 100% Decar acquisition
May 22, 2015SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for First Point Minerals Corp

Company News Releases
Jan 23, 2018117902 Canada Inc., Kitson Vincent And Smith Vincent & Co. Ltd. (Collectively, The Shareholders) FPX Nickel Corp.
Jan 15, 2018New Surface Samples Expanding Large Scale Van Target At Decar Nickel District
Nov 22, 2017Board Appointment Of Rob Pease
Nov 20, 2017Stepout Drilling At Baptiste Deposit Intersects Second Highest Grade Near Surface Nickel Mineralization In Decar Project History
Oct 18, 2017Intersects Broad Zones of Near Surface, Higher Grade Nickel Mineralization in Stepout Drilling at Baptiste Deposit on the Decar Project

InZinc Mining Ltd (IZN-V: $0.19)
InZinc Mining Ltd listed on the TSXV by IPO on Apr 15, 1999 as Berland Resources Ltd with a Timmins gold prospect. Berland changed its name to Lithic Resources Ltd with a 2:1 rollback on June 7, 2002 and attracted RCF as a new backer until it sold its position in 2009 leaving CEO Chris Staargaard completely in charge. On Feb 19, 2014 Lithic changed its name to InZinc to reflect its focus on the West Desert (then called Crypto) zinc skarn deposit in Utah that it acquired in June 2005 from Eurozinc Mining Corp of which RCF was a heavy backer. During the zinc boom of 2006-2008 InZinc conducted infill drilling to deliver a resource estimate in 2009 that became the basis for a negative PEA in August 2011 that recommended InZinc double the deposit size or find higher grade ore in order to make West Desert viable as a 3,500 tpd underground mine at a base case price of $1.10/lb zinc. With zinc back below $0.90/lb InZinc languished until mid 2012 when it attracted Kerry Curtis and Wayne Hubert as new backers. InZinc published a new PEA in April 2014 that achieved a US $258.1 million after-tax NPV at 8% with a 23% IRR at $1/lb zinc by turning the magnetite waste product into a saleable by-product along with copper, gold, silver and indium. The 6,500 tpd underground mine with a capex of US $247 million was based on a resource that gave it a 15 year mine life. In late 2017 after Wayne Hubert became CEO InZinc raised $3.5 million to fund a discovery exploration drill program to the east of the existing resource.
Issued:108,685,419Working Capital:$171,442
Diluted:133,631,019As Of:September 30, 2017
Membership Start DateDecember 31, 2015Price at Start$0.07
Membership backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Membership Quantity15,385

KRO Comments
Jan 19, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:08:00
Jan 9, 2018SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for InZinc Mining Ltd
Nov 24, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:21:57
Nov 20, 2017SVH Tracker: InZinc to raise $3 million for West Desert drilling
Oct 13, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:08:01
Sep 13, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:10:20
Aug 25, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:06:04
Aug 25, 2017SVH Tracker: InZinc management wants to launch West Desert but does it have the right stuff?
Jan 31, 2017SVH Tracker: InZinc the most overlooked zinc junior
Jan 17, 2017SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for InZinc Mining Ltd

Company News Releases
Jan 31, 2018Geophysics Underway in Advance of Drilling at West Desert Project
Dec 27, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 21, 2017Closing of Private Placement for Total Gross Proceeds of $3.5 Million
Dec 15, 2017First Tranche Closing Of Private Placement For Gross Proceeds Of $3.14 Million (All Dollars In Canadian Dollars)
Nov 23, 2017$1 Million Upsizing of Private Placement for Up to $3 Million Gross Proceeds

Midas Gold Corp (MAX-T: $0.97)
Midas Gold Corp is focused on permitting a 20,000 tpd open-pit mining operation for the Stibnite project (formerly Golden Meadows) in Idaho which acccording to a PFS published in December 2014 would produce 337,000 oz gold annually plus an antimony by-product credit over a 12 year mine life. The project cosnsist of 3 deposits with refractory sulphide ore within a larger mineralized system that has room for the development of additional zones that could exytend the mine life. The site is a historic mining district where antimony-tungsten were recovered in WWII, mercury until 1963, and oxide gold until 1997 through heap leaching. The property has historic reclamation liabilities, some of which the Stibnite plan would remediate. There is a risk that environmental regulators might prefer to leave the area undisturbed in its present form, but such a decision would forfeit the opportunity to restore salmon migration into the upstream watershed and forgo a domestic supply of antimony whose production is currently dominated by China. Midas Gold listed on the TSX in July 2011 and is led by President and CEO Stephen Quin and Chairman Peter Nixon. In February 2016 Midas undertook a $55.2 million debenture offering convertible at $0.3541 for 7 years of which $34.5 million is being taken down by a group led by Paulson & Co.
Issued:186,306,515Working Capital:$23,790,101
Diluted:343,629,931As Of:September 30, 2017
Membership Start DateDecember 31, 2015Price at Start$0.31
Membership backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Membership Quantity3,226

KRO Comments
Jan 10, 2018SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Midas Gold Corp
Jan 5, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:23:23
Jun 30, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:14:31
Jun 9, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:04:20
Feb 24, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Jan 17, 2017SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Midas Gold Corp
Mar 22, 2016SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Midas Gold Corp
Jan 5, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
May 26, 2015SVH Tracker: Midas raises $8 million to eliminate financing risk over next 12 months
Feb 15, 2015Excerpt from Express 2015-01: SVH 2015 January Review - Midas Gold

Company News Releases
Sep 18, 2017State & Federal Agencies Agree To Coordinate Permitting Of Midas Gold's Proposed Stibnite Gold Project
Sep 13, 2017To Present At Precious Metals Summit And Denver Gold Forum
Sep 7, 2017High Grade Results From 2017 Drill Program, Stibnite Gold Project,
Jun 5, 2017Notice Of Intent Published For Stibnite Gold Project
May 12, 2017Results Of Annual General Meeting

Namibia Rare Earths Inc (NRE-V: $0.04)
Namibia Rare Earths Inc, led by President and CEO Gerald McConnell, listed on the TSX on April 14, 2011 after completing a $25 million IPO at $0.80 to fund its 100% owned Lofdal rare earths project in Nambia. NRE was initially controlled by Endeavour Mining Inc, which inherited Lofdal when it made a takeover bid in for Etruscan Resources Inc in 2010. Lofdal was an IOCG prospect for Etruscan in 2005-2008, but the exploration focus shifted to the carbonatite complex whose overall light rare earth footprint exhibited localized heavy rare earth enrichment. Endeavour spun out Lofdal as a separate company to take advantage of the rare earth boom which the junior largely missed because it did not publish an initial 43-101 resource estimate until July 2012. NRE did establish an indicated and inferred resource of 1,650,000 tonnes grading 0.56%-0.62% TREO in a 10-25 m thick dyke with a 650 m strike measured downdip 150 m in Area 4 but known to extend at least 400 m. Although low tonnage and low grade the Area 4 deposit has 85% heavy rare earths due to the mineral xenotime. NRE delivered a PEA in October 2014 for a 2,500 tpd open-pit operation with a 7 year mine life that would have produced 1,500 y
Issued:83,703,500Working Capital:($662,807)
Diluted:88,453,500As Of:August 31, 2017
Membership Start DateDecember 31, 2015Price at Start$0.05
Membership backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Membership Quantity22,222

KRO Comments
Jan 17, 2017SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Namibia Rare Earths Inc
Apr 14, 2015Excerpt from Express 2015-02: February-March Review - Tasman and Namibia Rare Earths
Mar 20, 2015SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Namibia Rare Earths Inc
Jul 2, 2014Blog July 2, 2014: Understanding the Junior Resource Sector Bear Market
Sep 26, 2013Quick Note: Namibia Rare Earths Inc (NRE-T)

Company News Releases
Jan 8, 2018Provides Update on Agreement to Acquire Portfolio of Critical Metal
Dec 18, 2017Environmental Clearance Certificates Issued for Lofdal Heavy Rare Earth
Dec 8, 2017Update on Agreement to Acquire Portfolio of Critical Metal
Nov 10, 2017Agrees to Acquire Portfolio of Critical Metal Properties in Namibia
Jun 26, 2017Bulletin 2017 0608: Voluntary Delisting

Northcliff Resources Ltd (NCF-T: $0.15)
Northcliff Resources Ltd was a private company in the Hunter Dickenson stable that in August 2010 acquired an option to earn 70% in Geodex's Sisson tungsten-moly project in New Brunswick for $16 million in exploration and development spending or the completion of a feasiblity study, with an obligation to seek debt financing on behalf of both partners. Sisson has a measured and indicated resource of 175 million tonnes grading 0.094% WO3 and 0.03% Mo and a March 2009 PEA that called for a 20,000 tonne per day open pit mine with a 20 year mine life, an NPV (8%) of $372 million, and $339 million in initial capex. In May 2012 an agreement was reached to acquire the remaining 30% of Sisson for 16 million NCF shares, $1 million cash, and the return of 3.3 million Geodex shares. The feasibility study which will expand the PEA throughput and include an APT processing plant is expected in mid November 2012.
Issued:171,356,460Working Capital:$4,681,304
Diluted:181,128,729As Of:July 31, 2017
Membership Start DateDecember 31, 2015Price at Start$0.09
Membership backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Membership Quantity11,765

KRO Comments
Apr 14, 2015Excerpt from Express 2015-02: February-March Review - Northcliff
Feb 23, 2015SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Northcliff Resources Ltd
Jul 2, 2014Blog July 2, 2014: Understanding the Junior Resource Sector Bear Market
Jan 29, 2013Spec Value Hunter Comment: Northcliff delivers positive feasibility study for Sisson tungsten-moly project
Oct 22, 2012Spec Value Hunter Comment: Northcliff shares issued for Geodex now free trading

Company News Releases
Jun 23, 2017Positive Federal Environmental Assessment Decision Sisson Mine Project
Jun 22, 2017Closes Private Placement Financing
Mar 20, 2017Closes $3.9 Million Financing
Mar 2, 2017Sisson Project Limited Partnership signs Cooperation Agreement with Woodstock First Nation
Feb 22, 2017$4 Million Follow On Private Placement Financing

Peregrine Diamonds Ltd (PGD-T: $0.14)
Peregrine Diamonds Ltd is an advanced diamond exploration junior headed by chairman Eric Friedland and CEO Tom Peregoodoff, with Robert Friedland as a major shareholder, focused on the 100% owned Chidliak diamond project on Canada's Baffin Island. Peregrine spent over $50 million between 2005-2008 on the 72.1% owned DO27 pipe in the NWT south of the Diavik and Ekati diamond mines. The DO27 pipe has an I+I resource of 28 million tonnes of 94 cpht with a carat value modeled at $51 per carat in 2008, which was deemed insufficient to support a standalone mine. The goal is to sell or JV DO27 as future mill feed for the nearby Ekati or Diavik mines. In 2009 the focus shifted to Baffin Island where Peregrine took over from partner BHP Billiton with whom it had conducted a regional indicator mineral sampling program. Peregrine has spent over $60 million to find 71 kimberlites of which the CH6 and CH7 pipes became the focus of a PEA in 2016. Peregrine utilizes deeply discounted rights offerings in which the Friedlands exercise their rights to fund ongoing work. During 2017 Peregrine doubled the depth of the CH6 pipe and plans to update its PEA to include underground mining. A decision was made in late 2017 to build an onsite 10 tpd DMS plan for feasibility work on CH6 and CH7 as well as bulk sampling CH1 and CH44.
Issued:442,151,936Working Capital:$4,059,476
Diluted:477,465,436As Of:September 30, 2017
Membership Start DateDecember 31, 2015Price at Start$0.14
Membership backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Membership Quantity7,407

KRO Comments
Dec 1, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:07:31
Aug 25, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:20:50
Aug 4, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:02:40
Jul 10, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:23:15
Jul 12, 2016SVH Tracker: Caller question glitch sabotages Chidliak PEA Conference Call message
Jul 7, 2016SVH Tracker: Retired OVP for Peregrine - Chidliak CH6-7
May 31, 2016SVH Tracker: Adding Sikwane spice to the Chidliak PEA play
Apr 29, 2016SVH Tracker: Outcome Visualization Project as of Apr 28, 2016: Peregrine - Chidliak CH6-7
Mar 14, 2016SVH Tracker: CH7 parcel values put Chidliak on track for a positive PEA

Company News Releases
Nov 28, 2017Microdiamond Results Extend the High Grade CH 6 Kimberlite To 540 Metres Below Surface and Remains Open at Depth
Sep 21, 2017Successfully Completes 2017 Work Program at Chidliak and Provides Botswana Project Update
Aug 23, 20172017 Chidliak Drill Program Update Drilling Confirms Expansion Of Ch 6 Kimberlite At Depth
Aug 17, 2017Closing Of $10.28 Million Rights Offering
Aug 17, 2017Robert M. Friedland: Press Release

San Marco Resources Inc (SMN-V: $0.17)
San Marco Resources Inc listed on the TSXV on Dec 18, 2007 as a Haywood IPO with the former Alwin copper mine in BC's Highland Valley as the flagship project. In June 2009 control shifted to Robert Willis and Tookie Angus who refocused San Marco into Mexico. From 2010-2012 the focus was on the Tecomate and Los Carlos gold-silver prospects followed by the Angeles project, a former high grade copper-gold-silver mine. Exeter optioned Angeles in Mar 2013 but dropped out a year later. In May 2014 San Marco optioned the Cuatro de Mayo silver-gold prospect. On Jan 5, 2015 San Marco did a 5:1 rollback and raised $648,000 at $0.05 from insiders and brokers. The Cuatro de Mayo project was beefed up with the acquisition of the nearby Mariana property from Argonaut. In Mar 2016 San Marco teamed up with Richard Osmond's GlobeTrotters Resource Group to apply a proprietary remote sensing strategy in Sonora state of Mexico which GlobeTrotters had successfully applied in Peru looking for porphyry systems. Insiders and brokers bankrolled the new initiative with a $439,000 PP at $0.05 in Apr 2016. The strategy involves processing Aster data (spectral absorption) with a filtering algorithm customized to spot alteration related to porphyry or epithermal systems. In May 2016 they formalized a 4 year alliance whereby GlobeTrotters would retain a 2% NSR on any projects acquired by San Marco, and 20% of any amount received from a project's sale to a third party. During H2 of 2016 San Marco processed the Aster data and with the help of its Sonora database generated 30 priority targets for acquisition over the next 12 months. San Marco continues to hold the Cuatro de Mayo (renamed Mariana), which has yielded some Aster anomalies, a remnant of Angeles available for farmout, Chunibas which it intends to drill in Q1 of 2017, and the Alwin project. In September 16 San Marco announced the acquisition of new projects generated by the Aster strategy.
Issued:56,271,832Working Capital:$487,181
Diluted:67,502,082As Of:August 31, 2017
Membership Start DateSeptember 20, 2016Price at Start$0.17
Membership backdated toSeptember 20, 2016Membership Quantity5,882

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Aug 1, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:03:56
Jun 16, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:24:36
Mar 3, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:07:05
Nov 25, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:13:42
Sep 20, 2016SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for San Marco Resources Inc

Company News Releases
Jan 31, 2018Executive Appointment And Warrant Exercise
Jan 16, 2018Continues to Discover High Grade Mineralization at Chunibas; Samples 6.41% Copper and 27.3 g/t Silver
Jan 10, 2018Discovers High Grade Copper Silver at Chunibas; Samples up to 5.9% Copper and 66 g/t Silver
Nov 29, 2017Provides Exploration & Drill Preparation Update On The 1068 & Chunibas Projects
Nov 8, 2017Appointment Of Senior Manager And Opens Office In Hermosillo, Mexico

Scandium International Mining Corp (SCY-T: $0.17)
Scandium International Mining Corp is the successor to EMC Metals Corp, itself the specialty metals sucessor of Golden Predator Mines Inc which listed on the TSX on Mar 24, 2008 after being spun out from Energy Metals Corp as part of the latter's takeover by Uranium One Inc. SCY set its focus on scandium with a 50% option of the Nyngan project in Australia's New South Wales in 2010, which led to a title dispute that was settled in Nov 2012 whereby SCY purchased 100% for $1.3 million and a capped royalty. SCY nearly lost Nyngan when a debenture came due but was saved by a loan from Scandium Investments LLC in June 2014 which converted to a 20% project interest whenn Bechtel's former global mining unit head Andy Greig invested $2 milllion in a private placement. On Oct 14, 2015 SCY raised $2.8 million through a royalty sale to Chris Jennings which enabled SCY to deliver a DFS in April 2016 and receive a mining lease on May 5, 2017. Headed by a team of former BHP employees, of whom CEO George Putnam and CTO Willem Duyvestyn joined in 2010 and 2009, SCY is now focused on bringing the 100% owned Nyngan deposit into production following a decision in June 2017 by SIL to convert its 20% project interest into a 57.3 million share equity stake. Peter and Chris Evensen joined the board in conjunction with becoming SCY's biggest shareholder. The next step is to raise construction financing for the US $88 million project, with a goal of comissioning in late 2018. An additional milestone will be offtake agreements for the 40 tpa scandium oxide output which will be 3-4 times current global supply. Because scandium enhances aluminum by making it stronger, corrosion resistant, does not degrade aluminum's conductivity, allows weld joints to be as strong as the material, and be made into a 3D printing powder, there exists latent demand for applications seeking energy efficiency through "light-weighting" such as the aircraft, automotive and rail industries.
Issued:288,316,906Working Capital:$828,480
Diluted:315,730,239As Of:September 30, 2017
Membership Start DateDecember 31, 2015Price at Start$0.15
Membership backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Membership Quantity6,897

KRO Comments
Feb 2, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:23:32
Jan 31, 2018SVH Tracker: Third letter of intent by SCY targets 3 series brazed aluminum heat exchanger market
Jan 26, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Jan 24, 2018SVH Tracker: Funny thing about SCY is that for every capitulator there is a buyer
Dec 15, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:11:52
Dec 1, 2017SVH Tracker: Is scandium turning the magnesium ion battery into a death star for the lithium ion battery?
Oct 10, 2017Special Interest Comment: Scandium disappears from Syerston's new cobalt-nickel resource
Oct 10, 2017SVH Tracker: SCY wraps up 100% of Nyngan and Honeybugle projects
Sep 30, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:02:45
Sep 22, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:07:10

Company News Releases
Jan 31, 2018Signs Letter of Intent with Granges AB to Test Scandium Alloys in Heat Exchanger Applications
Jan 23, 2018Signs Letter of Intent with Ohm & Haner Metallwerk to Test Scandium Alloys in Casting Applications
Jan 16, 2018Signs Letter of Intent with AML Technologies to Test Scandium Alloys in 3D Printing Applications
Dec 14, 2017Sales and Marketing Update
Oct 19, 2017Initiates EPCM Critical Path Engineering on Nyngan Scandium Project

Serengeti Resources Inc (SIR-V: $0.14)
Serengeti Resources Inc started off as a VSE junior called Dual Resources Ltd of which Ian Park became CEO in 1989. Dual changed its name to Serengeti Diamonds Ltd on Jan 7, 1994 to reflect a diamond focus on Tanzania that ended in 2000. Serengeti changed its name to Serengeti Minerals Ltd on Apr 23, 1999 and dabbled with dot-com acquisitions in 1999-2000 before conducting a 15:1 rollback on Mar 22, 2001. In 2002 Serengeti optioned the Holman diamond prospect on Victoria Island but dropped out in late 2003. In July 2004 Serengeti acquired five projects in British Columbia's Quesnel Trough from David Moore and Myron Osatenko who respectively became CEO and Expl VP. Geophysical surveys on the Kwanika project led to a high grade copper-gold discovery that enabled Serengeti to raise $20 million at $3 plus in May 2007. An initial resource estimate for the Central Zone was published in Feb 2009 and a PEA in Feb 2013. The PEA envisioned a 15,000 tpd scenario open-pit mining the lower grade upper parts of the Central and South Zones, and block-caving the richer deeper part of the Central Zone. The plan targeted less than a third of the global resource. CapEx was $364 million and OpEx $21.20/t. Using base case $3.63/lb Cu and $1,427/oz Au the pre-tax NPV at 5% was $263 million and IRR 13%. In July 2014 Kwanika attracted the attention of Daewoo Intl Corp, the trading arm of South Korea's Posco. Daewoo envisioned a central milling facility fed by potential deposits from 5 nearby properties owned by Seregenti of which Kwanika would be the heart. An option deal was not completed until March 7, 2016; Daewoo can earn 35% by spending $8.2 million over 3 years, plus certain concentrate offtake rights. After an updated PEA in April 2017 Daewoo committed to earning 35% by putting up another $7 million which closed in Nov 2017. During 2017 Serengeti drilled IP targets on the 100% owned UDS project adjacent to the Kemess Mine in British Columbia, and the 56.3% owned Milligan West project.
Issued:85,889,621Working Capital:$1,160,258
Diluted:99,605,221As Of:August 31, 2017
Membership Start DateAugust 10, 2016Price at Start$0.15
Membership backdated toAugust 10, 2016Membership Quantity6,897

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Jan 19, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:22:45
Jan 15, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:11:33
Oct 6, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Oct 5, 2017SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Serengeti Resources Inc
Aug 1, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Apr 7, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:05:10
Oct 20, 2016SVH Tracker: Serengeti's UDS delivers Plan B exploration play for 2017
Sep 22, 2016SVH Tracker: Serengeti's Kwanika IP target intact and more prospective
Aug 10, 2016SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Serengeti Resources Inc
Mar 31, 2008Tracker 2008-16: Spectacular Kwanika hole supports new theory but does not signal a sweet spot starter pit

Company News Releases
Jan 11, 2018Identifies Strong Sulphide System at UDS; Provides update on Toodoggone Exploration Program
Dec 20, 2017Milligan West Drill Program Identifies Target For Follow up
Nov 28, 2017Property Asset or Share Disposition Agreement
Nov 27, 2017Reports Closing Of Definitive Agreement With Posco Daewoo For The Kwanika Project And Receipt Of $c 7 Million
Nov 6, 2017Completion Of Airborne Survey On Rcn Property Located Adjacent To Gt Gold In Golden Triangle Area Of Northwestern Bc

Sirios Resources Inc (SOI-V: $0.30)
Sirios Resources Inc, headed by Chairman and President Dominique Doucet, is is a Quebec based junior focused on gold exploration in central Quebec. Its flagship project is the 100% optioned Cheechoo property located 15 km southeast of Goldcorp's Eleonore Mine. Since 2012 Sirios has worked at first demonstrating that a low grade tonalite zone had potential as a a bulk tonnage open pit mine, and then on identifying higher grade zones that could be developed as an underground mine. In early 2016 Sirios changed the orientation of its drill program based on a new interpretation of the orientation of the structural controls for high grade zones. It also ventured into a swampy, overburden covered area that could be the up-ice source of a 10 km gold-arsenic soil anomaly traced on the adjacent Eleonore South project of Goldcorp, Eastmain and Azimut. In April 2016 Sirios raised $5.5 million through a financing that included Goldcorp exercising its right to go to 19.9% on a fully diluted basis.
Issued:135,404,404Working Capital:$8,940,337
Diluted:143,774,049As Of:September 30, 2017
Membership Start DateApril 29, 2016Price at Start$0.43
Membership backdated toApril 29, 2016Membership Quantity2,326

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Jan 27, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Dec 9, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:13:03
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Oct 6, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Oct 5, 2016SVH Tracker: Market decides junior rally is dead but Cheechoo remains alive and well
Aug 4, 2016SVH Tracker: Sirios manifests the quickening of a bull market and the return of mystery
Jun 10, 2016SVH Tracker: Sirios needs to get serious with an aggressive drill program
May 9, 2016SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Sirios Resources Inc
Apr 29, 2016SVH Tracker: Outcome Visualization Project as of Apr 28, 2016: Sirios - Cheechoo

Company News Releases
Jan 16, 2018Drills 26.0 Metres At 6.0 g/t Au And 11 M At 8.4 g/t Au On Cheechoo
Nov 27, 2017Results From The Annual And Special Meeting Of Shareholders
Nov 20, 2017Correction: Progress Report On Current Drilling Program On Cheechoo
Oct 3, 2017Obtains 23.5 G/t Au(1) Over 3.1 Metres At Surface On Cheechoo
Sep 21, 2017Sphinx And Sirios Focus On Two High Priority Gold Targets On The Cheechoo Eleonore Trend Project, Eeyou Istchee James Bay Territory

Tsodilo Resources Ltd (TSD-V: $0.58)
Tsodilo Resources Ltd listed on the TSX on Dec 20, 1996 as Trans Hex Intl Ltd to serve as the exploration arm of alluvial diamond producer Trans Hex Group. On July 31, 2002 Trans Hex exchanged its shares for all assets except the Nxau Nxau kimberlite field in northwestern Botswana and the junior changed its name to Tsodilo under the management of James Bruchs. The diamond search took Tsodilo eastwards into a Kalahari sand covered area now recognized as having the same basin stratigraphy as the Central African Copper Belt in Zambia and Congo. Since 2010 Tsodilo has focused on the Xaudum project where it has outlined a 100% owned iron resource and in 2013 farmed out 70% of the non-iron potential to copper producer First Quantum which spent $14 million confirming its conceptual model for sediment hosted copper deposits and generating priority drill targets. First Quantum began drilling these targets in May 2015 in what will be the make or break culmination of a $20 million "under cover" exploration strategy seeking 2% plus copper deposits containing 5 million or more tonnes of copper. In January 2016 First Qunatum dropped out after spending US $14.7 million; Tsodilo is seeking a new partner. In late 2014 Tsodilo won a competitive auction for the BK16 diamond pipe in the Orapa field, an apparently low grade body discovered by De Beers and which various groups have tried to evaluate. Tsodilo, hoping to establish that BK16 is a smaller version of Lucara's Karowe pipe, undertook a delineation drill program in 2015 designed to set the stage for a LDD bulk sample program whose goal is to demonstrate a higher grade than past work indicated and establish the carat value. In May 2016 Tsodilo confirmed that some of the diamonds recovered by bulk sampling are Type IIa; Tsodilo is seeking to raise US $5.5 million for a LDD bulk sampling program. In April 2016 Tsodilo was awarded a prospecting license on the Barberton gold shear-vein prospect in South Africa.
Issued:45,347,310Working Capital:$2,767,521
Diluted:60,819,336As Of:September 30, 2017
Membership Start DateDecember 31, 2015Price at Start$0.72
Membership backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Membership Quantity1,389

KRO Comments
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Jun 23, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Feb 24, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:04:26
Dec 13, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:20:38
Oct 27, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:16:05
Aug 5, 2015SVH Tracker: Tsodilo manages to raise $1.2 million at premium to market
Jul 15, 2015SVH Tracker: Tsodilo updates BK16 model and prepares to drill Werda target in Jwaneng area
Jul 11, 2015Excerpt from Express 2015-03: SVH 2015 April-June Review - Uravan & Tsodilo
May 15, 2015SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Tsodilo Resources Ltd
Jul 2, 2014Blog July 2, 2014: Understanding the Junior Resource Sector Bear Market

Company News Releases
Jan 15, 2018BK16 Update BV POLUS M Recovers 1st Diamond
Jan 2, 2018Grant of Stock Options
Dec 11, 2017BK16 Kimberlite Update
Nov 7, 2017Completes Large Diameter Drilling Program at the BK16 Kimberlite, Orapa Kimberlite Field, Botswana
Sep 26, 2017Tsodilo Resources Limited And Sandstorm Gold Ltd Enter Into Royalty Agreements

Uravan Minerals Inc (UVN-V: $0.05)
Uravan Minerals Inc is a uranium explorer led by CEO Larry Lahusen which has developed a remote sensing exploration tool that involves collecting clay samples in the Athabasca Basin and geochemically analyzing them for radiogenic lead isotopes as well as other uranium deposit related pathfinder elements. The method is based on the theory that microbes digest sulphides associated with uranium deposits at the basement-sandstone unconformity and emit gases that serve as a transport medium for elements liberated from the deposit. These gases travel from depths of 1,500 m along fracture systems where they are absorbed by clay particles at the surface. Uravan has worked with Queens' Facility for Isotope Research to develop protocols for establishing anomalies and has successfully conducted case study surveys over the Cigar Lake and Centennial deposits. The Centennial study completed in 2013 was a major success in that it clearly outlined a uranium deposit at an 800 m depth whose physical location is offset from graphite conductors. CMIC through its Footprints Project is undertaking a study of McArthur River area that will include Uravan's radiogenic lead isotope sampling method which will become public domain in late 2018. Uravan has a 70% farm-in deal with Cameco on the Halliday and Stewardson projects where Cameco can earn 51% by spending $7 million by Apr 2018. An airborne geophysical survey on the Stewardson project yielded two anomalies. Cameco drilled 2 holes on target Area A in 2014 with negative results interpreted as indicative of a deeper basement hosted deposit out of economic reach. During 2015 Cameco drilled 2 holes in the northern part of Area B, one of which intersected low grade uranium. Cameco has until April 2018 to spend another $1.4 million to vest for 51% and give it the right to go to 70% by spending a further $15 million. Cameco has deferred further work on Stewardson to 2017. Uravan also holds 100% of the Outer Ring project which has a 10 km geochemical anomaly in the untested southern part and needs a geophysical survey. A geophysical survey in 2016 revealed a major conductor associated with the ORX geochemical anomaly. Uravan plans to start a 3 hole drill program in late September 2016.
Issued:42,329,012Working Capital:$155,440
Diluted:45,954,012As Of:September 30, 2017
Membership Start DateDecember 31, 2015Price at Start$0.10
Membership backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Membership Quantity10,000

KRO Comments
Nov 17, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:05:53
Sep 1, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:03:04
Mar 10, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:18:05
Oct 13, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Oct 11, 2016SVH Tracker: Uravan focus to shift from Outer Ring bust to Stewardson in 2017 with or without Cameco
Oct 6, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:11:08
Sep 19, 2016SVH Tracker: Uravan plans to drill ORX anomaly at Outer Ring in October
Jul 25, 2016SVH Tracker: 2D Inversion reveals ORX target as potentially McArthur's Mother
Jun 29, 2016SVH Tracker: Uravan's Outer Ring geophysical survey yields multi-dataset supported target
May 18, 2016Bottom-Fish Comment: Canalaska options Athabasca Kimberlite Project to De Beers

Company News Releases
Nov 8, 2017Update Stewardson Project Financing
Mar 6, 2017Uravan and Cameco Form Joint Venture
Feb 9, 2017Stewardson Project
Oct 13, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Oct 11, 2016Completes ORX Drill Program

Verde Agritech Plc (NPK-T: $0.66)
Verde Potash plc listed on the TSXV on Nov 27, 2007 as Amazon Mining Holding plc with various Brazilian gold projects that the junior's CEO, Cris Veloso, abandoned after staking the 100 km Verdete Slate belt potassium silicate rocks in 2008 in Minas Gerais state of Brazil. Amazon changed its name to Verde Potash plc on April 26, 2011. Verde Potash has since outlined an I+I resource of 3.32 billion tonnes grading 8.9% K2O with a thickness ranging 15-80 metres within an overall 15 billion tonne footprint. The junior has isolated a proven and probable reserve of 7,020,000 tonnes at 10.85% that forms the basis for a Mar 2014 PFS for the production of 330,000 tpa of ThermoPotash, a slow release potash fertilizer blend that targets the market for imported premium potash such as potassium nitrate, namely salt-intolerant crops and crops seeking organic status. The PFS projected an after-tax NPV of US $146 million at 10% with an IRR of 23.5% for a 30 year mine life. Although this is a modest cash flow scenario, it is really itself a conceptual project that can be scaled up substantially if the agricultural sector adopts ThermoPotash. Government agency debt for 90% of projected CAPEX of US $114 million that is contingent on a final feasibility study and an environmental license has been granted. The problem is that Brazil's permitting system is dysfunctional, made worse by the current political malaise linked to the weak economy and the Petrobras corruption scandal. The ThermoPotash 200 tpd "Flex Plant" will also be able to double as a pilot plant for the process Verde Potash developed to convert the Verdete Slate into conventional potassium clhoride (KCl).
Issued:39,344,505Working Capital:$2,343,000
Diluted:44,731,578As Of:September 30, 2017
Membership Start DateDecember 31, 2015Price at Start$0.19
Membership backdated toJanuary 2, 2014Membership Quantity5,405

KRO Comments
Nov 28, 2017SVH Tracker: Verde Agritech spells out Super GreenSand game plan
Nov 24, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:15:23
Jun 2, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:06:36
May 3, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:14:54
Feb 17, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Feb 13, 2017SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Verde Agritech Inc
Jul 22, 2016SVH Tracker: Verde Potash plans to market Super GreenSand as cat litter
Mar 21, 2014Spec Value Hunter Comment: Recommendation Strategy for Verde Potash plc
Mar 11, 2014Spec Value Hunter Comment: Verde Potash gets specialty coffee designation for ThermoPotash fed beans

Company News Releases
Nov 27, 2017US$1.98 Billion NPV & US$3 Million Capex (Phase 1)
Nov 21, 2017Responds to Request from Market Surveillance
Nov 20, 2017Examines An AgriTech Company Selling to Organic and Cannabis Markets
Sep 14, 2017Dual Listing On The OTCQB Marketplace
Jul 25, 2017Closes Oversubscribed Private Placement for Proceeds of C$1.8 Million, including C$800,000 Investment from Palisade Global Investments Ltd.

Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd (WDO-T: $1.95)
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd is a Canada-focused junior gold producer led by CEO Duncan Middlemiss that operates the Eagle River Mine in Wawa, Ontario and owns the Kiena Complex in Quebec on care and maintenance since mid 2013. At Kiena, Wesdome's operations are located in a property package that contains eight past-producing mines, and considerable exploration potential. Wesdome's Eagle River property in Wawa is a shear-hosted, quartz vein, gold deposit that has been in operation for 10 years and continued to replace reserves during that period. In January 2014 Wesdome acquired Moss Lake Gold Mines Ltd on the basis of one common share of Wesdome for every 3.85 Moss Lake shares held.
Issued:133,889,798Working Capital:$12,934,000
Diluted:139,982,186As Of:September 30, 2017
Membership Start DateSeptember 30, 2016Price at Start$2.67
Membership backdated toSeptember 30, 2016Membership Quantity375

KRO Comments
Mar 24, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Feb 10, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:08:44
Nov 18, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:19:10
Oct 3, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Sep 30, 2016SVH Tracker: Recommendation Strategy for Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd
Nov 12, 2009Bottom-Fish Comment: Recommendation Strategy for Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd
May 7, 2008Bottom-Fish Comment: Windarra clears Revenue Canada albatross by selling Westward to Frank Giustra

Company News Releases
Jan 11, 20182017 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Production Results Provides 2018 Guidance
Nov 30, 2017Drifting at 7 Zone at the Eagle River Mine Confirms On Strike Potential of Over 100 Metres
Nov 9, 2017Third Quarter 2017 Financial Results
Nov 2, 2017To Announce 2017 Third Quarter Financial Results November 9, 2017
Nov 1, 2017Drilling Confirms Continuity and Extends Up Plunge Gold Mineralization at Eagle River 300E Zone, 303 Lens


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