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 Fri Sep 16, 2022
KW Excerpt: Kaiser Watch September 16, 2022: Verde Agritech Ltd (NPK-T)
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2023 John A. Kaiser

Verde Agritech Ltd (NPK-T: $2.280)

Kaiser Watch September 16, 2022: Reality Check for NPK Guidance
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(0:14:04): Verde Agritech revised its production guidance for 2022 downward last week. What was that all about?
Verde Agritech has been forced to revert to its January guidance of 700,000 tonnes K Forte output for 2022 which it had revised upwards to 1,000,000 tonnes in May. The diagram below from the Monthly Newsletter - August Edition shows the key months when K Forte gets applied to fields, namely May through September. Given phase 1 of Plant 2 was not commissioned until the end of August it is hard to see how NPK was going to achieve its H2 guided production even if the access road had not developed groundwater problems at 2 critical locations. By reverting to the initial January guidance of 700,000 t for 2022 which CEO Cris Veloso is very confident will be achieved NPK has reset expectations from a grand finale in 2022 to what promises to be a very strong 2023 with Plant 2 completely operational when the planting season resumes in March. The reality check has also had the bonus effect of purging the narrative of this nonsense about paying dividends and doing stock buybacks. When a junior has monstrous growth potential as NPK does, alll cash flow should be banked to pay for that growth.

K Forte Application Schedule

May Guidance compared to revised September Guidance

*JK owns shares in Verde Agritech Ltd


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