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KRO Member Services
Member Orientation Which member type are you: a Favorites retail investor, a Bottom-Fish Workshopper, or a Research Do-It-Yourselfer?
Membership Details Click here to find out more about membership packages at Kaiser Research Online.
New Membership In order to subscribe for a KRO membership for the first time you must complete a first time registration form. Your information is confidential and exclusively for the use of KRO. See our Privacy Policy for more details. If you have a special discount code, include it in the message box at the bottom of the form.
Update/Renew Membership You can use this link to update any information including resubmitting a credit card, renewing your membership, or re-subscribing after letting your membership lapse. If you forgot your password and are a former member you will need to register with a new email. We will try to match you with your old account.
Log In Use this to log on as a member directly or if you have multiple accounts and need to switch. Clicking Log In terminates the active member session.
Log Out Use this to terminate a member session immediately. A session is automatically terminated after 20 minutes of inactivity. Use the Log Off feature when accessing KRO through a public terminal in a library or cybercafe, or if your computer will be unattended and accessible by others, or when you use somebody else's computer to access KRO.
KRO Slack KRO Individual Members may register at the Kaiser Research Online Slack Workspace and participate during the active term of their membership at our discretion. When a KRO Membership is activated the email receipt will include a time limited Slack invite link for members who have not already registered while we will reactivate it for returning KRO members who are already registered. Slack accounts will be deactivated when a KRO membership expires or without notice if a member abuses their Slack membership in any way which includes spamming and rudeness. New Slack members are automatically subscribed to most channels including those we use to notify members of new KRO content. This is our preferred alternative to email notification which has delivery issues due to spam filters and blocking by ISPs. A broader explanation is available in our KRO Slack Overview. The Slack Membership is free and not included in a KRO membership.
Privacy Policy We treat your online activity as your intellectual property and do not do anything with it other than monitor for terms of use violations. Your personal information is not made available to any other party. When you register you agree to be sent emails related to KRO but you also have the option to tell us not to send any emails other than those related to membership status. You can change the emailing status by updating your membership or replaying Unsubscribe to anything you may receive from us.
Disclaimer Explains the risks, limitations and policies of KRO.

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