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KMW Blog June 18, 2020: Discovery Watch June 18, 2020 with Jim Goddard and John Kaiser

Posted: Jun 18, 2020JK: Discovery Watch June 18, 2020 with Jim Goddard and John Kaiser
Published: Jun 18, 2020HSC: Discovery Watch June 18, 2020: NGO Moves to Stop World Class Discovery
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Discovery Watch is a weekly 15-30 minute audio show produced by HoweStreet.com where Jim Goddard interviews John Kaiser about resource juniors with projects that have caught John's attention. The projects will not be limited to companies he has covered as Bottom-Fish and Spec Value Hunter picks and will include projects that may be of interest only because they are in the limelight. Jim and John will periodically circle back to review the projects and if necessary close them out as no longer worth watching. KRO will keep track of projects mentioned through Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com. Discovery Watch is available via YouTube or Podcast.

Discovery Watch Audio Links
Zephyr Minerals Ltd (ZFR-V)

El Plomo United States - Colorado 2-Target Drilling Zn Pb Ag Jun 18, 2020 - 0:00:01
Zephyr Minerals Ltd has been a KRO Bottom-Fish Spec Value rated company since late 2017 based on the Dawson-Green Mountain gold project in Colorado where the junior has a small 111,300 oz resource for which a PEA supporting a small 300 tpd underground mine was published in early 2017. This resource in the Dawson segment has been outlined only to a depth of 275 m because it dips into a mountain and it is not practical to drill deeper. The idea is that if a small scale mine were developed a much bigger resource could be delineated by drilling from underground. The upside for the Dawson segment thus hinges on a gold bull market to bring in the required CapEx. In 2018 Zephyr acquired the Green Mtn segment to the west where it hopes to establish a similar system. Zephyr was introduced to DW in May 2019 on the basis of a Broken Hill type zinc-lead-silver target that emerged in 2018 within the El Plomo segment, a down-dropped block between the Green Mtn and Dawson segments. It features a high grade Zn-Pb-Ag horizon that was tested to a shallow depth decades ago but given up on because although it strikes for 3 km it is narrow. In the Broken Hill model metamorphism will have folded and remobilized such a system to create structural thickening and higher grades. Regional geochemistry suggests such a process could have taken place, so during the summer of 2019 Zephyr conducted an airborne Mag-EM survey over the property to see if there is a magnetic anomaly associated with the El Plomo trend that supports the hypothesis that a much thicker Broken Hill type deposit exists at depth. In September 2019 Zephyr revealed that there is such a magnetic anomaly worth drilling from 4-5 locations along the trend. But because El Plomo is bighorn sheep habitat drilling is restricted to July 1 to Oct 31, so the Broken Hill target cannot be tested until the 2020 summer. Zephyr will meanwhile continue target development work on the Green Mtn segment. (Sep 17, 2019)
Dios Explorations Inc (DOS-V)

K2 Canada - Quebec 2-Target Drilling Au Jun 18, 2020 - 0:08:49

Central Timmins Expl Corp (CTEC-V)

Silver Reef Canada - British Columbia 2-Target Drilling Ag Pb Zn Au Jun 18, 2020 - 0:17:47

Disclosure: JK owns Dios; Zephyr is a Good Spec Value rated Favorite; Dios is Bottom-Fish Spec Value rated

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